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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


It’s back!


And it’s back with a vengeance. Especially so on college campuses. Vial, hateful, immoral, and un-American stuff, don’t you think?


At least the bible does. You do wrong, says the great God Jehovah, the great I AM to my people, my chosen people and you will surely pay:




Genesis clearly states. Provide Jewish blessing and I will bless you, says this very same God. So, we have a choice. Either God’s blessing as we bless Jews and Israeli’s. Or THE CURSE OF GOD if we do His Chosen People wrong! I choose blessing.


But why, why really is there so much hatred for the Jews, why? I never understood that, and I passionately disagree with that. The Jewish state of Israel and consequently Jews themselves are subject in so many ways worldwide to the movement BDS:






Economically, culturally, politically, and now with vengeance and irrationality:


In the world of education




Anti – Semitism flourishes in THE IVY LEAGUE! That led one Jewish person to say it should be renamed:




Jew hatred surely exists in many ways on college campuses. It is not only directed at the nation of Israel, the Jewish State but such hatred is directed against all Jews. Said one:




Why, one asks is there such a lack of public outrage and why do political and university leaders allow this hatred with its hate speech, supposedly unacceptable, to continue, why? If, said one, this hatred were directed toward Muslims or Catholics, or Blacks, or Italians, it would be condemned by the world of education and by all politicians. But no one seems to care if this vitriol is directed against Jews. Sort of reminiscent of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany some eighty years ago, don’t you think?


But universities and so much of education allows this anti – semitic rhetoric and even conduct (violence) to continue against the Jews. And that is wrong, so very wrong.


One Jewish person believes that one of the root causes is the hiring and promotion of Left – wing teachers and professors who offer WOKE ideas that condemn merit and any traditional view of history as evil. That is right. Jew hatred, anti – Semitism begins at the top of these universities, in the professorial class, elitists, irresponsible and unaccountable. These anti – semi professors are leaders in the stamping out of free speech on campus. Such speech complies with WOKE VALUES or it is disallowed. You can condemn Jews on the one hand but says another Jewish person:


“Do not criticize Palestinian student organizations. Otherwise, you are       ISLAMOPHOBIC.”


Said another Jew:


“I am so sick and tired of reading about an occasionally dealing with the rise of anti – Semitism.”


If black, gay, or Asian people or any other group for that matter were treated the same way, it would not be tolerated.


What a tragedy. It is even more tragic, in my view, because Christians do not stand up, do not rise to the defense of the Jews, GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE and a powerful voice, a strong political and educational voice is never heard as it should be. Christians have no problem speaking out against abortion. They – we confront biblical apostasy, and the infection of WOKE thinking and values into Christian theology. There is little acceptance of the gay lifestyle (LGBTQ) and again, the Christian voice and opposition is heard.


BUT, when it comes to the Jews, or the Jewish State of Israel, and the hatred, the hate speech, and the irrational opposition to all things Jewish occurs, Christians as a whole seem silent.  No matter the promise of the curse of the living God for those who do not RIGHT by his people, voices remain silent. Boycott them, divest all monies economically which benefit anything Jewish, and sanction them. The world cries out for inclusion, that is inclusion of all except:




That is wrong, dead wrong.


Fortunately, Arch Enemies, members of the Abraham Accords are burying old hatreds and animosities and finding ways to cooperate economically, in the world of technology, culturally and politically. They begin to realize that Arab and Jew must cooperate, must get along. They realize the old hatreds were nothing more than irrationality, unjustified and a new era of cooperation and working together must occur for the good of all.


But not so on college campuses. Anything Jewish remains anathema, subject to criticism, verbal attack and even physical and this vicious, satanic prejudice spreads. No one within university circles steps up to stem the tide. If they do, they are more than likely to be fired, themselves ostracized. So many of these anti – free speech and prejudiced universities are funded by federal and state monies. Those governments, those legislatures often turn a blind eye to what is happening. We can, we the Jews as one Jew has so well stated, really only depend upon ourselves in this day and age.


Well, that’s partially true. God’s chosen people can depend upon me to combat anti – Semitism with all my might. And you, especially if you are Christian, will you defend the same? I sure would prefer the blessing of God rather than an awful divine curse, wouldn’t you?


Anti – Semitism is wrong, satanic and must be stopped. I hope you will do what you can to put IT to rest once and for all.

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