Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


The land that I love, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  I and I pray you will stand beside her, and will do everything in my power to guide her with the light and the wisdom from above.  I would do whatever I could to protect, defend and preserve all that this great nation is and has been.  Its spacious skies, its amber waves of grain, its purple mountains majesties, its fruited plains and all else in this great country upon which God has shed his grace.  God has really blessed America and we the people and calls upon us now to step up as patriots of old.

But what of this America in the future?  Where do we as a nation stand in terms of our role in the world and in history?  What can we know about our future as Americans from Scripture, from prophecy, from world events as they are?  Will we endure as a nation and if so, will we continue to be a world leader, spreading and championing democracy, and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all mankind?  Will we continue to have the considerable strengths we always have, whether military, economic and financial, cultural and of course spiritual?  Will we impact, influence, inform and inspire the world as we always have?  Or, have we changed, fundamentally changed with an inability to change back, especially in the last ten years.  As the world radically changes, a world in which wars, rumors of wars, terrorism, barbarism, violence and hatred, distrust and immorality grow by the day, what of us, the America of old?  Are we still or can we yet become the land of the brave and the free, or are we doomed to be the new America, the changed America, the land of the weak and timid and the land controlled and removed as people from the decision making of our great country?  What is America and what is an American?

We are told in prophecy that in the End Times there will be wars and rumors of wars.  There will be plagues, famine and diseases, new to mankind.  Terrorism will run rampant.  There will be the rise of Iran which we now see.  There will come to the world stage the Russia of old, warlike, expansionist, reclaiming its old territories, as with the Ukraine, and even joining with Iran and other such nations to form a formidable new military alliance, a new EVIL of axis.

We will see new threats and persecutions to all things Judeo-Christian and of course to individual Jews and Christians.  That is no longer threat, but in actuality the world over.  There even now exists non-violent persecution of Christians in our very own country.  Anti-Semitism is on the rise the world over and again, even in America, supposedly the respecter and protector of all religions and their disciples.  We see the ever-growing threat of jihadist Islam, hijacked we are told by terrorists and fanatics and not the real Islam when few confront the religion at its worst other than rare leaders like el-Sisi the leader of Egypt, a courageous man indeed but really one-of-a-kind.  We watch and listen to our very own President, who talks, and talks, and talks but does nothing of substance to confront and counter evil and terror and as a result of such weakness, at least indirectly encourages the spread and influence of these demonic forces.  Socialism and even more radical, a new Marxism begins and spreads.  Freedoms are lost daily whether personally, spiritually, economically.  One nuclear bomb could be the beginning of the end, the start of:


The light of the world, the love of mankind, the true Christian force and dynamic and that of the old Judaism as well seems lost.  Islam, whatever good it can do, however good so-called moderate Islam may be, seems lost, invisible on the world stage.  The forces of light seem overpowered by the forces of darkness.  The grand hope of new life, life here and hereafter, the celebration of the Resurrection at Easter for one seems formalistic, traditional, a ritual rather than an event which emanates the greatest power and dynamic which the world has ever known.  Rather than turn to such power, it seems as though mankind turns away from it, having eyes without seeing and hearts darkened and closed.  The courage to believe and stand wanes every day.  We seem to become more apologetic and less aggressive about our faith and its power, all religions.  We are intimidated to stand and proclaim.  True religious force, its message, and the practice thereof is challenged or even extinguished from the public square.  Rabid secularism takes hold at every turn.  And with it, America changes for lack of courage, valor, work ethic, integrity and morality.  When good people abandon the battle, the bad take over.  Is that not happening even now in our great country and the world over?

We once referred to ourselves, we Americans as:


We are no longer one nation and it seems only a minority think America under God.  Our pledge of allegiance, to each other and the world, seems mere words rather than a Call to Action.  We seem to have forgotten our pledge that we stand for liberty and justice for all.  We are no longer one nation with common ideals and values, but we have become a nation driven by a new divisive concept:


We now champion separate cultures and ethnicities.  We entitle differences.  We build shrines to DIVERSITY rather than unity.  We splinter, and splinter again.  We remove the old America, the revolutionary America from history.  We no longer teach its unifying values.  We no longer emphasize courage, patriotism and the freedoms of old.  We quash, even discourage real true dialogue by controlling speech and labeling any who differ with us as hate mongers, champions of HATE SPEECH.

