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Don Crawford

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Democrats Abandon the Constitution

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, the people of the time 1787 agreed after the Revolutionary War that it was necessary to form a more perfect union.

One of the goals of this new UNION was to:


So that the BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY would be secured for 1787(ers) and their posterity, WE THE PEOPLE OF 2018.  The founding father Benjamin Franklin told us that this Constitution established a Democratic REPUBLIC, the very best kind of government if:


It seems in so many ways that WE THE PEOPLE, especially the people of the Democratic Party, are doing their very best to destroy this MORE PERFECT UNION.  They seem, these Democrats do, to be abandoning our Constitution day after day after day.

Witness the confirmation process with regard to Brett Kavanaugh and his appointment to the Supreme Court by President Trump.  It was for WE THE PEOPLE a Constitutional embarrassment, a disgrace, the vetting process itself UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  No matter, for those attacking Democrats, when the end, the ultimate objective is the return to power by the Democrats, virtually anything goes.

In fact, the attacks on Kavanaugh went well beyond ideology and party philosophy.  The attackers of Justice Kavanaugh and President Trump are denouncing the Constitution itself and even the core elements of America’s governmental structure.  Such a philosophy so many believe is driven by the evil George Soros, a Saul Alinski-ite who in so many ways believes in political chaos and has avowed to destroy America and its governmental system of Democracy and Republicanism.  The Democrats will do virtually anything to regain power and to use it to govern, and if necessary even in dictatorship form, denying the BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY promised by the Constitution to those who do not follow their party line.

These angry, attacking politicians zero in on what they term the illegitimacy of THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE.  These Trump opponents claim that he is an illegitimate President because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.  They claim that the Electoral College is undemocratic.  But they fail to acknowledge that the founding fathers, the framers of our Constitution deliberately:


Our Constitution did not create a Democratic form of government, but rather a REPUBLICAN FORM.  We do not have a pure democracy for the founding fathers feared the tyranny of the majority as much as anything else.  The original MORE PERFECT UNION was formed and agreed to by 13 colonies, 13 states if you will virtually all of which were deeply concerned with yielding their own political autonomy for the greater good.  The Electoral College was Constitutionally established in order to protect states’ rights so that the larger states with more citizens would not dominate the smaller.  The Senate itself was founded as a check and balance to the House of Representatives, preventing the domination of the majority, the many over the few so that the points of view, the philosophies and to some extent the independence of the smaller states would be preserved.  That system of government, that REPUBLIC has worked for 231 years.  Now it seems the Democrats wish to destroy the Electoral College by “abandoning the Constitution.”

Democrats fail to acknowledge that the Electoral College could be eliminated by amending the Constitution.  Proposing such an Amendment however would require two-thirds of the votes in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.  AND the approval of the legislatures of three-fourths, 75% or 38 of the states.  As a practical matter, that would be virtually impossible and Democrats know that.  Therefore, it seems they will when they can simply abandon the Constitution and do whatever they think they can get away with politically, all the while dividing this great country like never before.

The Democrats go on to allege that the Senate vote to confirm Kavanaugh as Supreme Court Justice was illegitimate.  The 50 Senators who voted for Kavanaugh, they say, represent fewer people than the 48 who voted against him.  But the Democrats ignore our system of government where the Senators represent STATES, not people.  The Senators represent 50 states and not 338 million people.  That is our system of government, strong check and balance against a runaway majority and it works, it works well.

As the Constitution was formed in 1787, there was at the time what was termed:


That compromise persuaded large and small states alike to accept the new Constitution.  It was so fundamental to the agreement that Article V of the Constitution which among other things spells out the Amendment procedure, provides that:

“No state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

That of course means that any Amendment changing the structure of the Senate would require ratification by:


Democrats know that will never happen which motivates a further abandonment of the Constitution.

Those who disapprove of the Supreme Court’s composition or even generally our system of justice propose various reforms, including limiting the terms of justices, now appointed for life, setting the tenure of every justice at a certain number of years, perhaps no more than 20.  Some propose that the term of a Supreme Court Justice should be STAGGERED so that a vacancy would come up every other year.  Although radical in approach, that objective could in fact be achieved by Constitutional Amendment although diametrically opposed to the wisdom of the Framers.  As James Madison wrote in Federalist No. 78, life tenure for judges is “the best expedient which can be devised in any government, to secure a steady, upright and impartial administration of the laws.”

The talk of impeaching Kavanaugh, and of course Trump now ramps up as the Democrats control the House of Representatives.  But no matter the clamor of the House, the only body that may decide whether Kavanaugh’s testimony contained material misrepresentations is THE UNITED STATES SENATE.  Any inquiry by the House of Representatives would impermissibly encroach on the Senate’s ADVICE-AND-CONSENT power.

But the Democrats, who today live by the slogan POWER NOW do not have the patience, civility or rational ability to persuade Americans to enter into the CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT PROCESS.  Amendments to this great document take time and can easily be derailed at the federal or state level.  So this once great party now reverts to clamor, attack, incivility determined to get what they want no matter the procedures, the rules and regulations of a structured legal system.  Were they not intent upon ABANDONING THE CONSTITUTION, they would become as they once were the great persuaders, eloquent in dialogue, urging Americans to CHANGE, follow their lead and to twist a phrase:


But instead, they do little but attack their opponents, and in fact anyone who disagrees with them.  They look with askance upon the average American, once the core constituency of the Democrats and with impunity refer to them as:


They are determined to rule America by any means.  And should this party return to power by electing a Democratic President, House and Senate majorities, we the people can expect radical changes in our form of government, our way of life, and the BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY which our Constitution promises to all of us and our posterity.  This party, veering radical left more so each day, has put us on notice.  Whether a Senator Sanders, Harris, Booker, Schumer, or a Pelosi led House of Representatives, this radical Democratic type is determined to lead and rule America and all of us with it.  WE THE PEOPLE who are determined to live the Constitutional way, and by the Rule of Law, must never let that happen.  We must never let this once great party, the Democratic Party:


For that would be the end of America and that would be the end of:


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