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Don Crawford

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14% of Americans, or 1 in 7 think Congress is doing a good job, both House and Senate.

Yet another poll showed that only 8% of Americans thought that Congresspersons, House and Senate were honest. In short, said Americans in this poll, to be a politician is by definition to be dishonest. The truth, say those 1 out of 12 Americans, is simply not in them. The applicable principle-philosophy of Congress and Congresspersons is the art of:


Give and take, so to speak. Let another politician have his or her way, and you get yours. But there is little stand for principle in so many cases but only stand-off. If political objectives can not be objective in substance, if the battle for ideas and principles can not be won, then the battleground shifts to procedure. In comes bargaining and negotiation, and filibuster, political stalling. Then come sidebar deals, non-public negotiations and eventually something legislative emerges. Someone always wins and someone always loses. The political in-fighting is always marked with rancor, often anger, accusations, threats and boycotts. Politics can be a nasty process and the people involved become as nasty as the process itself.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House, finally had enough of all of that Washington stuff. The man once a good man came to Washington from the great State of Ohio, years ago, a Congressman bent on doing good, serving his people, and all Americans. He came originally to do the right thing, perhaps, as they all are, attracted by power, prestige, wealth and influence. Once there, Boehner like so many other politicians became infected with:


An inability to leave the Washington power structure and consequently, embarked on the path of becoming a career politician. He did it well for years, so well that he became the:


When the Republicans became the majority party in the House. John Boehner was always a Republican, but was he, said so many other Republicans, including members of the very House itself. Was John Boehner truly a Republican or was he a:


A Republican in name only. It seemed that under his leadership so much of the Republican


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