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Don Crawford

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Attacks (Part 2) – Faith, Family, Freedom

There are attacks, more aggressive than ever, against faith, family and freedom. Aggressive attacks, without compromise, hateful and destructive against all things Judeo–Christian and conservative. As a result, there is the mission, the purpose of so many good conservative groups who are determined to stand up, and protect and defend faith, and the people of faith, and family, the traditional American – biblical family, and freedom, the freedoms of our beloved Constitution.

In the forefront, one of the best is:



This is one excellent entity, a strong and committed organization, with a leader equally passionate and purposeful, one Tony Perkins. Perkins and company are determined, passionately committed to counterattack these attacks against the family, and against the people of faith, and against our freedoms. And the warfare from Progressives, a radical left, a Democratic party turning more Socialist by the day is more threatening by the day.

Perkins and FRC have identified ten such attacks on faith, family and freedom. They include Late–Term Abortion and Infanticide, Sex Education and Parental Rights, LGBTQ Agenda and Big Business, Pornography and the Internet and Divorce and Family Breakdown. And there are more.

  1. SILENCE ON MORAL ISSUES FROM THE PULPIT. Perkins states that “the pulpit needs to be the place that brings clarity to moral issues.” But so many churches and Pastors are not. Churches and Pastors accommodate or compromise. Some ignore the issues totally. There are many Pastors who are intimidated, even threatened whether by the culture at large, or politically, or even within the church and its congregation itself. Moral right and wrong are simply not preached or taught, nowhere near like they should be. The right Pastor, led of the Lord, says Perkins challenges the congregation to moral purity. Too many Pastors, says Perkins, remain silent about the anti–biblical agenda in our culture. And, as such, the congregation is not exposed to the teaching, the clarity, the motivation to stand for the right and CULTURAL CREEP continues and Christian witness and influence are weakened. FRC encourages, and more, Pastors, Church Leaders and Christians of all stripes to be:


Observant. Harmless as doves but wise as serpents. Aggressive teaching and standards must occur from the pulpit, Pastors convicted and fired up by the Holy Spirit to stand for the right, THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL. America and the family need that now more than ever. Pastors, think FRC and so many others, can be compromised. Christian leaders once strongly evangelical now have experienced the new WOKE, morality and a gospel reinterpreted and reexplained in light of the current culture. And the church, once powerful and so culturally influential, lessens and so does its influence. This culture, says Perkins and company, must stand for the right, and stand up aggressively. I for one fully agree. Do you?

  1. HOSTILITY TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM ON SCHOOL CAMPUSES. There is, says Perkins, a growing hostility on school campuses to silence students who openly live out their faith. That is indeed occurring everywhere in academia, whether at the university – college level, high schools, even elementary schools. The young are threatened, intimidated, mocked and even physically abused as they attempt to “live out their faith.” Prayer is forbidden. Symbols of the Judeo–Christian faith when worn are often not allowed. Bibles are banned. Religious discussions are outlawed or relegated to certain ZONES AND TIME and generally required to occur off campus. Prayer at meals may be forbidden. Any negative discussions or disagreement with a pro–LGBTQ policy can result in serious punishment. The threat, says Perkins “to religious liberty is evident.” And is it ever.

    So fortunately, FRC and many other good organizations fight for freedom of speech, expression, assembly and perhaps most importantly, religion on deeply secular, hostile and hateful academic campuses. First amendment rights are being attacked, eliminated and the exercise thereof often forbidden. There is a STAND–UP now more than ever and the demand for free speech and the protection of first amendment freedoms any way possible. It is the absolute constitutional right of every student to openly express his or her faith anywhere at any time, so says the constitution. And, so says Family Research Council and Tony Perkins. I support them completely in this effort and I hope you do as well.

