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Don Crawford

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A Jew

What is a Jew?
What does the word Jew really mean?
What do Jews really believe, and really stand for?
What exactly in this rapidly growing anti-Semitic world does it mean when any person identifies as a Jew?
Scriptures, Old and New Testament, and especially the Torah define a Jew as one who passionately believes in G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the great I AM, the one Who has chosen the Jews to be his chosen people.  It is this great G-d which led in ancient times the Jews from Egypt to now what is the Holy Land, the Promised Land, the incredible land of Israel as their homeland.  The Jew, a real Jew is passionate about Israel and even more so about Jerusalem, the site of the holy temple of Solomon.
But there are many Jews, so-called, who care little or nothing about Israel, or Jerusalem for that matter other than with perhaps some vague historical interest.  There is for them nothing special about Israel, certainly nothing chosen, promised or holy.  They would just as soon surrender the land of Israel to the Arabs and move on with life.  But not so with the real Jew, the real descendant of Abraham, the Jew who believes that the Jewish people are chosen by G-d and are therefore fully entitled to the land of Israel as their homeland.
Not only the Arabs but so many in this world insist that the Jews surrender this historic heartland and move on.
The world’s 1.2 billion Muslims believe Allah has ordained that no sovereign Jewish state can exist in Dar-el-Islam (the world of Islam) and are determined to eradicate this Jewish state.  Millions of Islam’s adherents hate the Jew with an unquenchable hatred and are ready to sacrifice their lives to destroy Jews in Israel and anywhere.
The European Union has many members and leaders who consider the 1948 rebirth of the State of Israel as the worst thing to have happened in the 20th century.  The majority of Europeans believe (by poll) that Israel poses the greatest threat to world peace today.

Belligerent, resurgent Russia will eventually openly assist the Middle East enemies of Israel in their rabid determination to eradicate the Jewish state.  That makes the Arab nations an absolutely formidable foe.
The United Nations has voted for more resolutions condemning Israel than all other condemnations combined!  That is pure, unadulterated anti-Semitism.
Now comes the land surrender and the give-away by a liberal Israeli government of the historical and sacred lands of Samaria and Judea.  These great regions, rich in historical and spiritual tradition, are now known by the Epithet The West Bank which delegitimatizes the claims of the Jewish people to their heartland.  It is so ironic that Jews are willing to give away Judea from which the national designation Jew originated.
The land of Israel and the Jewish people have only one real friend in the community of nations and were it not for the United States of America and its veto in the UN Security Council, and the numerous acts of American support for Israel and Judaism, there is little doubt that Israel would have been totally destroyed and eradicated, and millions of Jews with it.
So then, Jews of the world, when will you rise up and openly proclaim to all nations that the land of Israel, including the lands of Judea and Samaria are:
When, Jews of the world, will you have the courage to say so?  When?  Do it now, or you the Jewish people may never have the opportunity to do it again.  Stand up for who you are, from where you come, your national identity, your historical rights and your spiritual privileges and positioning, once and for all.
Every Jew alive should hearken to the words of former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion:
“No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish nation and the land of Israel to exist.  No Jewish body is sanctioned to do so.  No Jew alive today has the authority to yield any piece of land whatsoever.  This right is preserved by the Jewish people throughout the generations and cannot be forfeited under any circumstance.  Even if at some time there will be those who declare that they are relinquishing this right, they have neither the power nor the jurisdiction to negate it for the future generations to come.  The Jewish nation is neither obligated by nor responsible for any waiver such as this.  Our right to this land, in its entirety, is steadfast, inalienable and eternal.  And until the coming of the Great Redemption, we shall never yield this historic right.”
Israel is the homeland of the Jews.  It has been so for centuries and it will be so until the coming of THE GREAT REDEMPTION.  Reclaim this land, chosen people, and tell the world that it is yours.  And, lift up your eyes for your great redemption draweth nigh.  YOUR MESSIAH WILL COME!  Let Him find you proudly dwelling in the land He has given you.

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