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Don Crawford

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What a brutal, debilitating killer, Alzheimer Disease is.

Alzheimer is a complex condition consisting of many factors which play a role in its development.  The disease destroys the ability to learn and remember.  It debilitates and wastes the brain and eventually kills.  Quality of life depreciates ever so slowly, but surely.  The personality, charisma and creativity of a person are destroyed in life, followed by death.  The condition can be so complex it defies evaluation, and effective treatment.  But there is hope, and knowledge advances slowly but surely.

Now hear this.  Those individuals who eat at least one fish meal a week were significantly less likely to end up with Alzheimer disease than those who never or hardly ever ate fish!
Fish, mind you, and only once a week.  Eating fish more often can provide even more protection.  It has already been shown that making fish a regular part of the diet helps reduce the risk for heart disease and diabetes.  Both of these horrendous diseases are active factors in producing Alzheimer disease.  The protective, energetic ingredients in fish not only protect against heart disease and diabetes, but Alzheimer disease as well!
The main and most protective ingredient in fish is the fabulous substance OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS.  They are marvelous substances.  One of the Omega-3 fatty acids in fish is known as DHA.  DHA is perhaps the most important fatty acid in the components of brain cell gray matter, which components are called phospholipids.  The more fish you eat, the more of these Omega-3 fatty acids will end up in these phospholipids.  These phospholipids are found in membranes which control the entrance and exit of material to and from each brain cell.  The more DHA, the better the influence on brain cell-to-cell communication.  The more DHA, the better the nerve conduction and neurotransmitter release which allow brain cells to send messages to each other.  The cells of the brain are strengthened, and able to do their job more qualitatively and energetically, and most importantly enable them to ward off disease including and especially Alzheimer disease.  Thank the Lord for fish!

One fish that is very high in the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA and low in mercury is:
Eat it, whether you like it or not.  There are many, yours truly included, who love the fish.  But, eat it like it or not.  It is like medicine for the brain.  It may very well provide the most in quantity and the highest in quality of Omega-3 fatty acids and DHA which your brain cells desperately need.  That can make for a better brain at work healthy and energetic, and a brain aging protecting itself against the ravages of Alzheimer and other mental disorders.

Some are better fresh, but canned fish can be equally nutritious and beneficial.  Why not eat salmon once a week, or two or three times a week and strike a blow at Alzheimer disease.  God gave you the most incredible gift possible, your brain.  Protect and preserve it anyway you can, and let the equally incredible salmon help you.

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