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Don Crawford

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Unto God, first and then to humankind. Work men and work women, as the scriptures say, who are not ashamed, but proud of what they know and use that knowledge for the good of faith and humanity. The more knowledge the better.

In fact, what the world needs now are right thinking people who can RIGHTLY DIVIDE not only the word of truth, the scriptures, but all things happening in this world especially culturally, socially and politically. The issues of today ravage and rampage in so many ways because WE THE PEOPLE are uneducated, often indifferent and consequently ignorant of consequences when we are forced to make decisions or live with those made by others. We do not take the time to STUDY the issues and their ramifications, think them through (THINK ON THESE THINGS), and consequently articulate our conclusions. We earn the disrespect of those who know the issues, control them and utilize them for their benefit no matter the consequences to us. And the consequences are incredibly serious in this day and age of CANCEL CULTURE.

So many of our once respected and objective institutions of education have become BASTIONS OF BIAS. Virtually all have come under the control of radical progressives, liberals determined to do away with American history, morals and values and religion, especially religion of the Judeo – Christian kind.

Studies show that faculties of universities nationwide are far more Democrat than Republican. In fact, the latest ratio indicated that Democrat – progressive faculty has a 13–1 ratio superiority to Republican – conservative. THIRTEEN – ONE! Not only is that one voice not heard, but this oppressive majority opposition seeks to cancel that voice altogether. It moves aggressively forward to indoctrinate rather than educate. Free or counter speech is cancelled at every turn. Opposing points of view face intimidation, threats and faculty firing and student expulsion. You think the way of the new educational orthodoxy or you will be CANCELLED!

That is so in spite of a well–known professional standard for college professors which states the following:

College professors are warned against taking unfair advantage of the students immaturity by indoctrinating him or her with the teachers own opinions before the student has had an opportunity fairly to examine other opinions upon the matters in question and before the student has sufficient knowledge and ripeness of judgement to be entitled to form any definitive opinion of his or her own.”

That statement comes from the American Association of University Professors, originated as far back as 1915. But in fact, unfair advantage of the minds of young students is common practice at our colleges and universities which, again, INDOCTRINATE RATHER THAN EDUCATE. Most educational institutions have similar rules of their own. They are however completely ignored by the new progressive academia which has become politicized from top to bottom.

And yet another educational standard violated with impunity. The Constitution of California specifically states that the universities of California:

Shall be entirely independent of all political or sectarian influence and kept free there from.”

However, politicization is now seemingly routine. Colleges and universities however continue on in the pursuit of their political objectives even though they completely stifle – eliminate free inquiry, promote tribalism, erode or corrupt analytical thought. And perhaps most importantly, the emotionality of social justice, the stated aim, would replace reason, rational thinking! Universities used to be places where the major political and social issues of the day could be researched and debated. But current academia in the words of Professor John M. Ellis of the University of California, Santa Cruz:

Offers not a reasoned corrective to partisan passions, but fears, one–sided advocacy of dangerous and destructive ideas.”

Real education, says Professor Ellis, has become academically adrift. A former study found that at least 45% of 2,300 undergraduate students surveyed at 24 universities are progressing through higher education today without measurable gains in general skills like critical thinking, complex reasoning and perhaps as importantly WRITING. In short, to use the title of the book by Allan Bloom THE CLOSING OF THE AMERICAN MIND, free speech, analytical thinking, contrary points of view and the flow of fresh ideas become scarcer by the day at our once glorious and respected educational institutions. Higher education has been replaced with lower political radicalism.

That radical lurch to the left was rampant among graduate students who became junior professors, instantly shifting the faculty sharply leftward. The political pressure and demand for female and minority faculty appointments occasioned more young radicals hired as members of the faculty. Even as these radical changes occurred, WE THE PEOPLE continued to pay taxes utilized for education, indifferently passed legislation which fostered this movement, and continued to give generously and abundantly to current education and to endowments. As one professor well stated, it now seems too late to change course and change back academia.

The First Amendment of our beloved Constitution guarantees free speech. That is the most important right of any person living in a democratic – free society. Without free speech, there is no freedom. No freedom of religion. No freedom of press and media. No freedom of education. And no freedom of assembly. All fundamental and unalienable rights are gone and tyranny rules. Gerard Baker, a writer for the Wall Street Journal, witnessing these overt and subtle attacks on democracy states that our beloved freedoms and our:


In classrooms, says Baker, newsrooms and boardrooms across the country, you can almost hear the silence as people internally check what they say!

