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Don Crawford

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One of the most powerful, richest companies in all the world, Apple is.

The man who made it great passed away. Then came to Apple successor CEO Tim Cook. Cook is bright, some say brilliant and for what Apples is, Cook has led them on a growth path making this company more powerful than ever.

Recently, Tim Cook received the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) first ever Courage Against Hate Award for his work, in the words of the ADL, as a champion of unity, diversity and social progress. Earlier, in 2014 Cook as newly appointed CEO of Apple declared:

I’m proud to be gay.”

As he became the first openly homosexual CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Later, Cook said the following as he accepted the ADL Award against hate:

We believe the future should belong to those who use technology

to build a better, more inclusive and more hopeful world.”

Those words sound hopeful indeed for it is safe to say that all of us would like to use technology to make a better world, is it not?

But then, Cook went on to introduce the morality factor which describes his thinking and the philosophy of Apple in essence defining a new morality in this so-called era of post truth as follows:

I believe the most sacred thing that each of us is given is

our judgement, our morality, our own innate desire to

separate right from wrong.”

Note the words carefully. It is a sacred thing in the mind of Cook for each person to define their own morality (our morality). As we do, there is then no such thing as any morality ABSOLUTE but only the right and the wrong that we ourselves perceive. It is our judgement and that alone which counts. We the people, each of us individually is both judge and jury even as we follow the dictates of our own innate desire to separate right from wrong. In this world of ever-growing technology, we are the ones who separate right from wrong, no one else and without any absolute standards or morals such as the Ten Commandments. Can you imagine a society where every individual decides what’s right and wrong and there is no collective consciousness or agreement with respect to moral standards, can you? It would be utter chaos and there would be no law and order. Such a ruinous path would be the death and destruction of our society and our great nation.

Then Cook goes on to say something perhaps even more shocking:

Choosing to set that responsibility aside in a moment of

trial is a SIN”.

So that, the new technological morality, the standards for which are set by each and every individual, is the first priority of that individual and the society in which he lives and not to abide by that is a:


So, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple has added an 11th commandment to the Ten Commandments, the requirement that we follow our own desires in determining right and wrong. Think about Cook and his Apple philosophy the next time you use an Apple product.

In that acceptance speech before the ADL, Cook went on to advocate for more censorship on the internet and its social media platforms. In short, when Apple determines what it views as hate speech, all such content should be blocked and not have internet access. There’s now already a certain kind of shadow banning, the blocking of content put on the internet by conservatives and Christians and if the message of the Gospel and its definition of sin is viewed by Cook and Apple henchmen as hate speech, there will be more CENSORSHIP to come. Much more.

And, Christian leaders wonder who at Apple will be charged with making those blocking decisions and determining hate speech. At Facebook, there is such a panel of censors and it is comprised mostly of the younger generation (millennials) and those a bit older who are both liberal and progressive, and for the most part without any Christian or religious understanding or feeling. You can well imagine what content will be blocked at that level.

Listen further to the words of Cook as he rambles on politically correct but with the right ears to hear a clear message regarding morals and values. Cook says:

If we can’t be clear on moral questions, then we’ve

got big problems”.

In short it is the moral duty of Apple to define and promote their values and presumably anything which disagrees with those values should be regarded as hate speech and baulked. In that regard, Cook says:

At Apple, we are not afraid to say that our values drive

our CURATION decisions”.

But nowhere, as so many progressives are want to do, does Cook define what those values are, nowhere. Nor does he define the violence and hate with which he and his company are supposedly at odds and wish to block. Nowhere. If Cook is openly gay, then you can expect the culture at Apple to promote the gay agenda which would mean that right thinking Jews and Christians who honor the Torah and the admonitions of the New Testament with respect to homosexuality would be banned from putting content of any kind with respect to those issues on the internet. So much for free speech, Mr. Cook. The real sin at Apple and with him, is a total disregard for constitutional freedoms and the rights of the 1st Amendment with respect to freedom of speech. Cook has embedded that Apple philosophy in every smartphone and every other Apple product. Think of that the next time you spend money on anything Apple.

Cook actually believes that his-Apple’s customers want him and his company to do that. That is, censor and block. He then shines the apple by saying that it is the duty of Apple to:

Create experience from violence and hate, experiences

that value creativity and new ideas, the supposed desire

of Apple’s tens of millions of customers.”

Censorship of so much of things Christian and conservative is now happening. You can be sure that there will be more, much more to come as this newly authoritative speech censorship panel at Apple takes root. What a world, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians. More than ever, we should be on the watch for this kind of censorship and do everything possible to defeat it and make the COOK CULTURE at Apple known. The Cook and Apple values are politically correct to be sure but constitutionally corrupt.

Cook has announced that Apple plans to spend $4.2 billion on programming content in the next four years. We can only imagine what the messages of those programs will be. The Apple smartphones have been brilliant technological creations, good for humankind everywhere. Apple, think many, should stick to product production and not become judge and jury in terms of what its customers should think and believe, or speak and write. Apple, big as it is, should have even a higher duty to follow the Constitution and its mandates for freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

The moral stands of Scripture should be done away with, says Cook for they prevent individual judgement. But, recall the warning of Scripture in Judges 21:25 which states:

Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

Which divided the people and lead to their destruction. And, Solomon in Proverbs warned the following:

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is

the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12

So, if each of us exercises our own judgement with regard to morality, we can fully expect that the end consequences will be “the way of death.” Apple will go about the business of setting its own values and to be sure, under Cook’s administration, those values will “drive Apple’s CURATION decisions.” And you can be sure that Apple’s curation decisions will result in the excising and elimination of so much Christian and conservative content which can easily be regarded by young moral nihilists as speech which contains hate and violence. I for one do not intend to live by my own moral standards or judgement, my own values nor YOURS. I intend to live by the standards set in Scripture for right and wrong, good and bad with the help of the grace of God. I pray you do as well.

Perhaps you might wish to send an email, if you are still allowed, to Mr. Cook protesting this new breed of radical, progressive censorship. Perhaps you can tell him that you intend no longer to purchase Apple products. And, perhaps you would tell Tim Cook that he should return to his Southern Baptist roots, his Christian upbringing and champion the morality of his childhood. Then, the curation of the evils of this world, including the hate and violence he fears, would be discerned and dealt with by the God of Abraham and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Those are the right values and they, and they alone would make for a better world, don’t you think?

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