We scoff at our once meaningful pledge:


All for one and one for all.  We have become in so many ways a nation entitled, individualistic and egocentric, caring much more about me rather than us.  We have as one pundit so well said become a:


Individuality has replaced commonality.  For decades, we the people believed that America was exceptional, different in so many ways from other nations.  We preserved, protected and defended that:


No longer, now, for even our very own President thinks of us as not exceptional.  But there are many of us, many who believe that America is still exceptional, even now the home of so many who are brave and will champion freedom and we will take a stand.  There are enough of us to call Americans back to basics, to basic freedoms, to the old America and to ask our fellow citizens to become born again once again as patriots, courageous patriots rebuilding, strengthening and reenergizing this great country.

We the real people will ask all to end divided loyalties.  Rather than build ethnic communities with barriers, like the City of Dearborn in Detroit, rather than congregate ethnically in neighborhoods and communities, rather than championing lifestyles and an individual way of life, we will work for assimilation rather than diversity.  We will work to challenge all men and women to once again understand, respect and come to passionately love what this country once was and again could be.  However a variety of cultures are sustained, we would ask that these multi-cultures never, ever prevent any individual from becoming and being what is most essential, that is a true and passionate American in every way possible.

We would ask that any lukewarm American be once again educated in the real history of our great country.  We would reintroduce them to the passion of early patriots which produced the revolution.  We would have them read, learn and fully understand our Constitution and perhaps more importantly, our incredible Bill of Rights.  We would reintroduce them to their freedoms which are now being eroded or eliminated.  We would ask them to embrace new civic responsibilities, to invest time in America, to help solve its problems and to continue with the education of all mankind, and especially our children.  We would ask that all, including and especially new immigrants to be responsible citizens, part of us and not demand that we become like them.  We would close our borders, prevent illegal immigration, call ourselves together, look at all of us as brothers and sisters, fellow Americans and patriots no matter race, color, creed or ethnicity.  We would begin with passionate energy to establish a new, really the old equality, freedom and justice for all.  We would become passionate about that and see that it applies to every corner of our society.  We would champion, truly champion the fact that all men are indeed created equal and are entitled to the inalienable rights not just as our Constitution provides, but is given to mankind by our Creator.

We would reestablish the Rule of Law, just laws, enforceable for all.  We would require that all Americans know, understand and respect the laws which govern our society.  We would spend time educating, discussing, debating without argumentation what is right for the world and right for America.  Ignorance divides and conquers, but true education, real learning makes a different human being.  Those without education, especially American history, can never become the citizens our beloved America so desperately needs.

And most importantly, we would once again become a spiritual nation.  We would return, CHANGE BACK to an America:


We would introduce a new morality, which is really the old, original morality.  We would return to the spirit, even the letter of the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  We have for years been an America Judeo-Christian with our roots deep in those traditions, values and morals.  We would reintroduce the dynamics of those religions to our country, even as we would welcome intolerants, all others as they would champion those very same values.  For America to survive, there must be spiritual revival, a new awakening.  We would no longer blandly sing GOD BLESS AMERICA, but we would actively and passionately seek the blessings of the God of that great patriotic song for our great country, for us and for all mankind.  We would turn from ways immoral, we would pray, we would seek the truth and we would be open to leading.  We can not survive without divine intervention and blessing.  The future we seek can not be man-made alone, but only with the help of God, the Creator of the Universe and all in it.  Then and only then will we survive as a country.  Then and only then can we influence and impact the world as we once did.  Then and only then will we solve our internal problems, regrow and reborn America, all such actions now before it is too late.  We are strong, we are exceptional, we are free.  We need only the courage, the valor, the sacrifice, the willingness to put all on the altar for the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

That is a new American challenge, a new patriotic:


Will you answer that call?  Will you be one of the new Americans who truly understands the world and what is happening and will you rise to the occasion, stand for the right?

I will, and I hope and pray you will.  Then and only then will GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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