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Don Crawford

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Climate Change

Do you believe in climate change, radical climate change, do you?


Scientists themselves have radically different points of view, radically different. Some say it is real, very real, in fact the biggest threat by far to planet earth, a somewhat radical point of view. Others, like Dr. Patrick Moore said that climate change and its twin brother is:




Those who believe like Dr. Moore believe that global warming is a myth, and that radical climate change is nothing more than “climate dooms-day-ism. It is fake science designed to scare people and to control their thoughts, actions and behavior in behalf of the radical socialist agenda now at work in America and the WOKE, cancel culture movement which accompanies it. The so-called GREEN LEFT, bolstered of course by Hollywood, the main stream media and the public education is determined to do away with all fossil fuels, anything petroleum based and control energy sources with radical energy alternatives. It is, sometimes, difficult to know what to believe.


But the radical socialistic GREEN LEFT is determined to win the day. It works through intimidation and threat and it is determined to change the thinking and the policy making of the boards of directors of America’s largest corporations. For example, energy giant Exxon Mobile succumbed to GREEN LEFT pressure and added three client activists to its board of directors. Chevron corporation investors backed a radical proposal to force customers to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide. Conoco Phillips board of directors adopted a paris-aligned climate risk strategy, pledging to reduce emissions by 35-45% by 2030. These three companies are fossil-fuel giants and they unbelievably elected members of the board of directors who will vote to do away with fossil fuels altogether! Unbelievable.


And more. Twitter and Facebook now indicate that each will sensor posts skeptical of climate alarmists on humanitarian grounds. Ford and GM say they are fully all-in on Joe Bidens push on electric vehicles. GM has promised to eliminate all gasoline powered automobiles by 2035. Investment firms Blackrock and Vanguard are actively bank rolling the radical climate alarmists Lloyd’s of London a massive worldwide insurance company, has decided to stop providing insurance for fossil fuel companies by 2030 altogether. The European Investment Bank announced that it would no longer finance any fossil fuel related project or company by the end of this year. Several large US banks have followed suit. Ironically, Americans always thought as BIG CORPORATIONS as capitalistic in theory and practice, strong protectors against big government, entrepreneurial in spirit, wary of big government and of course socialism. Now, we the people find the exact opposite.


Again, I ask, what do you believe? Should all fossil fuels and petroleum products be eliminated from our economy, our society and way of life and the world at large, should they?


There now comes to the American economy, to the world of investment a new movement called ESG:




ESG is driven by the radical environmentalism movement. Its purpose is to destroy fracking jobs, attack the red meat industry and help promote in all aspects a so-called GREEN NEW DEAL ECONOMY. They work ceaselessly to get big corporations to make their boards INCLUSIVE, not just with regard to race and gender, but individual board members who are politically in alignment with the Left’s socialist views. Unbelievably, this new investment philosophy gains ground on Wall Street even though so far it is an unproven investment philosophy. Conservative commentator Glenn Beck says of the ESG movement and investment strategies:




ESG is WOKE investment at its worst. Individual investors would invest only in environmental – green companies no matter the return. The GREEN LEFT, and now the ESG movement take advantage of a friendly White House, a national media that has completely abandoned actual investigative journalism and the power of the Left’s Cancel Culture movement. They have two goals, not just one. The first is the complete elimination of fossil fuels. The second is total energy control and the undermining of America’s free market, capitalist system. Both are delusional in so many ways but the GREEN LEFT is undeterred. It will press on now and forever until those goals or the larger part of them actually occur.


If accomplished that would affect the production of some 6,000 products developed for the good of Americans and the world in the last century. It would radically restrict travel, gasoline prices of course would rise sharply and American energy independence would no longer be possible. Those objectives are well on the way. Witness Biden suspending oil and gas permits, the halting of further fracking projects and the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline. These radicals are determined to control WE THE PEOPLE, whom the GREENS call:




They really believe that WE THE PEOPLE will not fight back. WRONG!


There are good organizations, freedom oriented, pro-capitalism and democracy who fight back in our behalf. They attack big corporations, those which are the most WOKE or climate alarmists. They believe like Dr. Patrick Moore that radical climate change and global warming are nothing more then fake news and fake science. There are highly respected scientists, like Bjorn Lomborg who says far more urgent matters are the reduction or expansion of clean water and sanitation across the planet. There are other respected scientists, like Michael Shellenberger who now proclaim the new message loud and clear:


“On behalf of environmentalists, I apologize for the climate scare. Some climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem.”


Doctor Steven E. Koonin, a highly respected theoretical physicist said the following:


“The only real climate crisis was a crisis of political and scientific candor.”


So again I ask, my fellow Americans, what do you believe? Is climate change and global warming America’s most serious environmental problem, and if so how serious? And if so, what should be the remedy and how much money should America invest in such a project? In short, how much more taxes will you and I be required to pay in order for radical GREEN philosophy prevail?


I do personally think that in the words of William Shakespeare, there is much ado about nothing or at least very little. What is happening today environmentally is by and large natural, with perhaps some very minor influence by human beings and their conduct, but much more so natural forces good and bad. It would be the end of American society and lifestyle as we now know it if fossil fuels were no longer produced and if products now made by petroleum were no longer available. The results would be disastrous, DISASTROUS! Our economy as we know it would grind to a halt. The stock market would be no more for Americans would only be able to invest in ESG sanctioned investments, no matter the return or even the loss for that matter. It is really amazing how the large corporations, BIG OIL seems to refuse to fight back. It goes along to get along politically with Biden and the democrats fostering the new green deal, working with the GREEN LEFT no matter the harm to the corporate core business. We the people, the individuals who make this society happen and who have provided the capital for these companies to grow and produce products must fight the fight of democracy and capitalism since they won’t. Free enterprise, pure capitalism, individual investment decision making must be preserved if America is to be preserved.


So, the question is not only what do you believe on the one hand but what products are you willing to give up, how much radical change in your lifestyle will you accept at the demand of the radical greens? The war against fossil fuels is on, and big time so. Like all the radical now occurring in our beloved America:



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