Newspaper editors are forced to resign or are terminated. Two such at the once great Gray Lady the New York Times, Mr. Bennett and Ms. Weiss. They dared to publish in the Times op-eds which were conservative in thinking as opposed to the constant and consistent liberality of the Times. They were hassled, these editors, intimidated and terminated. And the very same happens with so many professors who dare to be contrary in speech who are hassled and harassed and who well can be fired for challenging the current liberal – radical – progressive orthodoxy.

These radicals, determined to cancel conservative thinking have become what Gerard Baker calls:


They have even gone so far, so many of them, to state that the publication of conservative thinking pieces, essays and writings are such that they “put their lives in danger!”

Can you believe that? The mere writing of a differing point of view (conservative) threatens the lives of the liberal – radical – progressive crowd. Just incredible. When in fact, so much of what they publish, think and believe has put the lives of millions of American citizens in danger and unleashed the worst violence that America has seen internally in its entire history. And, that is the truth of the matter in this POST TRUTH ERA.

And this march toward a leftist utopia continues unabetted and even more aggressively so. Academia continues to pursue so called social justice. They are determined to effectuate political correctness at every turn. And, they believe in and champion identity politics in the name of diversity but in reality nothing more than division. We live in a day and age, my fellow Americans, especially in academia and on campus of the:


And its aim is to destroy traditional America any way it can.

Writer Mollie Hemingway states the following:

Battle lines are more clearly drawn these days between those who clearly believe America is irredeemably evil and must be violently overthrown (i.e. George Soros) and those who believe America remains the greatest country on earth, based on the rule of law, individual liberty, inalienable rights.”

And so, the battle lines are drawn and near the twain shall meet. There is no dialogue, no compromise, no respect but only a WINNER TAKE ALL approach. It is for America today an ideological war where in so many ways we the people are collateral damage. The core, the foundation, the heart and soul of America are all in danger of total destruction. And, we the people do so little or even nothing to prevent that from happening.

Joshua T. Katz is a professor of classics at the once renowned Princeton University, where free speech ruled. Professor Katz used the phrase “terrorist organization” to describe a defunct student group called the BLACK JUSTICE LEAGUE, the members of which targeted and smeared fellow undergraduates for disagreeing with them. The President of Princeton publicly stated that Katz had violated his obligation to exercise free speech RESPONSIBLY. In short, you complied with Princeton radical – progressive orthodoxy or you were IRRESPONSIBLE. Fellow faculty members, brainwashed with the new orthodoxy actually stated that the use of that term terrorist organization placed:

“Black colleagues, students and alums at serious risk.”

Can you believe that? There came a groundswell of support for Professor Katz, rightly so, so that the inquiry which was promised by Princeton and its President was cancelled, leading Katz to state:


And that is a rare occurrence, free speech survival at any Ivy League institution and of course at others the country over.

What a world, my fellow Americans. The America so many of us know and love has never been in more danger. The First Amendment of our Constitution and its freedom guarantees is under attack now more than ever. There can be no freedom of religion without freedom of speech. There can be no freedom of press and assembly without freedom of speech. Our Constitution absolutely prohibits ANY ABRIDMENT of free speech no matter how hateful. We can bear the consequences of our speech but we cannot be prevented from making that speech. But we are, time and again, and more and more. We have, many believe one more opportunity, my fellow Americans to make certain that we elect those who will protect our inalienable rights, our special democratic freedoms in elections 2020. If those who hate free speech are in fact elected in House, Senate and in the Presidency, what we now take for granted, the freedoms we do, will be gone, lost forever.

And you know the famous Reagan saying:


I hope and pray your son or daughter, or anyone you know and love does not fall prey to current CANCEL CULTURE ACADEMIA. There are strong, right thinking, excellent educational institutions where they can go, like Liberty University. Do not allow those you love to fall prey to today’s ACADEMIA. They are for the most part radical, progressive, socialistic environments bent on the destruction, the take down of America. Please do not support or send (recommend). Because, more than ever:


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