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Don Crawford

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Attacks (Part 1) – Faith, Family, Freedom

There is a very special organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of faith, and the family, and the freedoms we Americans enjoy under our Constitution. That organization is:


This good work is headed by a committed conservative and Christian, namely Tony Perkins.

President Perkins states that he and Family Research Council (FRC) are “boldly proclaiming truth against the ongoing attacks from the blatant liberal agenda.” They work, this good organization does in the heart of the nation’s capital, Washington DC and they probably proclaim themselves as the most influential Christian public policy organization in the country. There are, thank God, many other strong conservative and Christian organizations pursuing their calling, but this one, FRC does some very special things politically and culturally for the advancement of faith, family and freedom.

The Family Research Council is deeply concerned with what it regards as the radical attempt of the left to “tear down the structure of the family and undermine the role of parents.” They decry what FRC calls the bombardment of the family on all sides, from Hollywood, the news media, academia, social media among others. The liberal agenda at work is in opposition, says Perkins, to biblical truth. No matter, FRC sees a window of opportunity to protect and defend traditional American and Christian values and policies, supported for the most part by the Trump administration and recognizes a real opportunity to proclaim the gospel and defend religious liberty.

FRC wishes to educate, present strong information with the prayer and hope that believing Americans will stand up and fight the liberal agenda as they can, and support those organizations dedicated to these purposes. Perkins and FRC see that there is now a unique opportunity, God–Given to counterattack and defend and to work aggressively to counteract the radical, liberal – progressive tide “in such a time as this.”

Perkins and FRC identify what the organization terms the TOP 10 ATTACKS launched by the radical left against the family, American values and freedoms, and our Constitution. They are as follows.

  1. LATE–TERM ABORTION AND INFANTICIDE. Abortion has been the constitutional law of the land since 1973 when the infamous Supreme Court decision ROE V. WADE was decided. No matter that such decisions according to the constitution should be made by the states, the Supreme Court found somewhere somehow a newfound constitutional right for abortion buried somewhere indirectly and by implication in the constitution. Perhaps the justices of that time viewed abortion as something occurring in early term and to what one described as a mere fetus (not a human being). Since that time, tens of millions of these young human beings have been murdered by the scalpel and the murders (abortions) continue daily in America. In fact, many states have broadened the definition of abortion and the legal rights to kill on the part of the pregnant woman, her doctors and advisors. Now, that includes so called late–term abortion where right up to the very moment of birthing, that child, that human being can be killed just before exiting the womb. Anyone who has ever seen late–term abortion carried out, a killing of a virtually full born baby would be shocked and sickened. If there is any attachment to the womb, that baby can be killed with no legal consequences. Ironically, and unbelievably, if that baby were born alive, separated from the womb, the baby would be recognized as a human being with full rights to life and the killing of that baby would be legally regarded as murder. The hypocrisy and the twisted logic is just simply unbelievable.

In addition, there is INFANTICIDE. In some cases, states would allow the completion of an abortive attempt at abortion killing, and finalizing the murder of that infant after birth. Nothing is more brutal, inhumane or shocking. But radical progressives know no boundaries when it comes to pro–choice, none at all. Family Research Council see abortions as the most pressing cultural and moral problem in our society and I for one agree. There is now a conservative bent at the Supreme Court and should the abortion issue rise up to that level, there is some good chance that Roe v. Wade could be reversed or at least fundamentally changed. The present Supreme Court might decide that abortion is not in fact a constitutional right, should not be considered as such, and at least the issue and the decision making returned to the states. That would be no real satisfactory answer, but at least a start to prevent the MURDER OF INNOCENT BABIES. Support them, FRC, my fellow Americans and Christians as they take the lead in this moral fight.

  1. SEX EDUCATION AND PARENTAL RIGHTS. Family Research Council aggressively advocates at both the federal and state levels for parental rights when it comes to sex education. The organization is extremely active encouraging and equipping parents to use their authority and to educate children in sexual risk avoidance and to think in terms of sex as traditional and biblical, that is between one man and one woman and to honor biblical principles with regard to sex and marriage.

