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Don Crawford

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Do you know what DAWA is?

You better understand what DAWA is for it very well may be the biggest threat to your life, and America and even the world at large.

DAWA is the never-ending mission, the passion of Muslims to convert non-Muslims to political Islam and also to push existing Muslims in a more extreme direction.  DAWA is the “ceaseless, world-wide ideological campaign waged by Islamists as a complement to Jihad.”  So says Professor Ayaam Hirsi Ali, a research fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution.  Ms. Hirsi Ali, a Somalian immigrated to America is, in the words of one of her Hoover Institute colleagues, “Islam’s most eloquent Apostate.”  Ms. Ali is intelligent, brilliant, well-educated and, as her colleague once again stated:


Ms. Ali lives with fatwas, many of them, on her head, a fatwa being essentially a license, order or at least a request to KILL.  Radical Muslim Jihadists know the verbal power of this woman unafraid and determined and these killer Jihadists want her dead.  She travels everywhere with a bodyguard and lives in the most secure circumstances.  This courageous woman is determined to spread her message and educate any who will listen.

DAWA, Ali says is the greatest threat facing the West and could well bring about the end of the European Union as we know it.  America as well is far from immune and will eventually feel the effects of DAWA motivating Professor Ali to urge President Trump and his Administration to adopt a comprehensive anti-DAWA strategy “before it is too late.”

Ali is bold enough to declare that “Islam is incapable of reform,” and consequently, she calls upon Muslims to convert or abandon the religion altogether.  She took that approach a decade ago but now she believes that Islam can indeed be reformed, that it must be reformed and that it can only be reformed “by Muslims themselves.”  Those Islamic reformers Ali calls:


The faithful truly religious followers of Mohammad who prefer the gentler-kinder version of Islam which was originally promoted by Mohammad before 622 A.D.  That was the year Mohammad migrated to Medina and the religion took a militant and unlovely ideological turn.

It is critically important says Ali that the West, including and especially America regard Islam not simply as a religion, but also as a political ideology.  America she strongly feels does not.  Islam is simply not just another religion like Christianity or Buddhism but again, a political ideology, the ultimate objective of which is to impose Sharia Law on all societies, Islamic Law everywhere and of course with that, the destruction of any and all political institutions now in place, especially those which foster a free society.  It is, she says, a never-ending process, only ending when an Islamic Utopia is achieved:


Ali, in her newly published book on DAWA, indicates that what America calls terrorism and what the Islamists call Jihad is an inappropriate preoccupation with Americans and so much of the Western world.  America thinks that terrorism is the “way of the weak” and “if we can take out the leaders and bring down Al Qaeda or ISIS, then surely the followers will stop their Jihad.”  That she says is dead wrong for when one militant organization goes down, a different one emerges or the same one takes on a different shape.  And that occurs, Ali says, because we Americans have “been ignoring DAWA.”

Islamists and Islamic activists have, in America, access to all of our political institutions.  They are determined to penetrate, influence, eventually control and convert America and the rest of the world to Islam by peaceful means or by Jihad, or both.  DAWA, this ceaseless process to convert and control exists everywhere, in families, in schools, in universities, in prisons, in the military, and of course in politics.  Ali states unequivocally that we the people in America “can not allow them to pursue their aims unchecked!”  We need to be on full alert against political Islam (DAWA).

Islam, Ali says, is fundamentally incompatible with the U.S. Constitution, the freedoms and equality therein, and with religious pluralism, and of course the equality of men and women (women have few if any rights) and other fundamental rights including the toleration of different sexual orientations and especially gays.  Islamists, she says, are indeed homophobic.  But the Islamic definition of homophobe is different from ours.  The West uses the term homophobic to indicate prejudice against gays (LGBTQ) and against gay marriage.  But a true Islamist says Ali when using the word homophobe means that Islam:


DAWA is, says Ali, ostensibly a religious missionary activity and therefore, its proponents enjoy a much greater protection by the law in free societies than for example Marxists or fascists.  One of the groups with such hidden DAWA or even Jihadist objectives is the supposedly respected group CAIR, the council on American-Islamic relations which has the status of a moderate Muslim organization.  But a group like CAIR, says Ali, which takes advantage of the focus on inclusiveness by progressive political bodies and Democratic societies would, if in power, force those societies to bow to Islamist demands in the name of peaceful co-existence.

In Ali’s fight against DAWA, she indicates that Islamism has the help of “useful idiots,” the Communist Lenin’s phrase.  Ali includes in that category the SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER (SPLC) which has denounced Ms. Hirisi Ali as an extremist.  But Islamic extremists, she says, “Go to people like the SPLC and ask them to partner with them because we also want to talk about what you guys talk about, which is Civil Rights.  And, Muslims are a minority just like you (blacks).”

