Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

American Good

Dark times in America, are they not my fellow Americans?

It seems like everything that emanates currently from Washington D.C., at least from the so called general media, is negative, critical, defiant. Little if anything is good. Most things should be changed, including and especially our values, our principles and even our very liberties. There are constant threats to our lifestyle, to the democratic life we now enjoy and even to our constitutional rights to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Polls show that we the people are worried, concerned and even FEARFUL FOR THE FUTURE. But where the darkness grows deeper, the light shines brighter.

We the Crawford Broadcasting Company publicly and proudly state our mission to:


And with all our might, our resources, and especially the committed people – partners who with us have dedicated their lives to these twin purposes. Our primary purpose is to serve God, that is the Christian God, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ and we will do so proudly and unabashedly. But at the same time, we are proud Americans. We love and believe in our country and we will do our very best to protect and defend what we think is the greatest nation on earth and for many of us, the greatest nation in history. We recognize that problems exist and we are active in correcting them as we hope and pray you are. But there is more good, far more good in America than this great country gets credit for. FAR MORE GOOD! There are dedicated men and women by the millions who are determined, purposeful, great humanitarians investing their lives to better mankind.

In the world of orthopedics, there is the great organization HOSPITAL FOR SPECIAL SURGERIES (HSS), its primary location in New York City but with branches elsewhere. It is clearly the leader not only as a hospital, but for the very best of doctors, nurses and support staff and research and development. From the neck to the toes, this great group of medical experts can perform the very best in the world. In fact, people come from all over the world for their services and surgeries. I know firsthand. I was operated upon by the former SURGEON IN CHIEF one Todd Albert. There is none better. When it comes to the care of the human body, the orthopedics, the skeleto–structure which God has created, we can thank God for HOSPITAL FOR SPECIAL SURGERIES.

And then there is a wonderful organization in Bucks County Pennsylvania, MEALS ON WHEELS. Even in that affluent county, there is the hungry and homeless. This good organization feeds the hungry daily and we the Crawford Broadcasting Company are proud to support them. That of course is our biblical admonition to do so and we do it gladly as perhaps you do where you live. Hungry and homeless is a serious problem in so much of America today. Even though there is wealth and abundance in so many places, there is poverty and hunger in so many others. We think it is our duty as Americans to provide for those who cannot feed themselves and we are proud to be partners with this great organization MEALS ON WHEELS. Old and New Testaments strongly advise that we care for them.

And then there is another great organization serving America MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER (MRC). This good organization stands for truth, media objectivity and is very active in making certain that the now well–known prejudice and bias of the organizations Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and others are held accountable for their radical progressive bias directed toward conservative and Christian – religious groups. The founder and leader of MRC is one Brent Bozell, one fiery, dynamic, committed and purposeful man who is determined with his coworkers to expose and beat back this prevalent bias, these media attacks, the disingenuous information spread by immoral people in the era of POST TRUTH and return the media and the press to its original purpose of objective reporting, factual reporting and the news as it actually happens and not in editorial fashion. This great group, WATCHDOGS, really watchmen and women on the walls of America are everywhere in America, worthy of your interest and support. In a world of ever-growing bias, we the people must support good, active, aggressive organizations like MRC and we urge you to do so.

And then there is the ACLJ, AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW AND JUSTICE, another good and strong organization. The leader and founder is one Jay Sekulow, a brilliant man, legalist, strong thinker and political activist. Sekulow is a Trump advisor, active in that administration and in so many conservative causes. We are proud to have the Sekulow and ACLJ program Jay Sekulow Live! on our various CBC stations and we urge you to listen and support them. They do so many good things for conservative, traditional, democratic, freedom–loving America and Sekulow and company are determined that our constitutional rights and freedoms shall not only survive but prosper and grow.

