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Bernie Sanders

Elections 2020 have already begun, don’t you think so my fellow Americans?

There are candidates everywhere. Fundraising is aggressive and early. Attack advertising, normally saved for early summer of election year is well underway already. Elections 2020 will be perhaps the most bitter, hard fought, partisan and nasty elections in the history of our great country.

It appears as though Trump will be the Republican candidate for President although he may have token opposition. On the Democratic side, there were at one time as many as:


Running for the nomination for President of the Democratic Party. In reality, only three have a realistic chance. Those three are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. All the other candidates who remain are also-rans.

Recently, candidate Bernie Sanders published his version of the GREEN NEW DEAL. You should read what Sanders says my fellow Americans. It is startling and shocking. Sanders shows himself to be a full-bore socialist with even certain communist leanings. This Sanders Green New Deal has an historic price tag. Are you ready for this? The Sanders plan would cost the American people if fully implemented:


That would be ten times more costly than the plan of Joe Biden which, The Wall Street Journal says is “wild already.” By comparison, the total annual American economy is approximately $21 trillion and that my fellow Americans is what is so shocking. The Sanders plan would not only revolutionize our country, but bankrupt it in the process.

If Sanders were elected President, he pledges even now to declare a “national emergency” and push through what he calls “a wholesale transformation of our society.” In short, Sanders proudly boasts that he would do away with what our country has been for 250 years, and the culture, lifestyle, values and way of life we now enjoy. GONE WITH THE SANDERS WIND! Can you believe that? Read the plan for yourself my fellow Americans. What he proposes is downright scary.

To begin with, Sanders would switch electricity and transportation to 100% renewables and all of that by the year 2030. Can you imagine the impact of that?

President Sanders would ban all fracking. No more energy resources would be produced from shale, none at all.

He would ban drilling of any kind offshore and on all federal lands. That would eviscerate the ability of America to produce its own energy, especially oil and make our great country even more dependent upon foreign–supplied energy. He would also ban imports and exports of fossil fuels. If your home or business is now heated by oil, over and done with. And, President Sanders would cancel oil pipelines, even those already being built and halt the permitting of new fossil fuel extraction, transportation and put an end to the entire refining infrastructure. Any or all of that would cripple our great country.

And this radical socialist goes on. All nuclear power would be phased out. Sanders labels nuclear power a “false solution” with regard to American energy needs. Sanders would also ban all geoengineering and carbon capture. And then, with all of this at work, Sanders makes the unbelievable statement:

“We do not expect energy prices to spike.”

Why? Because the federal government is going to weatherize homes, electrify heating, and keep electricity prices stable. No matter all of that will cost trillions of dollars and by the way, the federal government will not be paying for that, WE THE PEOPLE will with the most oppressive taxes ever imposed on any citizenry. The Sanders plan would not revolutionize America. It would destroy it.

Next, Bernie Sanders goes after the railroads. He would require that they retrofit their “coal and oil bomb trains.” Coal and oil bombs! More trillions of dollars at work.

And then he goes after the targets he hates the most:


Sanders says that these companies have been driven by greed. No specification as to what kind of greed but he condemns them all. He accuses these energy companies of having “evaded taxes, desecrated tribal lands, exploited workers, and poisoned communities.” These companies and their executives and stockholders are not only greedy, but tax evaders and consequently criminals. Socially, they have exploited workers, and they have poisoned communities with fossil fuel remnants. All of this says Sanders amounts to CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. As a result, President Sanders (horrifying thought) would order his Justice Department to pursue the fossil fuel industry “just as the federal government did with the tobacco industry.” Fines would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars and many of these executives would spend time behind bars. They have, these executives, already been tried and convicted by the new socialist – communist democratic President Bernie Sanders.

But Sanders sends a message to the workers in the fossil fuel industry, to show his humane side. Such workers would be given what he calls a “just transition.” Even though the industry in which they have worked has been destroyed and their jobs and careers taken away, these workers no matter what they did, including nothing would be given a five year guarantee of the wages they now make. The government would pay for that with of course our very own taxes and much more of them. In addition, every worker would be guaranteed the government payment of a four year college education on top of the wage guarantee, yet more trillions of dollars. And one more. If any of these workers so desire, they would receive full “early retirement support” for those who do not want to work. But in case any do, Sanders and his federal government would go about the business of creating 20 million new jobs which would be available primarily and with priority to these workers.

