Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

Christian Conservative Action Agenda

God ordained that you and I live in America. Why, only He knows. You and I are privileged to live in the greatest land, the greatest nation in the history of mankind. We are blessed beyond belief, far more than we can know. No matter what may be wrong, the problems and difficulties WE THE PEOPLE face, America is the greatest. There is no nation like her, none in human history. NONE.

It is ironic, sad really, that we the citizens, the partakers of these American privileges and liberties cannot fully appreciate them, teach them, live by them, and, as our constitution says, protect, preserve, and defend these freedoms and liberties for our posterity and to teach them how unique, how special, America, its Constitution, rule of law, its way of life, all of this and so much more, so special.

With these blessings and privileges are obligations, and duties. We owe, we are required to give back, to invest back in this great country, to do our part to preserve, protect, and defend this way of life. Today, how casually we seem to neglect those duties. More than ever, Americans take their freedoms, especially their political freedoms for granted. We assume they go on, that we will live out the life given us without doing our share of the work required to maintain them. As that practice continues, the freedoms we enjoy will be lost indeed in one generation. Sad and tragic, don’t you think? Where are we? Where are you and where am I when the revolutionary call of THE BRITISH ARE COMING echoes through America. Where are we? Why do we not grab our muskets of faith and head to the battlefield, wherever that is, whatever that is to protect our beloved America, why?

Our political system is the finest ever designed, ever. It provides for the full exercise of Federal power. But it also provides for incredible CHECKS AND BALANCES. Run right, implemented in Constitutional terms, the American form of government is the very finest ever designed by mankind. The vast majority of our children never know that. They are not trained up in the ways in which they should go, especially politically, and when they are old, and become decision-makers, they know not the way of their parents, the way of America, the way of the Constitution! How sad and the beginning of the end of freedom, of America itself!

There are so many ways to learn who we are, what we are, how we should function, and why it is necessary for every citizen, EVERY CITIZEN, to do his or her part, CRITICAL! Millions are uninformed. Perhaps even worse, those same millions really don’t care, really don’t feel a sense of urgency, REALLY DON’T REALIZE what is 2

happening in America today. They remain indifferent and like Nero of the Rome of old, fiddled while America burns. Someone else to the rescue, but I am too busy, say the millions. And freedom, our very constitutional liberties teeter on the brink.

Every American citizen should know one issue and know it well. So often, when an American knows one, and can think it through and discuss reason, and come to constitutional conclusions, that American wants more, more issues, more involvement, and becomes possessed daily with a greater concern for all things American. ONE ISSUE, a catalyst for more, but just one.

Then comes a desire to really know the candidates, and what those candidates for political office think and believe about the ONE ISSUE. The priority of this American voter. And, one leads to more. Candidates are understood in terms of their past, their true actions and deeds, their real beliefs without hypocrisy and voting alliances are formed. Support, real support can be given. Money or money consideration, time, effort, and endorsement can be rendered confidently.

That informed, enlightened voter will attend rallies. That supporter will support special appearances and attend. That voter, one issue expert and exploring all others, can influence so many readily and confidently. ONE ISSUE, and that inevitably leads to the want more, more knowledge of all issues.

Political discussions then become natural. They move from mere duty to opportunity. It becomes natural and normal to discuss with family, to educate and be educated. It stimulates thinking and when watered with prayer, political matters become all the more clear.

Then, action becomes easy. Action becomes natural, even desirable. It is not forced but is there, right there, waiting, waiting for the right passionate and loving American to SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY and stand up for our beloved America.

Then, the First Amendment, the absolute guarantee, the five guarantees of freedom, critically necessary for mankind become a way of life, for without them, any of them, there would be no America. That American, that real American citizen, studies to show himself approved unto God, and to America, and fellow citizens, true political workmen and workwomen, constantly in the task of learning and loving the constitution, and all things American political, so that he or she will become a far better American, a far better citizen, rightly dividing, understanding and communicating political truths in an America which now lives in so many ways in the era of:


NOW IS THE TIME FOR CHRISTIAN AND CONSERVATIVE ACTION! NOW! Are you willing to do your part, do you love, care for, and are you willing to protect and defend this the greatest land in the history of mankind in which you are privileged to live, are you? Now or never. The loss of freedom is only one generation away. You and I have the duty as citizens to make certain that THIS IS NOT THAT GENERATION!

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