Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


Secularism advances.

Everywhere, sentiment grows anti-religious. There are prejudices and attack against the Christian church everywhere. And Judaism. Anti-Semitism is very much on the rise. Spiritual things are in disrepute and disrespect. Anti-God voices want God and all things religious out of political and civic life, on the periphery or gone all together. The God is dead or should be movement has never been more aggressive in its commitment.

With that movement comes the erosion and even gradual disappearance of JudeoChristian values, standards and morals. They were from the beginning the pillars of our society. Judeo-Christian values established structure, guidance. They let our citizenry know right from wrong. Those standards required conduct which made our country great. They were lasting, eternal values and they permeated all things political, economic, social and cultural in our great country. The concepts and meaning of the Ten Commandments, Torah at work, were fundamental. But now, they are moved aside, or ignored, or without meaning even to some Jews and Christians. Secularism runs rampant and tramples everything under its aggressive thrust. Everything!

Soon, these standards will be gone. Gone in so many ways forever. But then, what? The question for us Americans is:


What standards will we have? How will we interact with each other socially and how will we punish those who hurt us criminally? What will we do?

We are a people committed to freedom. It is deep in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and all public documents and exhortations regarding our great country. All of them. Freedom is so critically important to us. But without those Judeo-Christian standards, freedom becomes corrupt. Freedom turns into license, the so-called right of the individual to do whatever he or she wants. There is no right but only what is right for me. There are no absolutes. We put personal conditions upon standards, even laws. We interpret for ourselves, and we interpret away the demand of all things right and wrong. We are ready to compromise any such standards at any time for our best interests. So it seems in America.

There is little sense of duty. It is all about rights and more rights. We have lost the understanding that there is no right anywhere which is not subject to a correlative duty to society and to others. The greater the extent of anything right, the more rights there are, the larger the duty. Freedom requires that we have real duty to society, our fellow mankind, our citizens and neighbors. Oftentimes, that duty should be even greater than the right. If it is right for us, then it is right for all and it is our duty to make certain that all men and women have the rights we hold dear.

Many great thinkers believe that no society can function well or even survive without a strong moral code, without religion. WITHOUT GOD! No society they believe can survive without a belief in something far greater than mankind and the societies and governments we invent. We need as human beings to believe in God. We need to believe in the standards of right and wrong as revealed by our God. There are indeed things in this universe which are absolute, unchanging, eternal whether or not we have eyes to see. We need now more than ever to understand that universal good and to structure our society and each individual life accordingly. America is done without those old, traditional, and right values, morals and standards. We need to resurrect the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ back into out society at every level, including and especially government. The faster we move God out, pronouncing dead, the faster our society will head for the graveyard of civilizations dead and gone.

How shall we live? Men and women of faith must stand up and seize the day. If they are in fact men and women of faith and believe in things moral and spiritual. We who believe cannot be marginalized or eliminated from the dynamics of our society. WE MUST LEAD. We must defend the right to religion, the constitutional right to worship and believe, the constitutional right to champion the values of Judaism and Christianity, and in fact all religions. PEOPLE OF FAITH MUST LEAD THIS COUNTRY! We need to return our great nation to a sense of duty. We need to move from license and licentious living back to true freedom. Freedom which can only come from God and for Christians, from the Christ of Glory. Simply put, we as a nation must affirm:


Fully and completely. We need, Americans do, a moral revival. We need a spiritual revival. We need individuals on fire, faith alive, revival everywhere. We need the joy of faith in our society, the joy of belief, the true joy of true spirituality. One by one, we the people alive in our faith, reaffirming our values and morals, can change America. THAT is the change that America needs. Not a change in a political system, or decision making, but in THE HEART. One man at a time. One woman at a time.


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