Sanders then states that he would “lead the planet in a wholesale shift away from militarism.” In short, wars would end. The Sanders Administration would redirect the trillions of dollars now spent on what he calls “misguided wars and weapons of mass destruction.” Any industry which produced military products or services would be eliminated, destroyed and all the jobs with that. No matter that America might be completely vulnerable to foreign attack, and wars would go on, the Sanders America would not be involved. Then, Bernie Sanders naively says, all those funds, and efforts and expertise would be directed toward climate change. It almost sounds ridiculous, even comical were it not for the fact that Sanders the socialist with communist leanings is absolutely serious.

And Sanders is by no means done. The Sanders federal budget would devote $2.2 trillion to help small businesses and families in the task of “weatherizing and retrofitting.” More crushing taxes.

Two point one trillion dollars in federal funds from our taxes would be devoted to help companies and families “trade in their fossil fuel–dependent vehicles for new electric vehicles.” Every one of those “oil bomb” machines would be sent to the junkyard.

Six hundred and seven billion dollars would be spent for a “regional high–speed rail system.”

Five hundred and twenty–seven billion dollars of federal taxes would be devoted to the offering of “free, universal school meals.” Presumably if you go to school, any school at any level, the federal government would pay for everything you eat.

The Sanders Administration would also expand the food stamp program, again a considerable expense. Sanders believes that the cost of energy and food are inextricably intertwined and the federal government must control both. As part of this facet of this program, Sanders would devote $407 billion to “replace all school and transit buses with electric buses.” Can you imagine the new tax rates my fellow Americans to pay for all of this?

All diesel tractor trailer trucks would be replaced at a cost of $216 billion. Even $36 billion would be devoted to help people “transform their lawns into food–producing or reforested spaces.”

And this is by no means a complete list of all things in the Sanders program. There would be far more federal spending from items like broadband and internet to significant monies for “farmers of color,” whatever that means.

The federal government run by Sanders would be set up to control and “fine–tune” every aspect of American life. That life and lifestyle we now enjoy and to our shame so often take for granted would be totally destroyed in four short Sanders years!

Bernie Sanders admits to being a socialist, but not a communist. He praises the Chinese economy and its so–called brand of communist capitalism. He indicates that China has made more progress in addressing extreme poverty than any country in the history of civilization. In 1981, 88% of Chinese citizens lived on less than $1.90 a day. Hard to believe but true. Forty years later, less than 1% do. But that economic revolution did not come from socialism but rather the Chinese brand of capitalism. In fact, a new motto was adopted:

“To get rich is glorious”

and the new Chinese wealth has really exploded. At or about the year 2000, there was only one identifiable billionaire in all of China. Today, Forbes Magazine has identified more than:


More than any other country in the world except the United States. And more billionaires happen with regularity.

Obviously, the Chinese government has moved away from socialist objectives which focus on how to distribute wealth, and move toward capitalist objectives which is concerned primarily with how to PRODUCE WEALTH. If Sanders praises the Chinese capitalistic achievements, why would he want to destroy them in our great country under the guise of redistributing and redirecting wealth? Socialism never redistributes wealth:


It seems fascinating that so many Americans seem to want a certain form of socialism to occur in our country, and believe that Bernie Sanders would be the man, the President to implement that change. I wonder if these potential voters really understand the massive destruction that would occur if Sanders were elected President. Socialism can be made to sound benign, caring, humane and more fair. But in reality, it ushers in the end of real capitalism, real opportunity, real personal and individual freedoms, and the government controls everything, EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. Were Bernie Sanders our President, economic, educational and social revolution would occur. And that would be the end of the America we have known and loved for some 250 years.

You should hope and pray as I do that this man never becomes President. That is, if you wish to live in an America like you do now!

Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Bernie Sanders is a radical – progressive socialist. And many think, I included, that Bernie Sanders is socialist – communist.

What do you think?

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