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Don Crawford

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End Times

Scriptures tell us very clearly, Old and New Testaments that the world in which we live, our beloved planet Earth will END. All we know and experience, all we assume with regard to planet Earth will someday be no more. The Bible does not say when, for only God Almighty knows that. But it is clear that there will be an ending and it even tells us in some ways how this world of ours will end.


In the last days, the end times, there will be plagues and disease. How about Killer Covid for starters. There will be lawlessness, men and women doing what they want, living how they will, defying any authority, producing chaos, rebellion, riots and physical violence. How about Portland, Seattle, Philadelphia, the riots and killings in Chicago and New York for starters. Rampant individuality, immorality defying authority.


There will be in the last days an immorality such as the world has not seen. We will find the end of moral absolutes like the ten commandments scoffed and mocked and the rights and freedoms of the Constitution, ignored and ridiculed. There will be no moral authority, none whatsoever and what tens of millions of people regard as an ultimate authority, the Holy Bible, will be ridiculed, mocked and ignored. We see my fellow Americans the beginning of that very thing today, do we not?


Even as the Bible is hardly read and virtually ignored, so is the church by so many. The Christian church, so many of them and their Pastors, have become compromised, ignoring Gospel fundamentals, becoming social institutions rather than worship and learning centers about the one true God and our Lord Jesus Christ. So much of the once great and powerful Christian church becomes irrelevant, ignored and compromised. All of that are signs of the end times, the last days and they now exist and grow, do they not? What do you think?


Many of us consider ourselves EVANGELICALS. That is, we once did. Today, many wonder exactly what an Evangelical is. Years ago, the statement of belief was clear, biblical and fundamental. Today, whether in writing or practice, EVANGELICAL does not mean what it once meant. Many of us simply refer to ourselves as Bible believing, Christ following, the great God Jehovah worshiping Christians. Perhaps the term EVANGELICAL should be replaced by:





That may sound simplistic but it is basic, fundamental and real. I for one would prefer to be that rather than to be labeled by a term which may not define who I am or what it is I believe. What do you think? Do you consider yourself an Evangelical and if so, are you satisfied with the current, cultural definition of Evangelical, are you?


Former President Barrack Hussein Obama told us clearly that we Americans and Christians lived in the day and age of:




That is, that there was no such thing as absolute truth. Nor was there any absolute morality, laws of conduct. That politics itself would become riddled with moral relativism and the truth du jour, meaning of course that anything which advanced the ultimate cause and objectives was the truth at least the truth of the day. The Bible for men like Obama, and so many others was a nice collection of stories, mythologies and suggestions, anything but absolute, anything but TRUTH. When Jesus the Christ said:




such a statement would be ridiculed or at best simply ignored. Today, that very Bible, Christianity itself, its storied history is not just ignored, but attacked. Statues are toppled, churches are vandalized, Christians are killed and there is an all out attack on anything Christian, or for that matter other faiths as well, in politics. If these new radicals, Cancel Culture (and religion and especially Christianity) progressives have their way, we the people will eventually live under a new standard of morality which in fact is no morality at all.


We live in a day and age where cultural standards, lifestyles, and morality itself are essentially defined by:




lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersexual, alternate and now the brand new category UNDECIDED. Individuals now determine who and what they are. They decide their sexual orientation (SO) and their gender identity (GI). Science and especially biology mean nothing. Nor do traditional terms like male and female. Politics tries in every way to accommodate. So do so many churches. Even the once great and consistent theological church, the Roman Catholic Church, wrestles with the issues, searches for compromise and watches as a certain schism and rebellion occurs within its own ranks. The immorality, the theological lawlessness of the end times and the last days is here and now.


