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The Constitution, Article VI

Few know or care about Article VI of the Constitution. But any person of faith, whatever the belief, should know about the content of this very special constitutional provision and be prepared to both understand and defend it. Here the words:


“No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”


If you qualify and consequently are nominated to office, federal office of any kind, or federal public trust of any kind, you can be a person of any religious belief you wish without disqualification, or for that matter none at all. Religious belief can not be investigated, vetted, much less required and no test of any kind regarding that religious belief shall ever be given to any qualified candidate for office of the United States of America.


Rather plain, clear and direct words, are they not?


But of course, this constitutional prohibition was completely ignored by Democrats, you know those progressive, ultra–liberal – radical individuals who now inhabit and control the democratic party, when Judges Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett were nominated by then President Trump for confirmation as Justices of the United States Supreme Court.


The confirmation of those three Judges, all good, incredibly intelligent, well versed and experienced in the law and the Constitution would make the composition of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) CATHOLIC, with seven out of nine Justices professing such faith. SEVEN OF NINE ROMAN CATHOLIC! Anti–religionists, and perhaps quite clearly anti–Roman Catholic Senators obviously disliked that fact fearful that the:


“Dogma runs deep”


in the judicial veins of those Justices and that they would be tempted to vote Supreme Court decisions on the basis of their Catholic faith. That was anathema to Senator

Schumer, Feinstein, themselves Jewish of some sort and with Justices Thomas, Alito, Roberts and Sotomayor already in place, three more Catholics on the Supreme Court comprising 80% of all Justices would simply be far too much. They therefore set about in confirmation hearings to expose their Catholicism, sincere as it was for these three, with the hope that there would be enough other Senators, themselves perhaps somewhat anti–Catholic or concerned with an overbalance, who would vote against confirmation. They cared nothing at all, these radical, liberal democratic Senators about the Constitution or the prohibitions against any such attempted qualification under the clear terms of Article VI. They wanted what they wanted and nothing, including and especially the Constitution in this case would get in the way. DOGMA RUN DEEP candidates would simply not be acceptable.


By the way, in addition to the seven confirmed Roman Catholic Justices of the Supreme Court, the other two, Justices Kagan and Breyer are Jewish. Ironically, there are no Protestants, none at all even though Protestants are the largest religious grouping in the United States, all Christian people of faith included who are not Roman Catholic. I sometimes wonder whether Senators Schumer and Feinstein ever thought about that.


Regardless of their religious belief, these seven Catholic Justices have voted the law, interpreted correctly the Constitution in virtually every case and decided what is fair and right for America, Catholicism notwithstanding. They are honest, fair minded, hardworking, truly American, constitutionally caring interpreters of the law and we the people are fortunate to have them making ultimate and life–guiding and changing decisions. Biden and company now study the possibility of:




That is, adding Justices as many as six, or four, or at least two, each of whom of course would be liberal if not radical with respect to the Constitution in order to make certain that they, the progressives – socialists – Marxists get the decisions they want. Virtually every one of the nine Justices has publicly stated what a horrible decision that would be, turning the court political, biased, and in many ways unconstitutional in decision making, all of which would utterly destroy any confidence which WE THE PEOPLE might have in this once great court of ultimate justice. Seven Roman Catholics and two Jews making ultimate decisions for Americans is simply repugnant to Biden and the radical Democratic party he comes from, and supports, and which supports him. If that packing happens in any form, what a tragic day it would be for we the people and for the America we love. Democrats have absolutely no regard for Article VI and the prohibition against inquiry into a nominee’s religious views. Politically for them, it is a day and age of:




Interestingly, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, herself Roman Catholic, may be the most liberal – radical – organic constitutionalist of any of the nine Justices. She professes a strong Roman Catholic faith on the one hand, and is often on the side of radical decision making some of which may be viewed as contrary to the teachings and principles of the Catholic church. And the same with Chief Justice John Roberts, himself Catholic, and nominated as a supposed conservative regardless of his Catholic beliefs. The Chief Justice has voted in irregular patterns with decision making sometimes contrary to Catholic principles or perhaps his own personal beliefs. And, although their time as Supreme Court Justices has been limited, there is really no clear and certain voting patterns and habits which have been displayed by the new Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett. It seems that for some of these Justices, it is one thing to be Catholic and practice the faith in THE PERSONAL LIFE, but quite another thing to go up against Catholicism, the Catholic church and its teachings when it comes to judicial decision making. Many regard that as a supreme case of hypocrisy. Such however is life in America today, politically, judicially and spiritually. Take the most debated Supreme Court decision of all time:




