Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

America The Beautiful

OH, BEAUTIFUL FOR SPACIOUS SKIES, this beloved land of the United States of America is.


But this land, our land is so divided in so many ways by we the people that it becomes daily far from beautiful. Our recent elections show how divided we are even though, amazingly so, elections for the most part were peaceful. With minor exceptions, riots and violence did not occur. At least for now. But as we are as a people, this American house of ours cannot stand. Unity, common ground, commonality in ideas and values seem long gone.


But now comes a President Elect who promises UNITY. Joe Biden as our presumptive leader and President asks us to come together and unite in common causes for the good of America. But, that of course will depend upon what the causes are. Biden promises moderation, announces he eschews the radicalism and ultra liberal progressivism of so much of his party, while at his side as Vice President is the most liberal, radical member of the United States Senate. Having large hands in decision making will be none other than Vermont Senator and radical socialist Bernie Sanders. And of course, Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, liberal as they come. And Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, she the author of the Equality Act as radical as it comes, and Congressmen Schiff and Nadler among many others and of course the Squad, AOC, Tlaib, Omar, and Pressley, again as liberal and radical as four women can be. Along with Kamala Harris, it will be simply amazing if this think tank, this President – Elect by committee does not attempt in every way possible a major LURCH TO THE LEFT which of course would tear America apart. Only the election and confirmation of two Republican Senators from the great state of Georgia can prevent that.


What Democrats will do, now in charge of the White House, and the House of Representatives may happen gradually, step by step, but change, and eventually radical change will in fact occur. COUNT ON IT!


We are told that our Supreme Court is reasonably conservative. This court, the pundits say will prevent extreme and radical legislation, and congressional and state action from becoming the law of land in defiance of the Constitution. Our Supreme Court is comprised of Chief Justice John Roberts, a supposed conservative, and Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, confirmed constitutional originalists, and Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, also supposed conservatives in thinking and decision making, and now after a brutal confirmation hearing, Justice Amy Coney Barrett, yet another so called constitutional originalist and textualist. That is a total of six supposedly conservative–leaning Justices. But are they? The vote of John Roberts is always unpredictable. Thomas and Alito invariably vote in conservative, originalist fashion. But Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, like Roberts, are unpredictable in decision making, leaning more conservative but always potentially ready for that surprise liberal vote. We can assume that conservative decision making of Justice Barrett but that remains to be seen.


But we the people can surely count on virtual unanimity in decision making from the liberal block including Justices Kagan, Breyer and Sotomayor. It takes only two votes from two Justices leaning left to change a decision. That has and will happen, perhaps time and again. For three liberal Justices vote consistently and openly in liberal even progressive fashion, unashamed and consistent. So often, it seems, the conservative Justices so called, including and especially Chief Justice Roberts vote leaning left, perhaps political rather than constitutional and are consequently unpredictable unlike the three liberal Justices. The Supreme Court may be conservative on paper but the legal paper they produce can be anything but.


This court, this newly formed group of nine Justices will vote on some of the most crucial issues which have ever faced our great country. Democrats are determined to effectuate THE GREEN NEW DEAL. Biden has indicated clearly and emphatically that he intends to do away with fossil fuels. Natural (green) energy will eventually rule the day, so say Biden and the Democrats, no matter the cost now estimated in the several trillion dollars as a starter, preventing any and all kinds of FRACTURING, and drilling wherever possible, and the construction of new pipelines in an attempt first to curtail the usage of fossil fuels and then to eliminate them. We can just imagine the litigation which will ensue.


