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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

America’s Top 10 Political Issues

Now comes in some seven weeks the most important political election America has ever faced, by far.

The future of our great country hangs in the balance.  The essential question for we the people to answer is whether or not we wish to continue our drift into socialism, so carefully advanced by Obama and his Administration and sure to be carried on by Clinton or whether or not we want to begin the return, THE CHANGE BACK to the America of old, traditional America built on capitalism.  Less or more government.  More or less government control over our lives.  The full protection of our Constitutional Rights or the continuing watering down, evisceration of those rights, and so many others.  How will you vote, my fellow American.  HOW will you vote and for whom?  That vote of yours will clearly define who you are and what you believe now more than ever.

Our company the Crawford Broadcasting Company has prepared what we think are the Top 10 political-election issues which we will face and decide in November 2016.  That solid care-for-America thinking was put together by so many CBC caring employees who have vowed to STAND UP for America and for GOD AND COUNTRY.  These men and women are true patriots.

THE FIRST AMENDMENT: RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES.  That we believe is ISSUE ONE.  The freedoms granted to we the people by the First Amendment including Freedom of Religion, of Press, of Assembly and of course SPEECH, including religious speech are the highest and best freedoms of any free man or woman.  All unbelievably are under attack.  All religions and especially Christianity are indeed attacked from every side.  Freedom of Speech without qualification, including so-called HATE SPEECH unconditionally guaranteed by the Constitution as a fundamental right of the people now becomes regulated (abridged) and there now exists that ominous label HATE SPEECH which can be used by enemies of free speech to punish, discipline, restrict or even eliminate contrary speech of almost any kind.  New restriction laws federal and state are proposed every day.  That is especially so with regard to the Gay Agenda, the LGBT movement.  To disagree and to say so is hate, and therefore punishable.  To proclaim the Gospel publicly can often have the speaker arrested.  Russia makes it a crime to do so.  England and especially London arrest street preachers.  Social Media labels anyone intolerant, bigoted, homophobic and hateful who criticize his LGBT, transgender, or any so-called alternative lifestyle:



The battle between the First Amendment freedoms and religion progresses and aggressively so.  Freedom of Religion is on the wane, more carefully circumscribed than ever.  Religion is removed from the marketplace, the Public Square, shunned and ridiculed, and the God of the Universe with it.  Religion, religious thought and speech should be confined to the church, internally so many not of faith think.  Any concept of God is out, passé, mythological and gradually turning UN-AMERICAN more so than ever.  To suggest that a man or woman is in need of salvation, a turning point in life, reform and regeneration, change in values or lifestyle can now be regarded as HATE SPEECH.  The Ten Commandments are viewed as nothing more than platitudes and certainly without legal and even moral effect, irrelevant in today’s ANYTHING-GOES society.

We the Crawford Broadcasting Company stand unconditionally for the freedoms of the First Amendment and especially RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS.  We believe as the Constitution so strongly states that all such First Amendment rights are in fact UNCONDITIONAL!  No laws can legally be made to restrict them.  Congress and by implication the states have no right to change or make laws restricting those rights.  They shall forevermore be:


So we believe.

NUMBER TWO-SUPREME COURT NOMINEES.  The Crawford Broadcasting Company believes that the right, the power to nominate any proposed Justice for the United States Supreme Court is perhaps the most powerful right of a President.  Those nine men and women, those justices so-called, have more power to affect the lives of WE THE PEOPLE than any other, and in fact all political others.  The Senate now supposedly controlled by the Republicans can be a modifying, ameliorating effect on the appointment of any Justice by Hillary Rodham Clinton, and of course temper, advise and consult with respect to any appointment by Donald Trump. If however the Senate turns Democrat in the majority and Clinton is elected, any justice appointed by her will be assuredly liberal, progressive and perhaps even radical.  Trump on the other hand may be expected to appoint a justice somewhat more conservative so as to maintain a certain balance of thought and action within Supreme Court Justices at work.

The Supreme Court, nine in number now consists of eight justices.  The vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia, one great jurist, now has Merrick Garland proposed as an Obama nominee.  Should Clinton be elected, that may change.  Should Trump be elected, that nomination will surely change.  Who do you wish to have as the ninth justice and more importantly, who do you wish to make that appointment, Clinton or Trump?