The church as so much of our new and revolutionary society has become in so many ways:




It seeks accommodation rather than confrontation, a moral stand up approach to mankind and society which scripture requires. It distances itself in so many instances from that now hateful word:




No matter that the scriptures clearly teach that all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God, and are in need of redemption, salvation and repentance, and that through Jesus Christ, that is so often ignored by contemporary Pastors who again, seek compromise and accommodation rather than approaching society and culture with a powerful confrontational and antagonistic message of the Gospel. So much of the church seeks to accommodate the new moral relativism and to get along with modern day society and thinking even though Cancel Culture accommodates and fosters:




anything. The woke church and its Pastors now become the false prophets of the 21st Century, as the Bible predicts and do more harm to real Christianity than even its enemies. They subvert from within, more or less, and the trusting people, the sheep of their pastures are misled. There is nothing worse than a non–biblical misleading of an open, trusting, searching soul, nothing.


Christianity seeks to accommodate the great issues of the day where it can. Take abortion for example. It is wrong, it is killing, it is biblically anathema and it is condemned by all right thinking churches, including and especially real true Evangelical and Catholic. President Biden for example promotes abortion, including the Hyde and Mexico City agreements, and of course champions vigorously Roe v. Wade and seeks to have that even codified into law. At the same time, he seeks communion, partaking of the eucharist and the blessings of the Catholic church when it vigorously condemns abortion as a moral evil.


Biden and Pelosi promote THE EQUALITY ACT among other legislation which fosters the right of LGBTQIA at the expense of the freedom of religion guaranteed in the First Amendment. Democrats wish to destroy sexual hierarchy and historical understanding championing sexual orientation and gender identity.


Progressive, radical, anti–religion Democrats and others believe in euthanasia, essentially the killing of the elderly.


They promote contraception which the Catholic church abhors. And celibacy and they attack standard biblical principles with regard to female participation in the church. And so often, the church sits back, does little or nothing, debates and discusses how they might accommodate the new thinking and the new morality while the traditional and absolute morality of the past is eroded step by step.


Even the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) embraces so much of the new, even at the expense of the Constitution. Interestingly, six of the Justices are Roman Catholic and two are Jewish. No matter their so called private faith, if any, they seem ready to decide against religious freedom, and faith, and the practice of religion in the public square, condoning moral abominations like abortion (Roe v. Wade) and at that judicial level, the old morality gradually disappears and new standards arise.


In the first 100 days so called of the Biden Administration, the President has issued more than 40 public proclamations in the form of executive orders, executive statements of policy, and other executive actions which are in fact anti–religious, anti–Christian and even contrary to his faith, anti–Catholic. Time and again you will hear presidential press secretary Jan Psaki say that the Biden Administration and President Biden:




with the old morality and especially with the thinking and theological beliefs of the Catholic church. All of this, my fellow Americans, is the beginning indeed of THE END TIMES, the last days. So says the scriptures, backed up and supported by what is actually happening in the world today. The freedoms of the First Amendment of the Constitution, all five of them, all of which are synergistic and necessary for the support, practice and continuation of all seem to mean little. For there is no freedom of religion without freedom of speech, and press, and assembly (the church worship itself) and petition, all of which together really make up and are essential parts of:




So, my fellow Americans, and fellow Christians, the fundamental issues of today are:






The new world of Cancel Culture, the new WOKE World wants you deconstructed, compromised, part of them, changed not through salvation and redemption but through denial and deconstruction. They the progressives want you and me to be like them. Now, and in days to come, they are ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish those progressive – radical – anti–American – anti–Christian objectives first through education, the political process but eventually, down the road, violence and physical force if necessary. Now more than ever WE THE CHRISTIAN PEOPLE and joined with all people of faith must:




The time is short, THE END TIMES ARE HERE! They have begun and they are real. The fulfillment of these last days may take months, years or more to fully happen. But the end of all things, so accurately and truthfully predicted by the Bible will occur. I do hope and pray that you are ready, that you have been fully repentant and redeemed, that salvation through Christ is yours and with that power of the Lord, and the armor of scripture, you are ready for the fight. I for one will never compromise my faith, never, no matter what. That is a belief I have even unto death and I hope you are the same way.


May God bless you, strengthen you and keep you safe in His love, mercy and protection. But, if you are called upon in this day and age to do so, I hope you like me are ready to put your:




Even unto death. Are you?

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