And taxes. We will see, if Biden and his party have their way, an unbelievable, progressive increase in taxes for every American. It is just simply amazing that these radical politicians continue with the old saw of tax increases for the wealthy only, untrue in every way, for these very same taxes ultimately affect the so called middle class and even those below. The more, the bigger government, the more taxes. The Trump Tax Reforms will be done away with as soon as possible. Everyone and every entity, including and especially corporations will pay more, and in some cases far more taxes. The Democrats are the party of big government and they will tax private enterprise with a vengeance. Unchecked, there will be a continual whittling away of our private economy which pre–Corona had begun to thrive and grow so much so under the Trump–induced economy. There may well be the end of so much opportunity, including large portions of the American Dream. Entrepreneurs will be scarce; venture capital will be difficult to raise. Risk taking will be at a minimum. Our economy will in fact be dominated by large Corporations, by BIG TECH and competition, real economic competition will be extremely limited. Many predict that capitalism will be attacked at every level and that socialism, gradual and perhaps imperceptible will take route step by step until it ultimately dominates our great country.


Many economists say that the Biden government will return to far more and oppressive regulations. If legislation, radical in nature, can be blocked by a Republican Senate, executive orders will issue which will increase regulations and eventually suffocate private enterprise. The swamp which the Trump Administration was determined to reduce or eliminate will grow creatures now more than ever. Capitalism is a target, the enemy for these socialists in hiding.


The radical, socialistic elements in the Democrat party wish to change the Constitution so as to eliminate the electoral college. They are against federalism. They wish to eliminate or control the power and authority of the various states. But at the same time, they wish to admit two new states to our union, total 52 in the form of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, states newly formed which Democrats are convinced will allow them further representation and control in the Senate and the House. And, Democrats are determined as well to PACK THE U.S. SUPREME COURT. They want to add Justices, perhaps as many as four or even more who can be appointed by a Democrat President and confirmed by a Democrat Senate so as to control the Supreme Court for liberal purposes. These new Democrats, our new leaders, radical and progressive are determined to change America and to eliminate so very much of our beloved constitutional and free way of life. Watch for this to happen step by step. Watch for what is called:




The cancelling of traditional American constitutional rights and freedoms one by one.


Elections 2020 had some most interesting results. The House of Representatives, all 435 of them elected every two years, saw some rather significant gains by Republicans. Democrats will in fact control the House but nowhere near as significantly in number as before. We begin already to see challenges to the leadership of Pelosi and the typical Democrat approach to legislation. The more radical elements in the House, like the Squad, will no longer take a backseat to Pelosi and the traditional Democrat way of doing business.


The Schumer leadership in the Senate will be challenged by centrist Senators, few as they are, but more importantly, by the more radical Democrats senatorial elements like Bernie Sanders, challenged to champion socialistic and radical legislation. Rather than unity and coming together, many predict WE THE PEOPLE will have more division than ever before. I pray they are wrong but I fear they are right.


Joe Biden as President will be pressured to issue executive orders time and again, and especially when legislation, progressive or radical in nature, cannot pass House and Senate. When these executive orders occur, you can count on litigation at every turn. Our federal courts and our Supreme Court will be busier than ever as our once great country continues to fracture.


Many will have voted and as is so typical, withdraw from the political arena. But the task of any good American, any real citizen, only just begins. It is our duty, not in any way optional, but a firm duty for every citizen to stay involved in the political process and to make certain that those elected fulfill the promises they have made. WE THE PEOPLE MUST HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Politicians will do and say anything to get elected. When that happens, who they really are and what they really believe comes out and it is then BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM. Pre–elections had rallies, meetings, marches, the assembly so often of concerned citizens and all of that, ALL OF THAT must continue if America is to survive. We must hold these politicians accountable, WE THE PEOPLE MUST HOLD OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE. We live in a day and age, in our very own country and globally, which absolutely requires all of us, every caring American citizen to be and stay involved politically. We cannot withdraw, WE CANNOT, for if we do, we the good men and women of America, if we withdraw from the political arena, the bad men and women will take over. This is our country, and it is our duty not to mention our privilege to protect and defend the America we love and which has given us so much. Stay involved my fellow Americans, STAY POLITICALLY INVOLVED NOW MORE THAN EVER.


HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE! Our future as free citizens depends upon our ability to hold 545 people, citizens like us, including 435 House of Representatives, 100 Senators, 9 Supreme Court Justices and one President, 545 fully and completely:




If you want the beautiful America to remain as free and beautiful as it has always been.

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