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Don Crawford

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So says the scripture. That would be, would it not my fellow Americans, our beloved America. We really are not diversified (true diversity is a myth) but we are divided, deeply and it seems irreparably. Citizen against citizen. Conflicting ideas. Seemingly radically different moral values. And, WE THE PEOPLE in a constant battle over our beloved rule of law and Constitution, which many believe should be done away with all together (shocking), others simply changed and amended, still others kept but organically and currently interpreted while the remaining feel that the Constitution should not only be kept, but enforced with an originalist and textualist approach. Where do you stand my fellow Americans and how do you see the America you wish your family, friends and all of us your fellow citizens to live?

LESSONS. What lessons, I ask, have WE THE PEOPLE learned from elections 2020? They are done and over, thankfully but not really, for there will be protests, even riots, and of course the inevitable and seemingly forever LITIGATION. But surely there were lessons learned. Perhaps this is a good time for you and I to take stock, to look hard at what happened and what role (if any) we, you and I played in this the most critical election in American history. What you and I did or did not do will have a lasting effect for years to come.

THE VOTE. Did you vote? And did you vote right? Were you convinced about the issues, the parties, the platforms, the principles and did you understand them, evaluate them and vote for candidates and parties which best represented and promised to do what was right for America? In short, are you proud of an informed vote and consequently discharging the privilege and duty you have as a citizen to vote? There is nothing more precious in the political world than a free and independent vote for a country and for the leaders to represent you, NOTHING! Men and women have fought and died for the right to vote and perhaps WE THE PEOPLE maybe for the first time did not take the right to vote for granted. If you truly love America, and you are truly proud to be an American citizen, you would never miss the opportunity to vote.

And as you discharged this democratic principle and your civic duty, I do hope that you voted for candidates who believe in:


We the people of faith fight the social issues of:







among others. No matter who is elected and where, the fight of faith goes on. We should never forget that.

And perhaps this election taught us the lesson that we must be more involved in politics, all of us. We must spend more time in the political arena. We cannot wait for the next election. WE THE PEOPLE must be the leaders, those who make the decisions, those in charge of our states, our counties, our cities, our townships and all local governmental bodies. WE THE PEOPLE must be in charge, and involved, and AT ALL TIMES. Government and its critical decision making never ends. There are those who dedicate their lives to government, to the power it brings and the decision making which can occur. Tens of millions of Americans do not! They leave that to others. But democracy, the republic in which we live demands that we be involved, and involved at all times. Are you? Will you now more than ever?

WHEN GOOD MEN AND WOMEN ABANDON THE POLITICAL ARENA, THE BAD TAKE OVER. So said Edmund Burke. We the people cannot vote and then abandon. To be a citizen of this great country means to be involved every day in which we are privileged to live here. I pray that from this point forward, you, presumably a person of faith, will be more involved in government, in politics, in the running of your country and consequently your life now more than ever.

It seems as if so many voted on the basis of PERSONALITY in these elections. You could hear across America the loud cry of the NEVER TRUMPSTERS. Many did not like the man personally. Many more were turned off by his personality and no matter what he believed or his performance as President, which was highly beneficial to people of faith, many of those very same people refused to vote for Trump and consequently his party as a result. But the lesson we should learn from elections 2020 is that we vote not on the basis of personality, or likability, but political promise and most importantly PERFORMANCE. To paraphrase Senator Feinstein from California:


Never forget that former President Barack Hussein Obama warned us that WE THE PEOPLE now lived in the:


In short, anything verbally goes according to Obama, and perhaps virtually all politicians and we must, my fellow Americans, find a way to hold our leaders to the truth, to make decisions based on facts and to reestablish the old morality, the old Judeo – Christian morality which was the foundation, the essential pillar of our great country. Without that, we will continue a house divided and:


And our educational system. It has been taken over by progressives, radicals, even foreign interests like China, Saudi Arabia, Iran and others. American history and values are put to the side or eliminated altogether. We must regain control of our colleges and universities. And our high schools. And especially the teaching of our children. Perhaps a lesson we have learned from this election is that we cannot delegate the teaching of our children to others, especially in the realm of politics and civic duty. THAT MUST BEGIN AT HOME! Parents, no matter how busy, need to make quality time for discussion, for learning, for reading the Constitution, and all things about the rule of law, and discuss intelligently and fairly all the social issues of the day. THAT BEGINS AT HOME! If as scripture says the training up of a child begins the right way at home, when that child is old and subjected to anti–American, radical and progressive professors and thinking in college, that child will not depart from the right teaching of the parents. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN! And teach them a love for America with a will and determination to solve its problems and to maximize its potential.

This election should have taught us to beware of:


Both are a threat to our society and there are those by the thousands who wish to take America in that direction. Beware of them, watch for them and make certain they do not lead or control.

And now we PRAY. We have done all we can. We have worked knowing the night is coming and we have participated in elections 2020 most hopefully to the very best of our abilities. And now we PRAY. We pray for our leaders. We pray for the influence of God Almighty in their lives and decision making. We pray they our leaders will be sensitive, truthful, determined to follow the oath they take to protect and preserve the Constitution and the America they are privileged to serve. We pray that these politicians, our leaders, will honor truth, fulfill their promises and otherwise make our great country greater! That America would once again be a true leader in the world. That we the people would revive our values and morality so that we can once again be as a nation and a people:


We pray for the end of division. We pray that we can find a way to be ONE NATION UNDER GOD. We pray that we the American people can once again become INDIVISIBLE no matter our differences. We pray that a new civility may return, that we can dialogue and discuss with each other and seek common ground wherever possible following the biblical admonition that without compromise or sacrifice, we make friends with all mankind.

And we pray that we the people will HUMBLE ourselves before each other and before God. We pray that we will seek HIS will now more than ever. And we pray that our great country will turn from any evil way and morally revive and that our leaders, newly elected and reelected, will do the same.

Then and only then will GOD BLESS AMERICA. Then and only then will our freedoms be preserved. Then and only then will we appreciate our freedoms, preserve and protect them knowing that once they are lost, they are gone forever.

Now we go forward as a nation, my fellow Americans. I do hope you pray as I do that:


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