And then there is the great American organization JUDICIAL WATCH. In some ways, this good organization may be the best of its kind, the most effective and influential. Judicial Watch is a watchdog organization deeply concerned with protecting constitutional rights, and the rule of law and in fact all things legal and judicial. The organization is headed by one Tom Fitton, a brilliant man, passionate and committed America determined that no one, NO ONE is above the law. No one believes Judicial Watch should get away with illegal conduct and no one should be able to break the law without penalty and punishment because of stature, position, political influence or wealth. Judicial Watch is an active antagonist of the world’s most evil man GEORGE SOROS, monitoring and legally exposing so many of the organizations which Soros has founded and funded. Judicial Watch constantly brings lawsuits, demands for government information (FOIA) and otherwise exposing those who are hidden and protected by political processes and of course the progressive media. The more powerful the person, the more active Judicial Watch. We the Crawford Broadcasting Company are proud to support Judicial Watch financially and with our programming for we believe Tom Fitton and his great organization are passionate and committed Americans. Perhaps no organization in America protects and defends our beloved constitution more so and better than Judicial Watch.

And then there is Alzheimer’s disease. Ravaging, ever-growing, killing and without cure. This horrendous disease destroys the brain, slowly, painfully until it eventually kills. America has finally awakened to the reality of Alzheimer’s and we the people are now more active than ever in research and treatment. This killer has affected precious individuals in our company and among our family and friends. To watch this disease slowly kill day by day, knowing there is no cure, is sickening and painful. We the Crawford Broadcasting Company through our non–profit corporations are proud to support the efforts of the Dallas Chapter against Alzheimer’s, the effort known as Michael’s Marchers. One excellent work, and as well, the Buffalo chapter which is equally aggressive, expert and competent in attacking and attempting to find CURE for this satanic process. Alzheimer’s disease has surely affected each of you, whether family, friends, associates and we hope you like us support organizations in the area where you live dedicated to the cure of this insidious disease.

And then there is Family Research Council (FRC). Here then is another great organization active legally, and creating public awareness about the insidious political changes in America. All of us have heard I am sure about the so called DEEP STATE. In our very own federal government, in Washington D.C., there are bureaucrats and other political workers at every level of government who are entrenched, civilly protected, in essence jobs for life with radical political ideas ready at any turn to implement the policies and political wishes of the most radical of politicians. In the trenches and at all levels of federal agencies, these individuals are indeed the fourth branch of government, in some ways every bit as powerful as the House, the Senate or even the President himself, ready at all times to find ways to implement those policies whether legal or not or to defy the demands and commands of those with whom they disagree. They can delay, these deep–staters can, litigate or cause to be litigated whenever they wish to the detriment of the American people. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Tony Perkins, the leader and President of Family Research Council is one good man, active in the pursuit of justice, exposing, attacking and litigating in so many ways for the protection of democracy and constitutional America and we the Crawford Broadcasting Company through our non–profit organization proudly support this good man and this great group. Men like Tony Perkins, Tom Fitton and Jay Sekulow and women like Sally Pipes and so many others are great Americans so worthy of our prayers and support. More than ever, America needs us, you and me, WE THE PEOPLE to stand up, become active, work for these great organizations, offer our time, expertise or money. It is our civic duty to do so.

There is not an American anywhere who cannot do SOMETHING. If you have no money, you can offer time and your services to these great organizations serving America where you live. Virtually all would welcome such an offer. Or, you could offer your expertise. Perhaps you are a lawyer and can offer a service pro bono. Or a plumber, or electrician, or a carpenter. Your services are valuable. Or a teacher, an artist. Or a housewife and mother. No matter who are you, YOU CAN DO SOMETHING! Time, expertise or money. Or in some cases, all three! But America needs you whoever you are and wherever you are now more than ever. In the some two and one half centuries in which this great country has existed, there has never been a time in our history when our great country has been threatened by so many evil forces and in so many ways in need of so much. We will survive and continue to prosper as a nation if you and I step up and do more, more than we are now, more that America needs. Whether the right–thinking organization exists to serve GOD OR COUNTRY, or both, help them. Do for them. Work for them. Pray for them. Give to them.

They and America need you now more than ever.

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