Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

2021 – Biden, Schumer, Pelosi

Here it comes my fellow Americans, perhaps the most cataclysmic political – cultural – social year in the history of our great country. Progressives are on the prowl and conservatives beware. Change, radical change, can occur overnight or step by step. If our new rulers cannot get what they want by revolution, they will settle for a progressive evolution, but only for now.

Some think that Joe Biden will be President for two years, perhaps three at most. Then comes Kamala Harris who would never be content to be a Vice President, White House bound. Vice President Harris, now Senator Harris from California, was the most radical member of the United States Senate, first out of 100 in terms of radical, progressive voting record and policies. If you are a conservative, traditional American, and you care for this great country, you should be frightened at such a prospect.

Like all politicians, Biden and Harris are fully affected by POTOMAC FEVER. The allure of Washington D.C., the power point in America is more addictive to these politicos than any of the most powerful drugs. They live for election for it brings:


and it brings tremendous influence in every aspect of life including and especially financial.

And Potomac Fever brings money, for personal gain and aggrandizement, and the potential to control trillions worldwide.

And it brings prestige, fame, once a relative unknown and now a global personality.

Power, influence, money and fame are like drugs far too addictive to these politicians, lifelong temptations.

Biden and Harris are Democrats. The Democrats control the House of Representatives, but only by the slimmest of margins. Nonetheless, Pelosi and company control. If the Democrats can control the Senate and the Georgia senatorial elections January 5 will determine that, goodbye America. That is, the America we now know and millions upon millions love, cherish and would do whatever is required to protect. If Democrats control Presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, be ready and beware of the following sure to occur.

THE GREEN NEW DEAL. Our country will be dotted with windmills. Green renewable energy will occur everywhere and we the people will pay for it. The Green New Deal brought to fruition will cost our country and we the taxpayers TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of dollars. That will destroy our economy and revolutionize our society.

THE EQUALITY ACT. This legislation sure to happen with Democrat control should be greatly feared by every conservative and especially every Christian. It does not, this Act, do as it says, that is provide a certain equality for minorities, but rather, it PRIORITIZES the rights of LGBTQIA, and now especially transgenders and it makes any protections for religious organizations watered down or even eliminated with respect to hiring of such individuals. Even the perception of discrimination on the part of one of these protected minorities is apt to occasion a considerable lawsuit, litigation which would be unbelievably expensive and even in some cases bankrupt certain small business owners. The Equality Act would be the most unequal legislation perhaps ever passed by the Congress.

SUPREME COURT PACKING. The Supreme Court now, the Roberts Court, is supposedly conservative, either five or six judges viewed as such. In the real world, that does not occur but if the Democrats believe it does or think it will, they intend to pack the Supreme Court, assuming they control the Senate, which now consists of nine justices with as many as 15, six new judges liberal to the core. That would be the end of a fair and a partial supreme judiciary.

FOSSIL FUELS. Gone and done away with as soon as the Democrats can. They would target fracking, eliminating that wherever they could. Oil drilling would be seriously reduced, oil pipelines eliminated, coal resources would become virtually nonexistent, and even nuclear power would be severely curtailed. Many think the attack on fossil fuels would result in the loss of as many as several million jobs, directly or indirectly which of course would absolutely destroy our economy.

THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. The Democrats vow to remove that from the Constitution. They are not sure how to accomplish that for it requires a constitutional amendment, difficult to achieve but they will try. They think that the popular vote, the majority of Americans voting, would keep them in power perhaps as long as forever. No matter the justifications, and there are any number for the Electoral College, for a certain equality for the states, preventing a dominance of large states like New York and California, Democrats will do anything possible to rid our country of our present voting and election systems starting with THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE.

TAXES. No matter what you make, and especially we the so called middle class, you better be ready to pay more taxes, many, many more of your precious dollars in taxes. PAYROLL PROTECTION PROGRAM (PPP) will have cost our country between five and six trillion dollars all in. The taxes necessary to pay that debt will be astronomical. Of course, we hear the typical Democrat spin of tax the wealthy only (a large bunch of humbug) for everyone, no matter what is earned, will pay more either directly or indirectly. Count on it and be ready for it. Are you?

