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America 2018 – The Vote


Those are the inspired words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 13. All authority, in fact anything that happens comes from the God who made us all and governs the affairs of all mankind.

So that, now the AUTHORITY ordained by God in America for the next two years is:

  1. The President Donald John Trump

  2. The Senate: Republican controlled

  3. The House of Representations: Democrat controlled

And then the Apostle Paul reminds us again in Romans 13:

Those authorities that exist have been instituted by God.”

Whether by the vote, newly elected, or those already elected and in authority, all of them have been instituted, authorized and ordained by:


Whether or not we like it or whether or not we agree.

What a fascinating concept that is, is it not? It is hard to reconcile the fact that a monster like Hitler, when he came to power was actually an authority instituted or accepted by God. And today, it is difficult for conservatives and people of faith to reconcile the fact that the Democrats, so many with their wildly progressive programs and objectives now control the United States House of Representatives. But at least, conservatives would say, the United States Senate remains Republican and presumably conservative. So that, the battle of idea and ideals goes on, conservative in the Senate and liberal-progressive in the House. But the history of American politics has shown that:


There is not now, nor has there been any dialogue between the warring political parties now for years. There is no healthy compromise, working together or joining together for the good of WE THE PEOPLE, the voters, the surrogate Caesars who elected them to do what is good and right for us. Let us hope and pray that the people ordered and ordained to be SALT AND LIGHT voted, made their voices heard and otherwise stood up for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If so, perhaps that VOICE OF FAITH made a difference in the United States Senate elections if not in the House of Representatives. So, the political war goes on, perhaps now louder than ever, more raucous, even more hateful and with perhaps more political division than ever. Perhaps we will see an aggressive Senate, more so than ever, for we will certainly see a far more aggressive House of Representatives. And there seems to be no question that we will see a far, far more aggressive President Trump at work with Executive Orders, utilizing the power of federal agencies and their secretaries, deregulating on the one hand, but issuing EXECUTIVE ORDERS perhaps more than ever to get things done, and pursuing what should be the major goal and objective of the Presidency:



So, my fellow Americans, we live once again in a divided, polarized, divisible America when we are pledged by our Constitution to live as a people indivisible. We are once again not one nation, and we will surely not be a nation UNDER GOD. But, as conservatives, Christians and people of faith, we must be ever more diligent about the protection of our freedoms, our liberties, our lives under the Constitution and especially:


No matter the President, or the makeup of the House or Senate, those guaranteed and inalienable freedoms are always at risk, in play, subject to the legislative whims of those in power and especially those newly elected. We can not tolerate, my fellow Americans, any ABRIDGEMENT, any infringement, any erosion or eradication of those freedoms:


And especially, FREEDOM OF RELIGION. We must be ever watchful about encroachment on religious liberties. They will come fast and furious. Nancy Pelosi, Representative from California-San Francisco has pledged to modify or change the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which would be yet another blow to religious freedoms. Now that the Democrats-progressives are in power, the Johnson Act, which restricts the right of pastors to free speech will have extreme difficulty being eliminated. Watch for more actions by the newly constituted House of Representatives to restrict or remove religion and especially Christianity from the marketplace and THE PUBLIC SQUARE. You can be sure it will happen. When it does, FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH.

And FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Hate speech accusations abound. The Bible is full of hate speech, so say rabid secularists and no man or book has the right to call another a SINNER. There will be more threats, intimidation, civil disobedience and mob protests when people of faith seek to exercise their right to Freedom of Speech. Don’t let it happen.

AND FREEDOM OF PRESS. It is just unbelievable how liberal-progressive, anti-conservative and Christian the monopolies of Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple and YouTube have become. THEY ARE ALL LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE. They will exercise any restraints possible on conservative content. And the government, especially the House of Representatives, may condone their actions. Fight them, my fellow Americans, for it is a fight that is part of the FIGHT OF FAITH.

AND FREEDOM OF ASSEMBLY. Peaceful assembly and protest has been taken over by mob activities. Virulent, hateful, intimidating mobs now seem to get away with virtually any kind of conduct they wish. In places like Portland, law enforcement makes little or no effort to keep the peace and enforce the law. Mobs, radical mobs will do their best to thwart Freedom of Speech, and Assembly, and Religion and we the people of faith, WE THE REAL AMERICANS must never let those freedoms be abridged much less eliminated.

Now more than ever, my fellow conservatives, and Christians, and all people of faith:


More so than ever, I believe we will see the rise of:


We will see more power, autonomy, local decision making and control on the part of each of the:


Some will actually have the political courage to defy the federal government. Some will lose decision making as a result of federal court and especially Supreme Court decisions and some states will actually defy those decisions. Legislation, ruled unconstitutional will be changed and reestablished so that the litigation process begins all over again. Individual states will interpret the Constitutions, federal and state as they will and with the help of a compliant or complicit legislature, institute policies and make-shift, ad hoc rules and regulations which govern the conduct of their citizens, regardless of Constitutional protections. We will see an aggressive state independence, even to the point of political or Rule of Law chaos. America will further divide and the prospects for commonality will dim even more.

Watch what you state does, my fellow Americans. Governors have changed. There were political upsets and there will be new state legislatures and perhaps a more proactive judiciary. That will effectuate so very much change. Life will be lived more than ever at the local level, the very down-deep local level and there may be consistent and continual resistance to top-down, federal and state-down decision making and requirements. The times will be tempestuous and chaotic, for sure.

So now, we will deal with a much more proactive President Trump. Watch for more and more aggressive Executive Orders. And agency action with secretaries of those agencies becoming ever more proactive. And a further cleansing of the Deep State.

Watch the activities of the United States Senate, now more than ever Republican, which, thankfully for conservatives, will control the confirmation of the nomination of judges, agency secretaries and other federal appointments, good for Trump. And now we watch for what the newly empowered Democrats in the House of Representatives will do under the once-again leadership of to be newly elected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has said:

We will have a Congress that is open, transparent and accountable to the American people.”

Few believe that.

Pelosi goes onto say:

We have all had enough of division. The American people want peace. They want results.”

Few believe Pelosi and the Democrats will make good those promises.

She then states as a final Democrat position:

We will work for the boldest common denominator.”

Virtually no one believes that. We will have “firebrands” like the unbelievable Maxine Waters who will lead the House Financial Services Committee, Adam Schiff, another firebrand who will be Chair of the Intelligence Committee and Jerry Nadler yet another firebrand who will head the Judiciary Committee. None of them will work for the boldest common denominator and Pelosi knows that.

Those firebrands, and Pelosi and company will waste value legislative time on things like impeachment which will never happen. They will exhaust political credibility and goodwill by such destructive actions. We can hope and pray for something different, but it will be miraculous if it happens.

So, my fellow conservatives and Christians, we have voted as salt and light. We have done our best. Now we are commanded to:


I will, and I hope you will. We should seek divine understanding as we seek to interpret the will of the God Almighty who authorized and ordained these rulers, whether we like it or not. But we work to confront evil, to fight the fight of faith and continue to fulfill our duty as citizens to:


Soon will come 2020. We will elect and reelect all 435 members of the House of Representatives. ALL OF THEM. We will elect some 33 Senators. And, most importantly, we will reelect or newly elect:


Get ready for a political year 2020 which will make the year 2018 look calm by comparison.

Whatever is in God’s will, may God bless America and may God bless you.

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