These Islamic extremists play what Ali calls “the victim card” and the SPLC swallows it.  She also claims that the ACLU does the very same.  In short, Western liberals, with a blind spot Ali says, are also complicit, perhaps somewhat unknowingly in fostering DAWA, weakening American institutions and all the while perhaps unintentionally promoting Islam.  Ali continues to be alarmed by the ease with which the agents of DAWA hide behind Constitutional protections they themselves would dismantle and destroy were they in power.  In her book, Ali quotes British philosopher Karl Popper who states:


In short, says Ali, we must (no choice), we must stand up against the continued onslaught of Islam whether supposedly peaceful (DAWA) or militant (Jihad) at every turn for both, and especially DAWA have become an existential menace to the West.  The real answer to the menace is to effectuate the assimilation of Muslims into Western societies.  Extremists would keep Muslims separate, segregated, unto themselves and preserving their own identities ethnically and spiritually without any real assimilation into Western society.  Ali calls that:


Which of course means the protection of the Muslim identity and the shunning of any and all Western values or culture.  But Ali wants the children of these Islamic immigrants and citizens to be exposed to Western education and especially to critically thinking.  She wants family and children living in America to be able with this critical thinking to understand freedom, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and especially she says:


She also courageously suggests subjecting immigrants and refugees to ideological scrutiny so as to deny entry, like Trump, and residence and naturalization to those who are “involved with, or supportive of Islamism.”  That is an unbelievably bold and courageous statement from an equally bold and courageous woman who shares the political philosophy of President Trump and can better articulate the reasons and justification for such a political approach.

And of course, the many critics of Ali and others like her who see and understand the real and present danger accuse her of a 21st Century McCarthyism, an unfair witch-hunt prejudiced against all Muslims, including and especially the good ones to which Ali applies:

“That (unfair criticism) is just a display of intellectual laziness.”

We are dealing with a lethal ideological movement (DAWA).  “We have to grasp the gravity of DAWA.  Jihad, she says is merely an extension of DAWA and even for some, in fact, Jihad is simply DAWA by another means, a violent terroristic one, but DAWA nonetheless.”

Ali believes that the United States of America is in a much weaker position to combat the various forms of non-violent extremism known as DAWA because of the way the Judicial system has interpreted the first Amendment.  Ali believes that this Judicial course of action which has eviscerated American exceptionalism and turned that into an:


But convincing Americans of the DAWA threat which includes Jihad would be extremely difficult if not impossible.  Americans are naïve, trusting, looking for the good in people including Islamists and may never awaken to the threat of DAWA until it is too late, says Ali.  Our society, given its political philosophy and tolerant and indifferent mentality makes us ill-equipped to suppress threats from groups that act in the name of religion, says Ali.  And that is especially so with Islam and its avowed missions of DAWA and Jihad.

So then, my fellow Americans, forget DAWA and you should associate that four letter word with Islam, especially so-called peaceful Islam as you look at the effect of this religion AND political and military philosophy on our society.  Islam, through DAWA, this political ideology is now aggressively at work and always will be, keeping Muslims energized to work hard for the ultimate objective of imposing Sharia Law on all societies, including and especially the countries of the West and America.  Every true Muslim has the objective to convert non-Muslims to political Islam and the religion no matter what they say.  We the people should never forget the words of Professor Ayan Hirsi Ali who states courageous and emphatically:


That process never ends!  NEVER!  We the people are deceived if we think it does.  Again, Professor Ali is determined to get the attention of the Trump Administration, exhorting the President to be aware of this most serious threat and act aggressively against it.  At the same time, Ali takes her message to gentler-kinder Muslims, truly religious Muslims, the MECCA MUSLIMS, urging them to assimilate in Western societies and reform Islam or even convert from it.  Small wonder this courageous Somalian woman, this brilliant professor has, like Salman Rushdie multiple fatwas on her head.  We can only hope and pray that she does not meet the “violent end” that Islamist extremists passionately want.  America is blessed to have a right-thinking woman, a woman no less which makes her even more of a challenge for Islam, speaking out as a leader of the resistance movement to Islamic DAWA and Jihad.  We of the Judeo-Christian background and belief can only pray for her safety and encourage her to continue with her special and vital mission.

We must, WE MUST, we the people must stand up and protect our institutions, our freedoms, our culture, our way of life especially against this insidious Islamic movement, this DAWA and Jihad or those freedoms we now enjoy and far too much take for granted will be lost and if lost, in the words of President Ronald Reagan:


Professor Ali believes that.  So do I.  And, I hope and pray you do as well.

Far too few Muslims integrate and assimilate.  FAR TOO FEW!  This separateness, this cocooning, this preservation of ideology, culture and way of life can, as the numbers increase, eventually destroy the American way of life.  Don’t let it happen, my fellow Americans.


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