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Don Crawford

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End Times: The Last Days, Lawlessness and Violence

Prophecy in scripture indicates that these may indeed be the last days, the end times of this world. Could be, don’t you think?


No man knows the hour, the time, the era when end times will occur, only the FATHER. But it is our duty, says the scripture, to study the signs of the times and to be on the watch, looking for that grand appearance the second time, the return of the savior of the world, the beginning of His reign and the end of all things earthly.


A prophecy expert is one David Jeremiah who studies and teaches prophecy, a real expert. Dr. Jeremiah believes that the rapture, the taking away of the real church of Jesus Christ could happen any day, ANY DAY! The signs of the times are right for that to happen. The church of believers will be redeemed, taken out and the great restrainer, the moral restrainer, the Holy Spirit will be removed from this world and as Jeremiah well says, all hell will break loose. Some of that seems to be happening right now, don’t you think? Then will rise up the Anti–Christ who will become the leader of the world, a one world dictator and all with the mark of the beast (666) will pay homage and swear allegiance to him and any who don’t will be cut off and killed. The rise of the Anti–Christ, say prophecy experts, will usher in the great tribulation, a period of seven years says the Prophet Daniel. There will be relative peace for the first three and one half years, and a treaty with Israel which will guarantee peace and its safety. But at the end of the first three and one half years, the peace treaty will be broken and the war to end all wars, the Armageddon of all conflicts will break out and the Anti–Christ will cause nations to rise up against Israel and in fact against all people of faith. Scary stuff, is it not? But, that’s what scripture says, war, violence and killing will occur like has never been seen before in the history of mankind. Prophecy experts believe that real Christians will be gone, delivered, up there with Him even as this incredible slaughter, destruction and barbarism occurs on this earth.


The signs of the times seem to indicate that these are the last days. One of the key signs of those barbaric days is lawlessness. The rule of law is replaced by the rule of dictators. And violence. Violence is everywhere. But the main sign is:




Scripture predicts and Jeremiah affirms that Russia will be reborn, reenergized, and play a key role in the military affairs of the last days. We now witness the start of that prophecy with the brutal, barbaric and bestial invasion, slaughter and killing of Ukraine and the Ukrainians. Vladimir Putin is a brutal, barbaric man. He is determined to rebuild the old Russian empire, take back every state and piece of territory which he believes was taken from him and Russia, and as long as he is in power, he will drive the new Russia to retake and rebuild the old USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). The Ukraine war will not end until Ukraine is absolutely subservient to the new Russia. Then, more wars will occur, more invasions, more slaughter and killing of innocent civilians, and eventually, the involvement in these wars of other nations. Russian induced conflicts will spread until the entire world is at war. That then occasions the Third World War, and the last world war, the rapid development of those signs and conditions which lead to the rise of the Anti–Christ and the happening of the tribulation.


Prophecy experts say these will be the last wars for they will be NUCLEAR in nature. It only takes one nuclear bomb to trigger the entire world, every country to military action. The nations of Russia, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan and some European countries, along with we Americans, and soon to be if not already Iran have the nuclear bomb and nuclear capabilities. Any one of those nations can unleash one bomb and the world explodes. America is by no means immune as it always has been. In the Second World War, one of the most popular songs was OVER THERE. Americans were energized and motivated to enlist in the military to fight the war over there, the fight with Germany, Japan and Italy. Then came Pearl Harbor in 1941 and we realized that the war over there could very well some day soon be the war over here, right here. It was ironic how that song and others romanticized the war until such time as American body bags began to arrive back in America. War is brutal, vicious, barbaric, evil and the ultimate satanic tool. Russia indicates that America is the ultimate enemy, not Ukraine, not the Baltic States, but THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Russia has the capability of sending ballistic missiles which can reach our shore armed with nuclear warheads and in an instant, some of our great cities and all of its citizens could be totally destroyed never again to return. The modern–day Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin may one day do just that. We Americans are unprepared for this war. We believe naively it won’t happen here because death and destruction are always over there. But violence, killing, barbarism, murders, terrorism and war itself will happen in America. IT WILL. It is only a question of when. Our military is strong but many military experts think that the Russian and Chinese militaries are stronger. China and Russia are ready for war. We are not.


Americans who understand and fear these possibilities arm themselves. The purchase of all kinds of weapons is at an all time high. Americans have distrust for our governments, our National Guard and the readiness of our Country in a time of war. These Americans are determined to defend themselves, and their families and loved ones and they are ready when, not if, this happens.


Putin comes from a KGB background, skilled in the art of torture and killing and really has little regard for human life much like his predecessors Khrushchev, Gorbachev, and especially Stalin and Marx. Tens of millions of human beings were slaughtered at the direction of these men, and Putin, if he retains the power he now has, will do the very same thing. Tens of thousands of innocent human beings, including women and children have already been slaughtered in the Ukraine. And there are many more brutal deaths to come.


One bomb, one nuclear bomb, and the world explodes. The end times will in fact happen then and there. Nations will demand vengeance. If Israel is attacked, especially in a nuclear way, the payback destruction that tiny nation can dish out will be nothing like the world has ever seen. Then, say the prophesiers, people will lift up their eyes and pray, plead for the return of the only one who can bring peace to the world, Jesus Christ. They will pray for the rapture, the deliverance from this world, and for justice and vengeance. But that won’t come from human hands. VENGEANCE is mine says the Lord. I and only I will repay. These indeed are frightening times, but they are times of incredible opportunity. The witness for the gospel, true revival will have opportunity like never before. The work we do will never be better for we work knowing the night, the black dark night of death and destruction is coming. In the midst of this incredible barbarism and killing, there comes the opportunity for love to reign supreme. These are trying days indeed but days of incredible spiritual opportunity. Take advantage of them my brothers and sisters in the Lord. Count it a blessing that you have been called upon to be an active spiritual participant in:



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