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Don Crawford

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American Values

Recently, a poll was conducted by the Wall Street Journal. To the extent it was accurate and representative, the poll contained some very interesting and alarming statistics.


The poll revealed that only:




Of Americans say that patriotism is:




That alarming statistic, my fellow Americans, that incredibly low percentage is down from that of 1998 which at that time was:




38%, only somewhat more than 1 out of 3 Americans think that patriotism, loyalty to and belief in the one-of-a-kind America is very important. That to me is shocking. Are you one of those 3 or are you one of the 2 out of 3 who really don’t think that patriotism matters that much? How sad, rather how tragic is this lack of loyalty and commitment to the greatest nation in the history of humankind.


Small wonder we are adrift as a nation, deeply divided, woke to the point where this new way of thinking is destroying everything once assumed to be American, and in danger of losing our very country itself.


President Thomas Jefferson once said that America from time to time needs to be

REFRESHED, the tree of liberty did with the blood of real patriots. That is, we true Americans should be willing to fight for our country and our freedom if necessary. But if only 1 out of 3 of us really care about and believe in America, the other two and their different way of thinking will certainly prevail. The America we have known and loved and lived in for almost 250 years will be gone with the wind.


This Wall Street Journal poll also found that only about 40% of all Americans believed that religion of any kind was:




Two out of five Americans only, 2 OUT OF 5 believed that religion, that broad and allinclusive word was very important to them. That lack of belief was literally unbelievable!


Twenty-five years ago, 2 out of 3 Americans, some 65% believed that religion was VERY IMPORTANT to them. Now, says this poll, only 2 out of 5 Americans believe that instead of 2 out of 3. Small wonder, my fellow Americans and Christians, that theologians predict the END TIMES and surely the end of America as we know it.


Further, found the poll, only 27% of Americans said that their community was VERY IMPORTANT to them, a percentage down from 62% in 2019. Don’t you find that unbelievable, as I do? Similarly, tolerance for other people, the poll found, was very important to 80% of Americans just four years ago. Today it is, says the Wall Street Journal, just 58%!


Twenty-five years ago it was normal, expected that Americans would feel pride in their country. Proud of America was the normal belief of the vast majority of WE THE

PEOPLE. We were, America was, the country unrivaled, a dominant force in the world. We were proud of our ancestors, our history, our constitution, our rule of law. But now, woke and radically progressive teaching, teaches our children that America was founded in “sin” and essentially irredeemable. If children, become adults, are taught to believe that there is little or nothing good in our history and our past, that America is irredeemably evil, small wonder that so many Americans do not feel a proud and aggressive sense of:




For example, trans-gender extremists recently called for a:




in America. Politician Marjorie Taylor-Greene recently insisted that the Untied States must break up, blue states divorced from red. That is simply just another way of saying that America is hopeless, irredeemable and must be destroyed or at least divided. I hope that you are aware of these incredibly satanic forces at work in our country, that you resist and defend whenever you can, and that you are proud of and willing to fight the fight of faith as necessary as the radical changes in America predicted by Barack Hussein Obama, the incredibly evil George Soros and others occur and grow every day. Our, YOUR future is at stake.


And yet another Wall Street Journal finding. Only 23% of American adults said that having children was very important to them. Less than 1 out of 4! Stunned at that finding, I discussed the finding with a very intelligent and bright woman who said to me point blank:





Conservatives are silenced. They keep quiet out of fear of losing their jobs and other retribution from woke-progressives-radicals. Conservatives fear being shut out of advancement opportunities at work, mistreated by co-workers and bosses and even fired for voicing their beliefs. Censorship is everywhere. It affects everything and everyone.


The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) reported that 88% of fouryear colleges and universities now restrict the free expression of their students.


The New York City Teachers Union sponsors a virtual workshop on fighting against the, are you ready for this:




The bottom-line objective of course is the vague and misleading:




I suppose it is not good today to be white, is it? It seems as though every other skin color matters except white. I, for one white, politely and passionately disagree!


What a world! There seems to have been such radical change in values, morals, ethics and beliefs in our great country and the world at large. We are, my fellow Americans, like it or not, engaged in a spiritual, political, cultural and historical warfare like never before which threatens to tear our country apart and even destroy it. I am no prophet of doom, but a realist, I see what is happening as I am sure you do, knowing that there are so many who have no hope for this great country.


I DO! I still believe the majority, perhaps the vast majority of Americans, are patriotic, are religious, and I hope that means Christian-Born-again, care about community and their fellow brothers and sisters and would count it an honor to bear and raise Godgiven children. I have that hope because I have:




in the risen savior:



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