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Don Crawford

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Adoption – Our Children, LGBTQ

And another one bites the dust!


That is, another so called Christian, Evangelical organization caves in, gives up and surrenders to LGBTQ. And that would be:




This once strong, proud fully Christian organization was one of the nation’s largest Evangelical agencies involved in adoption and foster care. It held strong to Christian principles, including especially the biblical admonition that marriage as sanctioned by God and the real Christian Church was a union between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. That definition further extended to the definition of family where there were biblical guidelines for husband and wife, father and mother, family structure, children discipline and behavior from that one man and that one woman. In an incredible act of spiritual compromise, BCS announced they would no longer strictly abide by that biblical admonition. In fact, BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES recently announced that it would now place children in same sex households and with other families identified as LGBTQ, contrary to the direct admonitions of scripture. BCS capitulated, COMPROMISED, and caved in to the angry demands of the NEW NORMAL, the new sexual revolution and its new morality. What a tragedy and what a shame.


It should be clear to every real Christian and conservative that this new sexual orthodoxy, which champions gender identity and sexual orientation in all new ways will never be content until every facet of orthodox Christianity is excised, eradicated, ELIMINATED from the public square. These champions of radical, anti–Christian change will use every means possible to make that happen. The affect on those children, once in the tender loving Christian care of Bethany Christian Services will be life long, dramatic and entirely anti–Christian and anti–biblical requirements for child – parent.


WHY, the real question is, why did BCS compromise and capitulate. WHY! I can only wonder who on the Board of Directors of BCS were responsible and how before God and man that decision could be justified and explained. If in fact BCS continues to represent themselves as a strong Christian, evangelical organization, that decision is:


              DEAD WRONG.


This new sexual revolution, this new sexual orthodoxy is the heart and soul of the now and once great Democratic Party. Democrats for years have never referred to God whether in party platforms, dialogue, expressed views or political philosophy. In fact, they have not only ignored Christianity but the spiritual in general. Witness the example of House of Representatives Greg Steube, Republican from Florida who stood on the floor of the House of Representatives in late February and read from the bible book of Deuteronomy concerning the difference between male and female. This good man, brave and courageous, withstood a horrendous attack by his Democratic colleagues and in response to the alleged attack on LGBTQ, representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat from New York, a radical, progressive, anti–Christian man in my view, said the following:


“What any religious tradition describes as God’s will is no concern of this Congress.”


Or, especially the Democrats. It is just simply amazing to me how many Christians vote Democrat when this party and its representatives are as anti–Christian as any in the entire world. Unbelievable.


Shame on Bethany Christian Services. But now stands up:




In 2018, the city of Philadelphia (where I was raised and born) issued an urgent call for help. The city announced and pleaded for 300 additional foster families to adopt what Philadelphia regarded as the “rising crisis of orphaned children.” Up stepped Catholic Social Services to meet the need. Good for them. And of course, one would think that the city would wish to partner with CSS in the hunt to find loving homes for these needy and homeless orphaned children. But, not so said Philadelphia. Only days after pleading for help in the adoption process, the city of Philadelphia and its Mayor James Kenney (a radical, progressive Democrat) froze all referrals of such orphaned children and refused to extend any especially to CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES. This good organization was stunned, as were tens of thousands of Catholics, and Protestants, and people of goodwill regardless of religious belief. STUNNED! Why, Philadelphia, why. The answer was easy. CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES is, said Philadelphia, a bible – bigoted organization. CSS dares to believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Such a belief flies in the face of the new sexual revolution and morality, and of course raises the anger and hostility of LGBTQ.


And more. Catholic Social Services dares to believe that children are best served in homes with a:




United in holy biblical matrimony. More of a response from LGBTQ and the radical – progressive haters of Christianity and in this case especially Catholic Christianity and like Bethany Christian Services, Philadelphia caved, capitulated and banned the referral of orphaned children to Catholic institutions and especially CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES. Absolutely unbelievable especially when there are so many Catholic believers and worshippers in the city of Philadelphia itself. Some even thought the Mayor himself was Catholic, even if in name only, much like Joe Biden, partaking of the blessings and the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church on the one hand, and then living the life of a politician where almost every move, decision and executive order defies, contradicts and compromises not only Catholic but all real Christian doctrine and belief. Would that men like these would be excommunicated and that real Christian and real Christian organizations would:




Bethany Christian Services went the way of all compromisers. But not CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES. This good organization stood up. It refused to capitulate or compromise. But it did not stop there. This ministry challenged the city’s action, and challenged Philadelphia big time. Litigation was immediately instituted and there arose the legal case of FULTON V. CITY OF PHILADELPHIA.


The actions of this once great city were discriminatory, prejudiced and anti–Constitutional, flying in the face of the First Amendment to the Constitution and more. The case was so fundamental that it made its way all the way to the United States Supreme Court (Scotus). May I urge all Christians and conservatives to watch for the result, the Supreme Court decision in the FULTON case. For the outcome of this case would affect not only CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES, but more as well. The ruling in Fulton will affect the case of Barronelle Stutzman, the florist who would not participate in homosexual weddings, and others like that courageous Colorado baker who refuses to decorate cakes for homosexual weddings and others as well who stand for their individual, First Amendment and religious rights no matter the persecution or attack.


And angry attack it is everywhere. In Finland, four thousand miles away, the former Interior Minister and leader of the Christian Democrats Paivi Rasanen dared to post a picture of the bible on the internet, opened to Romans 1: 24-27, a scriptural passage hated by LGBTQ as a warning to the EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH in Finland for both supporting and joining a gay pride event, reminding this once great Evangelical church (no more) through the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans that to do so was anti–biblical.


This good lady was subjected to three police interrogations which resulted in her being charged with the criminal charge of:


              HATE SPEECH.


Finland’s prosecutor called her actions, free speech only, derogatory and discriminatory. They issued criminal charges against her and she now faces a court hearing and if convicted, a prison sentence. The situation aroused incredible reaction from all of Finland’s citizens and it will be interesting to see how free speech is in Finland as a result of this trial. But congratulations to Ms. Rasanen for her stand not only for biblical truth on the one hand, but for free speech on the other.


It is everywhere, is it not my fellow Americans, this new sexual morality and LGBTQ persecution, and attack, and anger and hatred? Have you experienced it anywhere in your life with family, friends, social organizations, church, politically, or perhaps on your local school board. Have you experienced this kind of unbelievable, hateful attack by these new sexual revolutionaries on you and traditional Christian beliefs, have you? But I do hope and pray that you recognize what is happening to all of America, and in fact much of the world. There is open hostility, and a civil warfare like WE THE PEOPLE and much of the world at large have never seen before. May you have the courage, the conviction to stand for your beliefs, to stand for Christian values, and morals, and biblical principles no matter the cost. For the fight of faith is on, and it is time to find out who is a real Christian and ready as scripture demands to lay:


              ALL ON THE ALTER.


Are you? Pray for Bethany Christian Services and perhaps they will see the light, the Christian light and reverse their horrendous open adoption decision. And pray for Catholic social services, that they may prevail in the Fulton case for they, like the Little Sisters of the Poor in Pittsburgh, are one strong example of an uncompromising Christian organization. What a world. Thank you, THANK YOU for standing up. Please do it now more than ever.

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