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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

America – The Vote


Tuesday, November 3, 2020 is here. It calls us to action; it calls us to:


The most important vote in all of America’s 240–year history. It is your last opportunity, my fellow Americans to vote, whether Monday, November 2 or in person Tuesday, November 3. And, you will vote, citizens of the greatest country in the world, will you not? You must!

The future of this great country depends upon your vote. The political choices we have are as clear and as different as they have ever been. You will vote for America as it is, essentially so, or you will vote for a radical America, lurching to the left, employing the incredible weapon of:


and American history, and its political traditions, and its religious pillars and so many of its freedoms we have held dear since 1776. How will you vote? What do you believe America should be?

Will you vote BIBLICAL VALUES? America in so many ways was built upon Judeo – Christian values, the pillars of our society. Its laws and rule of law were taken from the old English Common Law and from the Commandments, the moral principles of scripture. It created for us and for the world to see an EXCEPTIONAL society, men and women building upon essential freedoms, the freedom of religion, and speech, press, assembly and petition. It was a REPUBLIC for all the world to see.

But this republic, built upon democratic principles, required hard work over and again. It required diligence, strong protections, passionate adherence to its principles, growth and development day and night. This American experiment and freedom was fragile, difficult and looked upon by the world at large as temporary. Our Founders who gave us this republic knew the dangers and the difficulties, which led Founder Benjamin Franklin to state:


Our beloved constitution gave us a republic if we could keep it. Can we? We have done so for 244 years. But will these elections 2020 take it from us? If we vote for and allow radicals, progressives, socialists to take power and rule us, this long–standing republic will be done away with, in part overnight and the rest step by step. The vote you cast will determine our future. And you must vote, my fellow Americans, YOU MUST VOTE! Have you?

We and our ancestors built this country. It was the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors which gave us the America we now enjoy. This BUILDING took leadership, entrepreneurs, men and women with vision, mission and purpose guiding and directing, accumulating capital and financial resources, persuading others to invest and providing jobs, millions of jobs for those who were willing to work. America required the very best of the Captains of Industry and the hard work and diligence of workers white and blue collar. This combined effort made us great. It built a society affluent, opportunistic and abundant especially as compared to the rest of the world. The question for us and for all history is:


Can we? That depends on how you will vote, my fellow Americans and for which party, politician and platform you wish for America. We will continue on as a nation essentially as we are, working to better ourselves, for reform, revival, growth, equality, fairness and justice for all, solving our problems without destroying our country.

And as we vote, we pray, and we pray for the blessings of our Lord on our country, our leaders and we the people. We do the best we can and then we trust the will of God Almighty for our country.

The results begin Wednesday, November 4. The elections in final form may not be known for days. There will be protests, claims of fraud, legal challenges. There will be protests, civil unrest, even the resumption of riots and perhaps even massive civil disobedience. We may well have a country in turmoil for days to come. We may witness the tearing apart of the Great Society and the resumption of the hatred, animosity, and deep division which characterizes America today. These will be the times, as Founder Thomas Paine well said that:


But the die is cast and we pray for fair elections, all votes counted and accurately so and the results when final, clear and indisputable. Without that, we will live with civil unrest and even disobedience for weeks and months to come. These are revolutionary days in America and those who are real patriots must stand up, fight the fight of freedom, and fight the fight of faith. We are now in this fight, like it or not, and it will require eternal vigilance, activity and reassertion of the right moral and political principles in order for the America we love to survive. Are you ready? I pray to that end. And I pray for America, and its future, and yours and mine.

And as we pray, we seek the blessing of God Almighty. But this God we love and worship has told us that there can be no divine answer to our petitions unless we humble ourselves. America is a prideful nation, our people turn secular and humanistic more than ever, they regard man as the measure of all things with no need of anything divine or spiritual. So much so that no divine blessing can come.

And then, our God says, we must turn from wicked ways. Immorality is so deeply imbedded in American society and culture that will be extremely difficult, requiring radical change. That will take revival, a deep sense of culture born again, doubtful it is that America is ready for that. But it must turn if it is to be blessed.

And then we are told we must seek God with all of our hearts, to love HIM with all of our strength. That is so little evident in America today and as such, there can be no divine blessing, and then we must pray, and pray without ceasing, pray believing that this God will bless America and us with it. And if those four things occur, if we the people are humble, turn, pray and seek his will, then and only then will the God of our Lord Jesus Christ answer, and not before. It is apparent that we have work to do before that blessing will come.

And then we as a people as we contemplate the America we have recreated must:


Be still, wait patiently, pray for enlightenment and wisdom and wait for the events divinely directed to unfold. We can be still if we know in our hearts that we have done everything possible that we should do as American citizens and voters. If we have done our duty, and if we have voted, and if we have stood tall for the America which has given us so much, then we can wait patiently for the will of God to happen.

And as we do, give thanks in everything. Give thanks as God has commanded, for everything, EVERYTHING! And especially for the America we are privileged to live in. And as you do, stand up, stand tall, fight the fight of faith, run the race. Vow to be better, work harder, and be ready at all times to place your:


As millions of Christians and patriots have in times past. Pray my fellow Americans that Pastors, Christian leaders, lawyers, doctors and businessmen, White, Black and Latino will stand up as Christians and defend. America desperately needs that. In so many ways, there has been an America as we are told by Francis A. Schaeffer that in Christendom and its leadership, there has been a:


And that must end, end now and forevermore.

Even if America lurches to the left, even if radicals and those anti–American prevail, there is opportunity, different, more challenging and certainly more difficult. But it is there nonetheless to champion the faith, and the freedoms of this great country. We will be called upon as citizens and Christians to respond to a much higher responsibility, with more work, more doing, a harder life in every way. Then, the mettle of our character and our faith will be surely tested and the cost, the true cost of standing for the Gospel will be demanded. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to fight the fight of faith? We the people of THE BOOK and the scriptures can never again take our freedom of religion for granted.

I pray for this great country. I pray for you and yours, your family, friends and those you love and for all Americans. We have always been one nation under God, striving to be indivisible, striving as well to provide liberty and justice for all. We have done all of that within the structure of our great republic. Now we say with Ben Franklin of old:


What becomes of America in our hands, with our votes, with our actions. Who are we and will we be as a people and what will become of our great country. Those are questions now eternal, challenges to each of us forevermore. There is much to be done before we can really honestly and sincerely ask that:


I do hope and pray that you voted and that you voted for an America under God, moral, with character to be led by people who believe the same. We have always been the world’s leader, a shining city on the hilltop. I pray with all my heart we stay that way.

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