which legalized abortion on a five – four Supreme Court vote. Five people authorized the killing, the murdering of now approaching 70 million known babies – human beings through the process of abortion. Now comes one case before the Supreme Court this next term, and perhaps even more which will put the issue of abortion and the decision making of Roe before the Supreme Court for elimination or modification. It will be fascinating to see the end results, the votes, especially the votes of those who are Catholic as this matter is decided. There is little doubt that Justices Thomas and Alito will vote against Roe. It cannot be predicted how Chief Justice Robert will vote, and of course, this will be the first opportunity for Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett to evaluate and decide. Many legal scholars think that Roe v. Wade was a clear unconstitutional decision, with no foundation in the Constitution for the so called RIGHT OF ABORTION. These constitutional scholars indicate that the issue of abortion should properly remain with the states and the people, and fall under the terms and conditions of Amendments IX and X which prohibit the Congress or the courts of the United States to expand and add to the Constitution where the power to do so or the ultimate objectives have not been SPECIFICALLY AUTHORIZED by the Constitution itself. If in fact Roe is overturned or seriously constitutionally modified, the unrest, resistance and protest in America from liberal – radicals will be fearful indeed, no matter how constitutional such a decision might be. Watch carefully, my fellow Americans, what your – our Supreme Court decides in this critical next term.


In Article VI of the Constitution, the so called religious test clause and section, the content again deals with the matter of oath upon taking office and the prohibition against religious test clause. At the original constitutional convention, proponents of the OATH CLAUSE wanted public servants to be:




That so called NOD TO GOD was watered down when oath could be replaced upon confirmation by affirmation. The framers in the First Amendment to the Constitution made FREEDOM OF RELIGION the very first freedom and for so many of those constitutional founders, the most important freedom of all. They knew what would happen in America should the religious wars of Europe occur once again in America. They knew that they must prevent the Congress from establishing any kind of religion, direct or indirect, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof in order to avoid European religious wars. Be a friend, and stay away from establishing or preventing anything RELIGION, direct or indirect. Let it be and let it happen. That was then, and this is now, something entirely different and religion, in so many ways direct and indirect, is on the judicial table and there will be numerous attempts to circumscribe, modify or even eliminate religion, and especially Christianity and perhaps even more especially Roman Catholic Christianity from the public square. The friends of religion in 1776 have turned to the enemies of religion in 2021.


Now it is claimed by Democrats, all of them including the socialist – Marxist side of the Democrat party that Democratic President Joe Biden is a:




If that is true, then Biden is perhaps one of the biggest hypocrites in America, professing to believe in and espouse the doctrine, principles and morals of the Catholic church on the one hand personally but working as aggressively and perhaps more so than any President of the United States against those principles in so many ways. Biden and his Administration champion abortion, the expansion of abortion rights and even the codification of Roe, that is turning the decision making of Roe into legislation, aggressively fostering the gay agenda, a proponent of euthanasia, forcing all, including and especially The Little Sisters of the Poor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to offer abortion and contraceptive coverage in health insurance among any other and many other attempts at legislation or executive orders which fly in the face of Roman Catholic teachings. One Catholic Bishop rightly said that President Joe Biden is a political embarrassment to the Roman Catholic church, an understatement if there ever was one.


Catholic commentator and writer Mary Margaret Olohan writes that what she calls the “fake news media – both secular and Catholic” are going to such great lengths to portray Joe Biden as a “devout Catholic.” Ms. Olohan says that the strategy behind this public posturing by liberal – radical Democrats has one ultimate purpose in mind:


“To make Catholicism indistinguishable from liberal ideology.”


As such, nothing would be a better way to eviscerate Catholicism, water it down and change traditional thinking, principles, and even moral values as liberal – Democrats would want. They want the liberal, often hypocritical Joe Biden to be “the face of what it means to be a Catholic in good standing.” But the orthodox, the traditional, the real Roman Catholics top to bottom will have no part of that, none whatsoever. They know the hypocrisy; they chafe at the tolerance of anything or anyone liberal – radical in the Catholic church – faith who tolerates this and they now begin to take a stand as all men and women of spiritual goodwill should. Our society is deeply secular if not antireligious – Christianity – Catholicism and that cultural – spiritual warfare should be recognized and all good Christians should now be ready and actually involved in:




You should know well the contents of Article VI of the Constitution, my fellow

Americans. And you should know by heart, by memory all of those very precious terms and conditions, the freedoms and rights granted by the First Amendment to the Constitution. They are the most fundamental, the most necessary, the most indispensable rights and freedoms of a free people. If we wish to stay free, if we wish American democracy to survive, nothing can water down, change much less eliminate the precious protections of Article VI and Amendment I of the finest document ever written, the Constitution of the United States.


The war for freedom is on, my fellow Americans. You are in that war, that cancel culture and religion war whether you like it or not. It is time for you to take a stand like we do and with all your might:



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