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Don Crawford

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Christianity, The Faith Of Our Fathers and Us

Congress shall make no law which in any way abridges the Freedom of Religion, or speech (religious speech), or press (religious press or media):


Those are the most treasured words, secularly written, in our beloved Constitution and its inviolable FIRST AMENDMENT.  Note the word used by the Founding Fathers:


 Of course that means that Congress cannot eliminate Freedom of Religion.  But as importantly, it also means that Congress, or its agencies, or the dreaded Deep State, can in no way tarnish, infringe upon or otherwise diminish:


 But actually, Congress does just that by:


 It allows its Deep State, its agencies and administrative entities to fashion rules and regulations which curb or otherwise restrict religious freedom and of course it does nothing when liberal federal courts and judges uphold laws and regulations as Constitutional when in fact they are not.

Perhaps more so by omission, that is failing to act, aggressively monitoring its subordinates, Congress allows an anti-Christian drumbeat to attack and diminish the Christian faith, and especially Judaism without a word, without legislation, and with disregard for the express and clear mandate of the First Amendment.  Many think as I do that our Congress, House and Senate are the real problem when it comes to attack on religion in America.  Do you?  Did you vote for these people who allow ABRIDGMENT to our First Amendment and fundamental constitutional rights to happen, did you?  If you did, you have a chance to reverse that in November 2018, when you can vote for men and women who will uphold the Constitution and especially the First Amendment.

Like Judge Brett Kavanaugh has promised to do.  Small wonder he is so viciously attacked by Democrats, by liberals, progressives and radicals.  Kavanaugh is a legal

scholar, a Constitutionalist, an originalist in thinking and deciding and nothing could be worse for a liberal-radical who wishes the Constitution to be nothing more but organic and a guide.  Kavanaugh for one would protect religious freedom and the guarantees of the First Amendment.  WE THE PEOPLE need that man on the Supreme Court as the Ninth Justice.

And now comes yet another anti-religious movement-group known as the:


That is those who do not identify with any religious group who represent 24% of the population, ONE IN FOUR!  And now, they seek political power.  Their goal is to politically galvanize non-believers around issues like separation of church and state (more attacks on the First Amendment), access to abortion, the protection and expansion of gay rights and more.  These NONES or non-believers will, if properly organized, become a real political force in America.  Watch out for the NONES for they want nothing to do with anything religious.

And then there were the seventh grade students at Roberts Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio who were challenged with a lesson entitled:


The earth was doomed and ready to blow up it was hypothetically stated and there was only room for eight passengers on a spaceship, the last one leaving earth and twelve potential passengers.  Four had to be left behind.  One of the passenger candidates was a Hispanic Clergyman who was against homosexuality, a homophobic Reverend.  Yet another was a racist, armed police officer who has been accused of using excessive force.  Is there any doubt that these students would leave behind a racist cop or an anti-gay preacher, any doubt at all?  They indeed would die on the doomed earth while others, far more politically correct would have a special seat on the spaceship and live another day.  I wonder if something like that happens in the schools where you live, perhaps often without your knowledge.  Did you vote for these people or others like them, did you?  If you did, you have the opportunity in November to vote them out of office and replace them with right-thinking Americans, Constitutionalists, caring for Freedom of Speech and without this virulent political agenda.  If you do not, then indeed the earth, or at least the American part of the earth may well be doomed and the freedoms we enjoy over and done with.  Please, please vote in November for Governors, Senators and Congresspersons who still believe in the Rule of Law and our beloved Constitution.

And then there was the incident in Benton High School in Louisiana.  A Christian gymnasium owner in Bossier, Louisiana, paid Benton High School $3,500 to paint its logo in the end zone.  The logo read:


Because the blessed name of Christ was written and visible, the high school officials ordered the students to paint over the logo, not only because of the reference to Christ, but because it included a cross and a Bible verse.  Americans United For Separation of Church and State filed a federal lawsuit against the school district alleging the promotion of Christianity and the proselytizing of students, especially alleging the unlawful “widespread use of prayer on school property.”  The logo was in fact painted over even though eventually the judge did in fact grant a temporary restraining order to prevent anyone from removing the signs until a hearing could be had, but it came too late.  Billy Weatherall has vowed to fight the matter no matter what it takes or how long.  Sounds very much like that conscious objector who bakes cakes in Colorado, does it not?  By the way, did you vote for people who make decisions like this to run your high schools, your educational entities in your very own community, did you?  Did you vote for state representatives, House or Congress who believe as these administrators did determined to excise religion and especially Christianity from the educational marketplace, did you?  You have a chance to make that bad decision right in November 2018 by voting for right-thinking people who will champion the First Amendment and Freedom of Religion.

And perhaps worst of all comes from the State of California, where else.  There is a proposed law which would outlaw speech dealing with homosexuality and gender identity by clergy members, licensed counselors and others.  “The science is clear regarding homosexuality,” says many in the assembly and they state that, “the First Amendment cannot be used as a defense for promoting fraudulent conduct as a fallacious argument.”  In short, it is fraud to promote any kind of help for someone to overcome UNWANTED same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion.  If this law is passed and it probably will, a religious ministry could not hold a conference on maintaining sexual purity if the conference encourages attendees to avoid homosexual behavior.  A bookstore, even online, could not sell many recently published books challenging gender identity ideology and advocating that these beliefs should be rejected by society.  A pastor paid to speak at an event addressing current social topics could not encourage attendees to prevail over same-sex desires.  Can there be a more blatant infringement, abridgement of First Amendment rights and freedom of religious speech, can there?  And, did you vote, Californians, for any of these individuals who would effectuate this kind of abridgement, did you?  You can change that in November 2018 by voting for the right Constitutional representatives who will champion the Rule of Law.

And persecution in China of Christians ramps up.  The current leader of the country is passionately bent on exterminating Christianity from China.  And ISIS, and other radical Muslim forces do the very same to Christians in the Middle East and Christianity, though still allowed seems dead in the water in once great Christian nations like Great Britain, France, Germany and even Italy where the Roman Catholic Church continues to be scarred by sexual scandals among others.  It is not a good time (perhaps the End Times?) for Christianity and the First Amendment rights.

But there are some good signs.  In Florida, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill requiring each Florida district school board to display the sign:


 That motto was inscribed on the hallways of the capital of Florida and inked on our American currency so that, said Scott, it should be displayed where our children will be exposed and educated on this great model.

Great work, good Constitutional work Governor Scott.
Thank you.

And then there were the cheerleaders at Kuntze Independent School District who inscribed Bible verses on their banners as they cheered for football games.  Lower Texas courts affirm the rights of the cheerleaders to do so.  The Texas Supreme Court refused to hear the school district’s appeal and the Bible verses stayed!  Would that what happens in Texas doesn’t stay there, but spreads to other states.  The majority of Texas citizens voted right for those who make those decisions, don’t you think?  Did you?
I humbly beseech you, my fellow American and my fellow Christian to please, please vote in November 2018.  These are critical elections for House and Senate, for governors, for state legislatures and for so many who will make critical and fundamental decisions for all of us.  Please vote and please vote for those individuals who will champion the Constitution, and especially the First Amendment Freedom of Religion, Press and Speech and who will put a stop to the “scorched earth policies” of radicals, progressives, atheists-nones and so many others who wish to excise religion and especially Christianity from the public square.

The fight is on, bigtime.  Please fight it aggressively for your family, your friends, for all Americans and for yourself.


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