Radicals and progressives want sex education to be taken over by the government, by academia, by colleges and schools, and particularly elementary schools so that young children can be indoctrinated with a new morality when it comes to sexuality. This good organization fights that in every way possible and encourages parents to use their authority to equip their children with the right understanding. And, at the same time, to advocate in their community against ineffective and harmful curriculum that opposes biblical truth. I trust you agree and I urge you to help support this effort.

  1. LGBTQ AGENDA AND BIG BUSINESS. The act of political and cultural agenda of LGBTQ has become more radical, progressive and aggressive. It is somewhat shocking indeed that many of America’s largest companies have not only taken up this agenda, but have shown themselves to be fully compromised on family values. These corporations have thrown their weight and wealth behind these radical progressive causes. Target stores for example have allowed men to use women’s restrooms and dressing rooms and women the same if they wish. Amazon, a powerful current corporation has followed slavishly the anti-Christian SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER (SPLC) marching orders when it comes to certain Christian organizations. They have, for example, been banned, these Christian organizations from receiving donations from their SMILE program. Other types and kinds of conservative content have been eliminated (shadow-banned) and the same has occurred with Google, Twitter and Facebook. The freedom to inform and dissent must be protected and FRC is in the forefront of those newly energized conservative counter–attacks. Radical men and their companies, like George Soros, Tom Steyer, Mark Zuckerberg and even a Bill Gates adopt the progressive agenda whether directly or indirectly. Their attacks against conservative and Christian must be stopped, so says FRC and I for one agree. Do you?

  2. PORNOGRAPHY AND THE INTERNET. Family Research Council and Tony Perkins identify pornography as the fourth most threatening attack on the family and Christian culture. Pornography is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. FRC represents that porn comprises 30% of all data now being transferred across the internet. THIRTY PERCENT! This porn is readily accessible not only to adult men and women, but to youth, even young children. It is a trigger, a catalyst for promoting addiction to this evil resource. There are, thank God, many ministries and churches that provide education, counseling and advice with regard to this societal and spiritual disease, hopefully empowering people to break free from any kind of pornography addiction. We the Crawford Broadcasting Company fully support these efforts and we hope you do as well.

  3. DIVORCE AND FAMILY BREAKDOWN. Family Research Council states that the fifth most serious problem threatening our culture and the family today is divorce and family breakdown. Studies show, if even they are needed, that children do best when raised with a mother and father, female and male, who are committed to each other in a life long marriage. Interestingly, says FRC, the data also show that parental adults also thrive in this very same family structure, living better and healthier lives, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

But marriage, says FRC has been threatened by decades of divorce and out–of–wedlock cohabitation. Family Research Council advocates for pro–marriage policies that strengthen the family and build stronger communities, which in turn, says Tony Perkins, builds a stronger nation. Marriage has been radically changed. It was always a union between one man and one woman. Now, marriage can occur between two men, or two women as well as one man and one woman. Certain states may even allow polygamy, the marriage of more than one spouse, or at least turn a blind eye to the practice. The social upset, the domestic upheaval, the impact upon the psyches, values and spirituality of so many is unbelievably negative and harmful.

Train up that child, says the scriptures, in the ways of the Lord, the morality of the Judeo–Christian spiritual and cultural structure and they will grow healthy into maturity and as those mature adults, will not depart therefrom. FRC champions the return to those values, to marriage as it was and as it was ordained by God and asks that you do the same. Do you?

Abortion and Infanticide, Sex Education and Parental Rights, LGBTQ Agenda and Big Business, Porn and the Internet, Divorce and Family Breakdown are the top 5 threats, attacks upon the family, and faith and true freedom says Tony Perkins and the FRC. Do you agree?

But that is not all. There are five more ATTACKS, next week for us to consider.

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