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Don Crawford

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BDS Conservatives Fight Back



We think of these economic measures as applying to Israel by so much of the world at large. And they do. But now comes an aggressive conservative reaction to those companies, American corporations, the stock of which is publicly traded, those WOKE executives and board members asking the conservative American public to boycott the purchase of their products, divest any and all stock or financial holdings, and sanction these companies, spreading the word that by purchasing their products, they are helping finance a radical, progressive woke, corporation and corporate board of directors fully intent on changing America. These investment funds have had enough, especially when these large corporations emphasize social philosophies more so than good business practices. It is most encouraging to see this:




One such company is Gillette. This company has the audacity to lecture its shavers about “toxic masculinity” all the while it asks these masculine men to purchase their razors, razor blades, and shave cream among others. The hypocrisy of this company is just unbelievable. Think about that the next time you are about to purchase a Gillette product.


And another and another. Bank of America has hired guest speakers who publicly declare to bank employees and all who will listen that:




Another incredibly hypocritical social and economic stance by a once great bank. Think about that the next time you do any business of any kind with BANK OF AMERICA. Why not shun Gillette and Bank of America and spread the word?


There are Wallstreet investment funds which are “taking aim” at the companies that are prioritizing liberal values. Some are offering exchange traded funds (ETF) that exclude left-wing companies. Those companies may be profitable and return good dividends, for now. But if principle matters more than profit, these investment vehicles will provide the investor with other investment options socially acceptable. Good for them!


One such exchange traded fund (ETF) is THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE VALUES ETF. Their decision-makers search out companies that have not launched ad campaigns or issue bulletins that they think prioritize liberal politics more than profits. These investment funds believe that both companies which focus on profits, which should be their primary objective, will be better investment vehicles than those that focus on social justice. Amen to that.


The American Conservative Values ETF has recently sold shares in several companies that have embraced CRITICAL RACE THEORY. That includes the shares of Bank of America, Lowe’s company, American Express, and NASDAQ Inc. These companies and others have liberal, even radical boards of directors and unabashedly pursue their vision of social justice every bit as much as profits. They have required left-wing and progressive training for their employees. Now says William Flaig, CEO of AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE VALUES, let them continue that practice without conservative monies. These companies have instituted employee training based on Critical Race Theory which teaches, says Flaig, that America is an inherently racist and evil country. We will no longer invest in them and in fact we will BDS them, boycott, divest, and sanction.


Another such fund is the AVE MARIA MUTUAL FUNDS. This investment fund will only invest in those corporations that hold true to or do not operate against the values of the Roman Catholic Church. Good for them.


Leftist and progressive investors have established standards for judging a company’s ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE POSITIONS. They refer to this as ESG acceptable corporations and investment vehicles. On the left side, the radical-liberal side, investments would only be made in corporations which are environmentally, socially, and corporately suitable to radical progressives. Interesting, is it not? Now comes the inevitable investment battle between the left, which demands that a corporation operate under very distinct liberal standards and principles, and the right or conservative investment position which demands corporations do not so operate. Each of course seeks profit for their investors but not of the expense of the environmental and social values they cherish more.


Even so, conservative managers of investment funds only go so far. Big tech and Silicone Valley stocks are still included because their returns have been far too large for investors to ignore. They may bristle at big tech censorship but, at least to some extent they will continue to invest. Rather hypocritical, don’t you think?


They say, however these investment managers do that FAANG (fang) which include Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google cannot be financially ignored, no matter their censorship policies. Hypocritical on the conservative side don’t you think? Said Mr. Flaig, CEO of the American Conservative Values ETF:


“There’s only so much advocacy we can do and still confidently deliver

predictable large-cap returns.”


Whatever. Why not all or nothing?


But the leftist, radical progressive investment beat goes on. Recently, Verizon, Raytheon and other such corporations have mandated Critical Race Theory seminars for executives and staff, clearly reflecting a commitment to leftist outlook. More such companies are Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Disney (Walt would turn over in his grave), Nike (of course), and BlackRock. Think about what those companies are, what their philosophies are the next time you are about to do business with them. Why not boycott all of them, divest financial interests and sanction them publicly for their radical, anti-American social and environmental stance!


The left is determined to win. They are determined to change America if not destroy its free enterprise and capitalistic foundations. The inevitable objective is socialism, which of course can very well lead to Marxism, either one will be the end of America we now know and love.


Don’t let it happen my fellow Americans and American investors. Almost everyone, no matter the economic status, has some investments. Put your investment money where it can best serve the financial needs of those corporations which are truly American, truly capitalistic at heart. If you invest in any company, you are a capitalist, large or small. By your economic works and needs, you show what you believe. Even as you pursue certain profits, make certain that you invest in such a way as to protect the America which allows all of us to do business, always with the possibility of economic growth and profit. Put your money where your beliefs are. That kind of investment has its own reward!

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