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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


Abortion is the:

Expulsion of a human fetus before it is viable.”

That, according to the Random House dictionary.

EXPULSION. Now, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians we have a new definition of MURDER, of killing:


so that, now abortionists are expulsionists. They reach inside the womb of an expectant mother and they, the EXPULSIONIST expels the fetus before it is viable. The thing in the womb to an abortionist is a mere fetus and not a baby, not a human being. It is a thing to be expelled, cut off literally from the nourishment, warmth and love of the mother–to–be. Expel the thing, no problem for it is not yet supposedly human. Life for the abortionist does not begin at conception but somewhere down the road. How tragic is that for this thing, this fetus in the womb when someone who cares absolutely nothing about this thing has the right to declare it alive or not.

Once in our once–upon-a-time civilized and humane country a fetus was thought to be a human being, alive after the first trimester, after the first three months in the womb. Abortions, the killing of a human being in the womb, were generally forbidden beginning with the fourth month of pregnancy. Then it was extended to the second trimester. Then, abortion was allowed essentially without time limit in the case of rape of the mother, or incest, or the life-threatening health of the mother or the baby. That was then. Today, when it comes to the life of a human being in the womb, virtually anything goes.

THE KILLING, the slaughter, the murder of a baby human being can now occur at birth or even after!

ROE v. WADE legalized these butcheries and murders January 22, 1973. Five men out of nine declared it to be a constitutional right that women have the right to abort, to kill their babies in the womb if they so choose. Five men. Since that time, it is estimated that as many as 65 – 70 million babies have been murdered in the womb. That is INFANTICIDE at its worst. In fact, these abortions are the killings of human beings even more so than all of the human beings who died in the second World War! No matter the numbers, the killings – abortions go on, and become easier, legally easier to obtain as one restriction after another is removed. Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, says the scriptures. VENGEANCE is mine says the Lord and we can be certain that the Creator of all human life will repay.

The most abortion – friendly state in our nation is VERMONT. This once great state which proclaimed to the world:


has no restrictions, none in state law regarding abortions. NONE. No matter, the Vermont legislature chose to codify the NONE, the no restrictions against abortion for fear that the new Supreme Court majority might find a way to overturn the disastrous ROE v. WADE. The legislation proposes that performing or assisting with illegal abortion procedure shall not be subject to any civil, criminal or administrative liability and penalty. NONE WHATSOEVER! No matter who they are or how qualified these so-called health practitioners may be, if they engage in the practice of abortion, no matter what happens according to the language of this legislation, any of them, no matter who they are, will not be subject to any civil, criminal, or administrative liability and penalty. No matter what they do! Can you believe that? I find that shocking, sickening and I hope you do too. Lawrence Zupan, the Republican candidate for Senator who lost to Bernie Sanders in November said the following of this legislation:

This ghoulish, grisly and garish proposed law would codify abortion at any stage, right through the day before birth as a fundamental human right! In short, the legislation should it pass, and it will, legalizes murder of a fully viable baby, a human being as it spends its last day in the womb, fully ready for life but never allowed to live one day of that life as God himself intended. Before Vermont, and New York, and Virginia and ROE v. WADE, would anyone have ever believed that WE THE PEOPLE, we who are pledged to the pursuit of LIFE, LIBERTY AND HAPPINESS would ever authorize or conspire in the killing of some 65 million baby human beings. Would any rational, caring human being ever have thought that?”

As if that is not enough, there is more. Now, there is proposed legislation in some states which would actually make it legal to kill a baby after birth! If the mother had chosen to abort the baby prior to or at birth, and for some reason the abortion failed and the baby was born alive, some legislation actually proposes that the abortion process can be carried on and the baby terminated after birth! Can you believe that. The killing in the womb gone wrong so the killing is completed outside the womb.

Listen to this dialogue with a legitimate abortion doctor, an obstetrician. This doctor was asked:

“What is your obligation if in fact a baby is born alive?”

The doctor responded as follows:

It depends on the gestational age, but just as a human being, you would want to comfort, at least comfort care (sic). You really just keep it warm, you know. IT WILL EVENTUALLY PASS!”

AS A HUMAN BEING! What this doctor seems to be saying is that you the doctor can function as murderer as long as the baby is in the womb but if the abortion fails and the baby is born alive, then all of a sudden you transition from murderer to HUMAN BEING and as such, you recognize the baby as a human being and now all of a sudden instead of killing, you comfort the baby. You comfort the baby by keeping it warm. I find that shocking and sickening and I hope and pray you do as well. I believe that PRO-CHOICE is murder and I would do everything in my power to champion PRO-LIFE.

And then there is New York. On January 22, 2019, the anniversary date of ROE v. WADE, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law one of the nation’s most extreme abortion bills. This brutal law removes any provision to care for a baby that is born alive after an attempted abortion. It also removes any possibility that any unborn baby older than 24 weeks could be seen as a homicide victim. It also allows abortion if a healthcare practitioner deems it necessary to protect the mother’s life or health. Health, the Supreme Court has stated should be defined with the widest latitude, which of course includes emotional and psychological health which can mean ANYTHING. This Governor Cuomo claims to be a practicing Catholic and even so, has no problem with this bill. He separates, he says, himself as person – individual from his constitutional duties as Governor no matter how contradictory legislation may be to Catholic principles and tenants. That is the height of hypocrisy and that would never exculpate this governor before the Almighty who created him. Cuomo’s justification for the legislation was the promise he made to pass this law because of the possibility that the US Supreme Court might one day reverse Roe v. Wade. And, someday it just might do that. Not to worry abortionists. New York, like Vermont will make certain that the killings go on.

What is equally alarming is the fact that there are a total of eight American states which have NO TIME LIMIT ON ELECTIVE ABORTION. No time limit at all! Those states are:




New Hampshire

New Mexico



New York

No time limit at all for abortion. Kill the baby at any time no matter the reason up to the very day of birth. This company owns radio stations in Colorado, New York and Oregon. We are embarrassed, dismayed, saddened that the people of these three great states in which we work could enact such inhumane and barbarous legislation and as we can, we will fight for its repeal with all our might.

So, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians, look at young babies. Look at these marvelous human beings created by God Almighty in the first days of their lives. Look at brand new babies born in your very own family. Or perhaps your very own child, your very own newborn baby. LOOK AT THESE HUMAN BEINGS! They are nothing but lovely and lovable. Then, turn back the clock a month, think of this precious human bundle of life in the womb, savagely attacked by the knives and scalpels of an abortionist and the killing, THE MURDER of this baby human being you love so much. And that is what has happened to some 65 million babies, or perhaps many more uncounted for who were meant to live and love but were murdered in the womb. If you can imagine, tolerate, even condone the abortion of a baby you love, then you can champion Pro-Choice.

But if you would love, cherish and protect the young human being whom God has entrusted to you, then you should champion PRO-LIFE with all your might. Nothing is more wonderful than the birth of a baby boy or baby girl, NOTHING! Every human being, and certainly every Christian should stand up against abortion every way possible. And as Franklin Graham states in the wonderful magazine DECISION:

Unless the church stands up and proclaims biblical truth about gender, marriage, sex and THE SANCTITY OF LIFE, it will be responsible.”


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