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Don Crawford

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Amazing Israel



That was the divine promise to Abraham. Leave your home in Mesopotamia, go where I show you and I will make of you and your seed a great nation. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their wives Sarah, Rebecca and Rachael were the chosen of Jehovah, the great I AM were the ancestors of the Jews and those responsible for the founding of the great nation of Israel. THEY WERE THE BEGINNING OF THE BLESSING! 


Anti–Semitism is brutal, vicious and never–ending. Asians can be persecuted, discriminated against and mankind rises up. And the same with Native Americans, African Americans, Latinos and each time, mankind rises up, defends and vilifies the alleged discriminators. But it seems that when it comes to the Jews and anti–Semitism, mankind is slow to care or be concerned, much less rise up in defense. The persecution seems rampant, on college campuses, in local politics, even in Congress itself at times. It is a mystery to right–thinking individuals WHY that happens, where this prejudice even hatred comes from. But it is there, real and ugly. Those who hate and discriminate against the Jews will feel the curse of the great God Jehovah, the great I AM. That doesn’t seem to matter at all.  


It is further made difficult to understand, this anti–Semitism because the nation of Israel is one of the world’s most technically advanced, medically involved, humanitarian at heart, and philanthropic and charitable in its activities. In the Negev Desert, at one time little more than sand, there now exists the incredible Ben–Gurion University (BGU). That is one of the greatest sources of medical achievement and advancement in the entire world. It is founded and operated by Jews, Israelis who are determined to make the world a better place (Tikkun Olam) one person at a time. BGU houses one of the world’s most advanced medical schools. 


Their mission statement states as follows: 


To train humane, holistic, ethical and skilled physicians.  


700 brilliant world–changing physicians are trained by BGU every year. The underserved Negev inhabitance consisting primarily of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, India and even Arab lands reap the benefits of this marvelous medical institution. And so does the world! 


The list of discoveries and medical achievements at this incredible university is absolutely astounding. These brilliant doctors are transforming medicine as we know it. Ben–Gurion University (BGU) is working on a medical process which can, get this, accurately predict the onset of an extreme medical event BEFORE it actually happens. They have developed a new wearable helmet which can measure brain activity in order to predict seizures in epileptic patients, for one. Other extreme medical events are also being studied for the very same result.  


The future of cancer treatment may be starting in the Negev and at BGU as well. Researchers have discovered that peptides and their biological function, controlled, is key to preventing the spread of cancer! What a blessing to mankind that would be (thus saith the Lord).  


And more. Molecules designed by BGU researchers could someday help to slow the progression of ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, and even ALS for which there has been no cure and other degenerative diseases. 


BGU researchers have stopped the progression of Type 1 Diabetes in newly–diagnosed children through clinical trials. What an unbelievable benefit for all mankind the treatment, control and eventual elimination of Type 1 Diabetes in children would be. The blessings for all mankind promised by G–d to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are never more evident or now even available than the medical discoveries at Ben–Gurion University.  


Those are just a mere few of the incredible medical work product and discoveries already perfected at BGU or at work and will someday happen for the blessings of mankind. Think about that, my fellow Americans, the next time you see anti–Semitism at work. 


Where once only hatred and mistrust existed, Israelis have reached out to Arab nations for cooperation, free trade and social intercourse between the nations. The ABRAHAM ACCORDS have fostered new friendship, cooperation and economic ties between Israel and the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Bahrain, and Morocco with an ever–growing possibility that those same accords will exist with Saudi Arabia. Free trade, friendly access between peoples have now begun to most seriously replace the old Arab–Jew hatreds of the past. The Israelis have made that happen. This little nation is one of the most capable in the entire world when it comes to things military and especially nuclear. It is powerful beyond belief. But the heart and soul of Israel is peace, cooperation and the real humanitarian concern for all. The Abraham Accords are evidence of that. Israel would far rather engage in friendly cooperation rather than nuclear warfare with any nation, including Iran. Unfortunately, at least for now, that will never happen for Iran carries on viciously the old Arab–Jew hatreds.  


Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith was a JEW. Never forget that. He came to all humankind from the seed of David and consequently Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We who worship this SON OF GOD and SON OF MAN must always remember that our Lord was a Jew. He is described as THE GREAT PHYSICIAN. Perhaps He is the unrecognized motivator and inspiration for the incredible medical discoveries of Ben–Gurion University. Israel and the Jews who are privileged to live in the promised land, the great nation of Israel are in so many ways: 



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