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Don Crawford

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Elections 2018

Here they come, Elections 2018.

Only some two weeks left my fellow Americans before these critical Elections occur. And, boy oh boy, are they ever critical.

The fate of the Trump Administration, Trumpian policies, perhaps even conservatism and Constitutionalism themselves are once again at stake. 34 senatorial seats, one-third of the United States Senate, will be newly elected or reelected. Those elections could produce massive changes in that powerful body of politicians. The Republicans hold a slim majority and that balance of power could easily be changed to Democrat. On the other hand, some 24 of those seats are now held by Democrats and aggressively challenged by Republicans and our-we the people voting could significantly increase the power of the Republicans in Senate with any number of Democrat defeats. You decide my fellow Americans. How will you?

And you will vote, will you not? YOU MUST VOTE!

And then there is the House of Representatives, 435 august human beings, elected by us, our representatives (are they?) the majority of whom are now Republican, but virtually every seat in play. The Democrats, through their lackeys the media, academia, Hollywood and the unions claim that WE THE PEOPLE will experience a BLUE WAVE. They claim that American citizens are as angry at Trump and his Administration as they are. I do not know how that could be possible since the Democrats, remember the Kavanaugh hearings, have displayed anger, temper tantrums, anything goes verbally behavior which is totally unbecoming to any person much less a political party. Do you intend to vote for such a person with such an aggressive personality to make decisions for our great country and for you and me, do you? No matter what the media says, or the polls, known for their inaccuracies, hype and political bias say, you and I must think for ourselves, determine the type and kind of America in which we wish to live and vote accordingly. We must vote for the right people who will work to make America Great Again and protect and preserve the finest lifestyle, privileges and freedoms in all of history. And, you will vote, will you not? What happens November 6, 2018 is critical for America.

Democrat candidates for office, Congress or Senate, have a distinct advantage over Republicans, liberals and progressives over conservatives and traditionalists. A progressive is protected, defended and championed by liberal media, academia, and of course politically ignorant Hollywood in the vast majority of the political races. Such candidates are showered with favorable facts, hype, promotion and ready attacks on opponents. All of that comes free of charge in addition to any targeted political or PAC spending which the candidate may do. Many thought that overwhelming advantage would ensure the election of Hillary Clinton. Boy, were they wrong. In fact, it may have undermined Democrats in all elections, including the Presidency, for it seemed to mobilize, even anger conservatives who went to the polls and voted for a Presidential candidate they may not have particularly cared for, because his platform, promises and policies resonated with theirs. Millions think that will happen November 6 for the very same reasons. As one who is conservative, a traditionalist, a constitutionalist, one who believes in the Rule of Law and the protection of our individual freedoms under the Constitution at all costs, I do hope and pray that happens.

After all, a recent poll (in my mind they are absolutely worthless) indicated that seven out of ten Americans think news organizations tend to favor one side or another when reporting on political issues. The other three must not listen to or read the news those organizations produce. It is almost impossible these days to find an objective source of the news. That same poll indicated that only two out of ten Americans have trust in national news organizations. Now, that seems much closer to reality, does it not? The point is not to trust the media as you gather information about the candidates, parties, platforms and policies, but really determine for yourself what fact and truth really are when it comes to the political positions of candidates.

By the way, what do the Democrats stand for? We hear about higher taxes, more social programs, less military, more federally controlled education, more rules and regulations, less adherence to and abiding by the Constitution, all negative in my view. But, what is the Democrat platform and policy, WHAT? Is there anything anywhere officially issued by the leaders, the committees, those who call the shots for the Democrats which spells out specifically and clearly what the Democrats stand for and believe? If there is such a document, I have never seen it, have you? What a shame that this once great party has changed the rules of politics and turned it from respectful debate and differences into emotionality, shouting matches, ad-homonyms and angry accusations. There has never been more negativity in politics and, as November 6 nears, the attack ads increase to the point where they now become counterproductive. The more one candidate attacks another without justifying himself, the more inclined I would be to vote for the opponent, wouldn’t you? I want to know, I demand to know exactly what this political candidate thinks, believes and will do in office. The opponent should do the very same, but sadly, it seems as though that will never happen again in our beloved country. We are at war with each other, a nation once indivisible now hopelessly divided and it is a fight for the right with no quarter to the enemy, the opposition. It is a sad time for America, politically so, but it is the political milieu, culture in which we live and in which we must compete until we may, God-willing, have the ability to change it.

But, as Elections 2018 approach, there is as one political pundit so well stated, the emergence of Trump culture. Says this writer:

Mr. Trump has created a culture of unapologetic gladness, patriotism, intermeddle, resilience, can-do spirit and optimism among his followers.”

And indeed, there is much that is positive, much gladness in America. There is indeed a revived sense of patriotism. It is good once again to be a proud American and to be a participant in Making America Great Again. There has been and continues to be a strong revival of the can-do spirit and optimism. There is hope for the future. There is economic resiliency, buoyancy and opportunity. Unemployment has hardly ever been lower in the history of our great country. Men and women are finding a new sense of opportunity, new pathways to success, and there has been a real revival, a REAL REVIVAL of the:


No matter the whining, complaining or negativity of the opposition, the vast majority of WE THE PEOPLE acknowledge directly or indirectly that WE THE PEOPLE are in fact proud members of this new emerging TRUMPIAN CULTURE AND MILEAU. We feel better about ourselves and our country than in years. Trump has virtually done everything promised. There is more to come in the next two years especially if the Republicans control the Senate and the House as they do now. If the economy is the number one issue in the minds of voters, and most people believe that, then there should be a tremendous edge for the Republicans in voting 2018 for the economy has hardly ever been better. The Republicans, the GOP, the Grand Old Party should do their very to connect to and motivate voters by focusing on:


It is their golden opportunity to do so. For it seems that the more the liberal-progressive attacks the conservative-constitutionalist, and of course at the head of the list is Donald John Trump, the more the Republicans, the RED WAVE seems to grow. You, my fellow Americans are one of the drops of fresh water in whatever political wave occurs November 6. We the voters will make the call, we will decide and we will determine with our vote the America in which we live at least for the next two years. And, you will vote, will you note, my fellow American? You must vote!

America needs your vote now more than ever. May you understand the issues as never before and vote accordingly. Our future, your future, my future depends upon that vote!

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