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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

Donald John Trump

So, we the people welcome Donald John Trump as the 45th President of our very own United States of America.

We the people have spoken through our votes and spoken decisively not only with regard to the election of Trump as President, but offering yet another opportunity to the Republican Party to follow the will of the majority of the American people and to redirect the course of our country.

We have given the Republicans control of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.  There is now a President who will not veto legislation passed by House and Senate and in fact, will encourage legislation which should hopefully bring out the very best in the thinking and legislative action of our Congress.  We should hope and pray for the end of gridlock for now, our federal government can make things happen without stalemate.  There are fundamental problems in our country which must be solved and soon on in the year 2017 as our government goes to work.  We should tend to think and be hopeful that the federal government will work with and cooperate better with respect to the 50 states of this union.  States’ rights should now be more respected and the ever-growing power, control and influence of the federal government should be reversed and the true concept of federalism restored.  America would be far greater for that.

Elections 2016 seem to be a clear mandate for change, that is change back from the direction for our country fostered by President Barack Hussein Obama, the action of his federal agencies, the rampant Executive Orders which he has issued and the liberal often radical policies he has instituted.  The change back America should experience can be more conservative, perhaps fairly balanced but strong in traditional values, ethics and morality.  We can expect a greater respect and adherence to the fundamentals of our great Constitution and the Rule of Law.  We can further expect that our Constitutional Rights, especially those in the First Amendment including Freedom of Speech, worship, press and assembly will not only be protected but strengthened.  We will hope and pray for a far better America under the 45th presidency of Donald John Trump.

So we pray for wisdom for Mr. Trump and for Mike Pence.  We can expect that Mr. Pence, a man of strong values and conservative leanings, will be an active force in our government and be a political asset to Mr. Trump, the Republican Party and most importantly to WE THE PEOPLE.  We the people of faith pray that our God will not only give wisdom to those we have elected, but a stronger sense of righteousness and justice.  We pray that these men and women so elected will restore America, bring back so much of what was once exceptional, allow us as a nation to once again become a leader, a force fully respected by other nations and a country determined to protect itself from terrorism and those who would destroy.

We pray that Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence will choose the very best advisors, consultants, cabinet members and agency heads and otherwise instill a new morality, a new concern for what is right in Washington, D.C.  America has voted for fundamental change in Washington, in the way our government works and we pray that we will feel that change from top to bottom.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tim Kaine have pledged their full support for Mr. Trump and his presidency, at least for now.  There may be that traditional 100 day period of goodwill following Trump’s inauguration and hopefully, many good things will happen for our great country.  Pray, watch and stay actively involved my fellow Americans to make certain that those we elected fulfill the promises they made, promises which engendered our trust and our vote.  It is time now, Mr. Trump, to:


Do it, and may God bless you, and the great United States of America.

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