  2. MEDIA CENSORSHIP. Family Research Council states that it is estimated that 69% of American adults use social media every day, 7 OUT OF 10 AMERICANS DAILY! Social media has now become the primary way that we the people express our views and get information. We count on such media, social media to be open, fair, free and accessible to all and to all points of view. And, of course the often hypocritical internet companies claim to be open platforms for any and all discussions, especially political. Points of view, they say, can be publicized without fear of censorship or shadow–banning. But in actual fact, the opposite occurs. There is such banning and censorship, especially with regard to Christians and conservatives and the content they wish to publish. Censorship boards, common at Facebook, or Google, or Twitter ban, shadow–ban certain materials, especially those which are publicized by Christians and conservatives. No matter the constitution, these powerful, monopolistic corporations impose their own LIMITS TO FREE SPEECH. The power to suppress ideas is absolutely immense no matter how unconstitutional. The irony and the scary fact is that virtually all of these social media companies are liberal – radical – progressive and anti–conservative and often anti–Christian. That includes Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube and others. There is virtually unlimited freedom of speech as long as you are not Christian or conservative. FRC stands against this hypocrisy, this hateful, monopolistic unconstitutional way of doing business and is determined, with other organizations like Media Research Council to expose and change this incredible bias. I stand with them. Do you?

  3. LIBERAL VALUES PROMOTED IN HOLLYWOOD. Our country and the world know how liberal, how progressive Hollywood, the world of entertainment is. It is biased to the core. Hollywood is anti–conservative, anti–Christian, and anti–religion and faith in practice and as part of their product. Moral positions are denigrated and in current Hollywood:


And the more bizarre, the more anti–cultural, or anti–conservative or Christian, the better. Movies, says FRC, that “spread the truth about abortion” are anathema. Like the film GOSNELL which depicted the truth about abortion which Hollywood refuses to admit or agree with. Actor Dean Cain, responsible in many ways for the film Gosnell was harassed, ridiculed and called out for being intolerant by Hollywood elites. Hollywood is an industry corrupt, politically correct, antithetical to Christian and conservative values and only getting worse. I personally so very much appreciate the FRC and Perkins stand against the abuses of Hollywood. I hope and pray you do as well.

  1. ATTACKS AGAINST RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN THE MILITARY AND WEDDING VENDORS. The radical left, says Perkins, wants “people of faith to leave their biblical values at home or within the walls of their church.” No witness in public, say the Progressives and you should not be permitted to practice your biblical values in your work or in the marketplace. No matter such assertions are absolutely unconstitutional, often illegal and from a moral and spiritual standpoint dead wrong, the war of words and the spiritual warfare goes on, ramps up and becomes even more threatening and intimidating. If you bake for a living, and your faith prevents you from honoring and celebrating a gay marriage, the left wants you held legally liable, sued, silenced and forced to comply to current mores and morality. If you hold to the biblical definition of marriage in the military, or anywhere for that matter, the Progressives, the radical Progressives wants your employment terminated and your voice silenced. There is now an ever growing discipline, restrictive, unconstitutional and unbiblical in the military. FRC stands against that and I so highly commend them for their efforts. The Progressive attack is everywhere, sinister, unswerving, well financed, determined to win, angry and muscular and every conservative, and every Christian is in this fight, part of this battle like it or not. You have a choice my fellow Americans. You can stand up now in a proactive, aggressive way and fight the fight of faith, and family and freedom like FRC and Perkins do, fight it hard and aggressively NOW.

OR, you can wait, sit back, do nothing, read and talk until such time as everything you – we now take for granted, the sanctity of the family, the protection and on–going of our faith, and the freedoms we assume of speech, religion, assembly and press are eroded or taken away so that THEN, you are forced to react, to defend. At that time, which soon comes, what you can and will do may be so very:


Then what you took for granted, especially your freedoms, your way of life and lifestyle in America will have been lost, gone and:


You and I are in the fray, in the fight whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, or whether we are willing to take up the Judeo–Christian mantel and protect and defend what is right. Are you willing to do that? Will you stand, stand openly, aggressively, proudly and without intimidation, work for the right, the Judeo–Christian right? Do it now, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians, do it now, NOW for now is the time, NOW IS THE TIME to:


Just like Tony Perkins and Family Research Council.

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