Crawford engineering

Crawford strives to remain on the leading edge of technology in every aspect of its operations, including studio, transmitter, internet and mobile. On many occasions our company has been way out ahead of the pack and worked with manufacturers to develop new technology. In others we were early adopters of technologies that were developed for other segments of the communications industry, adapting those technologies to our own unique needs.

Behind the scenes at Crawford, many of our stations operate using all-digital studio and transmitter facilities employing Audio Over Internet Protocol (AOIP) technology, a means of transmitting sound using a private gigabit computer network within our facilities. This results in superior sound quality and unsurpassed signal-to-noise ratio for our listeners and the ultimate in flexibility in routing/controlling/mixing signals for our technical and operations staffs.

Wherever possible, Crawford employs broadband microwave data links to connect its remote transmitter sites to its studio locations. These links provide a means for us to transmit main channel as well as multicast audio from studio to transmitter using digital means, a practice which produces superior sound quality on the air. These links also provide us with an unsurpassed level of control and monitoring of our transmitter sites including IP control/monitoring of transmitters, antenna systems, security systems and HVAC. We can also visually monitor our transmitter sites using arrays of visible and infrared surveillance cameras to protect them from thieves and vandals.

Unseen by our listeners, many Crawford facilities employ various energy saving techniques and technologies. Our high-power AM stations employ Modulation Dependent Carrier Level (MDCL) technology, which reduces power consumption by 30% or more at those sites. Many of our towers use LED beacons and marker lamps, which consume one-tenth of the power of conventional incandescent tower lighting. Our transmitters are the most energy efficient units available.

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