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Don Crawford

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Anti-Semitism and the Jews



When anything goes wrong, when any world problem occurs, some individuals, ethnicities or nations will always find the Jews at fault.


Jew hatred is as old as civilization itself. Jews were always regarded as a peculiar people, separated and segregated, subject to physical abuse even torture and of course killing with impunity. They were almost never at fault but that never mattered. When in doubt:




History records what happens to the Jews in the period 1937-1945. Nazi Barbarism fed by the maniac Adolf Hitler slaughtered more than 6 million Jews. Gas chambers at Dachau Buchenwald and others ran 24 hours daily killing innocent human beings by the hundreds of thousands. By 1948, when the Jewish state of Israel was established in the historical homeland of the Jews, the Jews vowed the end of Jewish persecution and the motto was adopted:




Never again. They built the nation of Israel, turn to the nation into a democratic society, a technological leader, built a military with nuclear fire power living side by side with 1.8 million Arabs, and in peace, protecting the rights of all, including every minority whether ethnicity or religion. Israel was known by those objectives as a giving, caring, humanitarian nation and for a time Anti-Semitism was on the wade. Now, unbelievably and unfortunately:




And back in a new form and vengeance.


Jew haters in London, England produced a placard at a FREE PALISTINE MARCH in London, which pictured an image of Jesus Christ at one of the stations of the cross. Underneath that image were the words:




Them of course refers to the Jews and the alleged ancient killing and crucifixion of Jesus 2,000 years ago. That placard and its message is not atypical but represents Anti-Semitic feeling, even actions and ostracizing the world over, and now perhaps even especially in our own country. Jew haters revived the old notion of blood libel. The haters revived the old notion that Jews secretly control the world. They now begin to refer to the Jews, these haters do as:




Its back, Anti-Semitism is and with a vengeance and the message once again to the descendants of Abraham is clear:




Israel, an instinctive and intuitive country, well aware of this newly revived Anti-Semitism continues to strengthen its military might. It has nuclear power and weapons and under the right circumstances will use them. It operates under the motto:




Harm done to Jews or the nation of Israel will result in immediate, forceful and often lethal retribution. Israel is surrounded on every side by enemies including Lebanon, Syria, now Jordan, and Egypt to the south and of course Iran and even Iraq, and Turkey farther north. Other Arab states are openly hostile. They are ready for war but they know war with Israel would produce unbelievably disastrous consequences for their own nation. They wait for now but the day will come when open warfare with Israel will happen.


Our very own Bible reminds us in Old Testament Prophecies including and especially the book of Daniel and of course the New Testament Revelation that the battle of Armageddon will come when nations from four corners of the earth will rise up and march on Israel for the purpose of destruction. Many biblical scholars believe that day is near. When it comes, says scripture, there will be a military bloodbath like the world has never seen. That will be part of the END TIMES, the last days. But this so-called final battle will in fact occur and again it will be the most brutal barbaric battle in human history.


Interestingly, the progressive left, essentially the democrats now see Anti-Semitism as an “acceptable racism.” They do so by indifference, doing nothing about it and in many cases not even recognizing it exists. Arab activists regard the nation of Israel as a land belonging to them and now occupied illegally by Jews. In fact, they refer openly to Israeli land as OCCUPIED TERRITORY. It is fool hardy to think that Arabs would be interested in an Arab state side-by-side with the nation of Israel, when in fact, the Arabs want every Israeli and Jew buried at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. That is the ultimate goal.


There is as well the revival of BDS:




Against of course the nation of Israel. There should be no investment in the Israeli economy and companies nor should there be any purchasing of Israeli goods and services. That movement now gains traction. Witness BEN AND JERRY’S ice cream company which now refuses to sell products to Israel and the West Bank. Many, right thinking people turn the tables and boycott Ben and Jerry’s, divest stock holdings in that prejudiced company and refuse to purchase their products. Economic turnabout is fair play. But BDS still grows worldwide, and it is an evil force to be reckoned with.


But there is some hope, there now comes the ABRAHAM ACCORDS. Gulf states including Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia among others now have formal relations with Israel or are beginning talks for cooperation both militarily and economically. There is fear of Iran and even Russia and a new Arab awakening begins to occur which in effect now no longer recognizes the old Anti-Semitism.


By the way, Jesus of Nazareth, the man, the centrality of Christianity was a JEW. A real Jew, born, bread and died a Jew. Never forget that as you carry on with Christianity and your worship of JESUS CHRIST.


What are your feelings about the Jews? Do you harbor some Anti-Semitism, conscious or latent? As you examine your own beliefs and feelings, you should remember that the Jews were and are:




When you think in terms of your reactions to the nation of Israel, you should remember that God promised this land to them even from the Nile River in Egypt to the great Euphrates River in Iraq a mammoth piece of territory. And from a biblical standpoint, ISRAEL BELONGS TO THE JEWS. That historical right began 3,000 years ago.


And never forget the biblical promise in Genesis that anyone who curses the Jews will be cursed by God and anyone who blesses the Jews will be blessed by God. To be Anti-Semitic is to be subject to the divine curse but to protect and defend God’s Chosen People is to experience the blessing of God. Blessing or curse which will it be for you? As you decide, we should always remember that this little nation has promised the world that the slaughter, killing and persecution of the Jews will happen:



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