In the next four years, there can be as many as three new justices appointed by the President to the Supreme Court.  The one is certain.  But there is the ever-aging of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Clarence Thomas and even Justice Anthony Kennedy.  If any were to retire or pass away, the next President could in fact appoint as many as FOUR NEW SUPREME COURT JUSTICES!
The court would be radically different, undoubtedly more liberal, undoubtedly providing judicial force and the force of law to virtually any progressive legislation.  Your vote for Clinton or Trump will either radically change the political and social landscape of America, or allow it to have at least some balance, some preservation of traditional America and the denial of any progressive or even radical legislation.  With this critical issue at stake, who will you vote for:


NUMBER THREE-THE ECONOMY: EMPLOYMENT.  We the Crawford Broadcasting Company regard this issue as the third most important and pressing in America.  Since the recession of 2008, our economy has hardly recovered.  It is stagnant, with little dynamic growth and highly uncertain for the future.  We function economically as a country because our federal reserve has controlled our money, established the federal government as the great economic protector and of course controller and much of capitalism has been reigned in.  Interest rates are at an all-time low, even negative in some cases. That is, wealth depositors must actually pay banks to hold their money.

Employment is stagnant.  Wages are even more stagnant.  There are layoffs and cutbacks everywhere.  Companies move overseas to escape onerous American taxes.  Unions battle management and ownership seemingly with more aggression.  Class warfare reigns.

Far too many Americans have withdrawn from the labor force.  They find no work commensurate with their skills or ability.  So many Americans work part-time, or hold down two jobs, or work in jobs out of their field or expertise, and in so many cases for far less money.  Our tax code needs a serious overhaul, structured in such a way that it can not be used as a political tool.  Whether Corporate or individual, tax rates are high, often unfair and all the rhetoric about the so-called MIDDLE CLASS or the poor, those living at or below the so-called poverty line is virtually meaningless.  The federal government daily becomes the great provider, and controller and our once great economy with the employment it once offered suffers greatly.  We desperately need, we think, economic revival.  Who would you rather make those critical economic decisions in the next four years:


NUMBER FOUR-TERRORISM.  We the Crawford Broadcasting Company think that terrorism, symbolized by the barbaric ISIS is the next issue of greatest concern affecting America.  The times we live in are dangerous, explosive.  Terror and the threat thereof is everywhere, the world over, including our very own country.  It used to be that terrorism was:


Somewhere else, brutal and barbaric acts which never really affected much less happened in America.  Our country is now more than ever subject to terroristic attacks, large and small.  Whether lone wolves or organized groups, militant, jihadist Islam whether in the form of ISIS or some other terror group is always at work, always a threat.  Obama and his Administration do not take seriously enough or deal with terrorism as they should, so think so many Americans.  Our military is watered down, Homeland Security seems ineffectual in so many ways, only increasing the imminent danger from terrorism to our great country and WE THE PEOPLE.  We think that Homeland Security, and in fact the efficacy of our military forces should be ramped up, increased so that our great country is ALWAYS on the watch.  Terrorism is war and we think that terrorists and terrorism should be dealt with in military fashion.  Who do you want to trust to protect America and deal with terrorism-ISIS for the next four years:


NUMBER FIVE-ABORTION.  We think life, the right to life, pro-life and all of human life God-created is a critical issue for our country.  Abortion rights expand and seem fully protected. PLANNED PARENTHOOD and all that it means, other similar organizations and thinking rule the day.  The Obama Administration, led and championed by a so-called Christian President foster abortion, governmental support and payment for this brutal act, challenge Christian principles and especially the Catholic Church and all things supposedly PRO-CHOICE!  It seems to matter not whether abortion starts with the MORNING-AFTER pill or occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy, even in some cases at the actual birth process.  Abortion, so say the Obama-ites and all like him is Constitutional (Roe v. Wade), an absolute right and pro-lifers should forsake the debate, give up the cultural war and move on.  We say:


We will fight the abortion battle now and forevermore.  It is immoral, should be illegal and it is in fact the rank killing of an unborn human being.

Who do you want to make decisions, issue EXECUTIVE ORDERS regarding the horrific act of abortion for the next four years:


Constitutional First Amendment freedoms, including Freedom of Religion.  Supreme Court Nominees.  The Economy and Employment.  Terrorism, ISIS and Homeland Security.  And, ABORTION.  We the Crawford Broadcasting Company regard these election issues as most critical, most important, most determining for the future of this great country and WE THE PEOPLE.


What are the top, the most important election issues for you in November 2016?

What do you really believe?

What kind of American are you?

And so, my fellow Americans, as a result of your thinking, your beliefs, your value system:




The future of America like never before depends on that person, our next four-year President.

For whom, for whom will you vote:


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