SOCIALISM. Radical Democrats despise capitalism. They want to control the economy and the rest of American life with it. They really want an oligarchy, the rule of a few, they the few. If those few get ultimate power, influence, money control and the prestige to do socialistically as they please, end of America.

CORONA: COVID–19. Four vaccines will be available, the products of the good companies Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. If the vast majority and hopefully all Americans take the vaccine, that would not necessarily be the end of Covid, but it would put this satanic disease under control. America cannot recover economically, or resume its social and cultural lifestyles without that vaccine and concomitant medicines to treat those infected.

Watch out for these new Democrats. Many are openly anti–American like Tlaib, AOC, Omar, Pressley and so many others in Washington, House and Senate, NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY. Count on an erosion or an elimination of THE AMERICAN DREAM, the opportunity to live, grow and advance economically we now take for granted. So many freedoms at every turn, the gutting of the five incredible freedoms of the First Amendment and more, much more. If you own a gun, watch for the constant, persistent and never–ending attack on the Second Amendment. If Democrats control all POWER POINTS, your and my life will change dramatically in the next four years.

They count, these new radical Democrats do on the fact that you and I will not stand up. That we will not resist, pertest, and certainly not engage in civil disobedience. But we will. If we are Christian and true Americans, if we are disciples and patriots, WE WILL STAND UP. And we will resist and you will have no choice but to be among those who flex your spiritual muscles or your life will radically change, including your now so very precious FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

You can count on civil disobedience. We have seen the violence of the radical left, we have experienced what BLACK LIVES MATTER really means and what really matters to them, and what Antifa is all about, radical to the core and so many other groups like them. Many think that conservative, Christian Americans will have no other choice but to engage in civil disobedience which may in extreme cases include a certain measure of violence. Are you ready for that?

The concentration of power in a few will be extreme. Look at the power Governors now have to shut down the economy and our social way of life. That may only increase as so called quarantines occur nationwide, which Biden has promised. Freedom in its largest sense can gradually be eliminated or at least fully controlled. Count on it.

We will see the erosion of First Amendment rights including Freedom of Religion (radicals hate religion) and Speech, and Press, and Assembly (the right to worship in churches controlled or eliminated) and Petition.

We will witness the complete control of our economy. That includes enormous taxes, a very aggressive IRS as it once was under Obama, and the return of so many suffocating and strangling regulations which by executive order or otherwise, will completely control our economy.

Education may never be the same. Virtual education simply does not work. The effect of education 2020, and 2021 and perhaps beyond, virtual in so many ways, will have a dramatic effect on the youth of this country. And that effect will be nothing but negative. Youth now, so many perhaps even up to the age of 30–35 are interested in and experiment in socialism. They know little or nothing about socialism or its drastic effects but for whatever reason, they are not averse to a socialistic experiment. Goodbye America.

We will see the revival of THE SWAMP. Our country is run and regulated in so many ways by agencies, civil service employees and those who propagate regulations which govern all of us because of the inaction, withdrawal and indifference of the Congress. If Democrats control, the swamp will grow swimmingly.

You can count on continued attacks, including defunding of our police departments and other protectors. We can expect the end of law and order or at least its serious curtailment.

You can expect the aggressive global advancement and power struggles from the feared nation of China, and the return of the Russian bear in all of its power, and the development and potential utilization of nuclear warfare on the part of Iran, and the growing power of North Korea. Scary times. All the good the Trump Administration accomplished will be done away with.

And you will see the complete corruption of the media. Our current media will become full bore a public relations effort for Democrat and radicals.

We will witness the defunding of the military in so many ways, neutralizing it wherever Democrats can.

And we will see further and real attacks politically, culturally, socially and especially economically on the nation of Israel. Not a good time.

But on the other hand, it is a good time, it’s a great time to be alive. You and I can do something, something well worthwhile. We as Christians can much more actively serve the Christ we love, present the light of the Gospel to a dark world, and fight the fight of faith. We as patriots can stand up for our great country, for its inalienable freedoms, even to the point of all on the alter if necessary. I am ready, I am willing, are you? We may have no choice for we may like Patrick Henry be put to the test:


God is on the throne, to be sure. But you and I now more than ever are required to be his ambassadors. Are you ready, ARE YOU READY?

Our beloved country and the cause of Jesus Christ needs you and me now more than ever.

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