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Don Crawford

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A young man in his 20’s, a college student, founded one of the most successful companies in America and in fact the world.

The man was Mark Zuckerberg, once a Harvard student. Today, after a decade or so, Facebook has millions upon millions of users the world over. Zuckerberg technologically redefined the definition of FRIEND. Millions LIKE what they can see and hear on Facebook.

For those early years, every user assumed free access, an ability to post and publish anything in accordance with the constitutional right of free speech, and without censorship or shadow blocking. That was then. But not now.

Few Facebook users are aware of the fact that Zuckerberg and company have constructed what is termed a SECRET RULEBOOK. Like Tim Cook and his fellow APPLES, Facebook is intent on its own brand of censorship, blocking and preventing the free and open access of whatever they deem to be HATE SPEECH. Consequently, there exists this highly secret and internalized rulebook, some 1,400 pages long which provides guidelines for what can be posted and sent, or not. Whatever Facebook LIKES is posted and whatever it does not, IS NOT. It really doesn’t matter what you LIKE or what your FRIENDS like. But, only what Zuckerberg and company LIKE.

This secret censorship rulebook, again 1,400 pages long (wow) has been constructed by several dozen Facebook employees. Most of them are young, millennials, recent college graduates, highly progressive and of course Democrats, having no compunction whatsoever with regard to sanctioning, censoring and blocking conservative and religious content and blogs. These few Facebook employees have the most unbelievable censorship powers perhaps ever possessed by a small coterie of individuals, ever. It is frightening to think what the power of these few individuals can do. These self-ordained speech police meet every other Tuesday to add to and update their secret rulebook. These Facebook employees brainstorm rules with regard to what they view as acceptable speech. Their guidelines are then sent to more than 7,500 moderators around the world. They in turn exercise this Zuckerberg – Facebook – Radical –

Progressive censorship. Millions think that anything they post will be sent and read. NOT SO! If the censors don’t like what you posted, it won’t be seen. That is especially so for Christians and conservatives. More so than ever, their content is being monitored and banned. Facebook and its employees have an almost total disregard for constitutional freedoms and especially the freedom of speech and religion. They, like Tim Cook and Apple have set their own standards and define their own values. They engage in their own so-called CURATION processes and the freedom of speech we Americans take for granted is often completely ignored. High tech Silicon Valley can now rule the world in terms of speech and print.

One Silicon Valley pundit has said that the world role and power of Facebook has become so monopolistic, so powerful that it – Facebook:

Has become a force onto itself.”

Facebook is a for profit corporation, private, essentially operating without any government restriction or control, and can therefore do exactly what it wants. And does it ever make profit. Because it has no real competition, it can charge what it will and the Facebook user has no alternative but to pay. It is subject to the corporation’s rules and regulations without any means of protest or complaint. Like tens, even hundreds of millions of Facebook users, there is no recourse for SHADOW BLOCKING when Facebook exercises this extreme power, influencing public debate and policy perhaps more than any other company. The censorship is liberal, radical and Facebook like Apple defines speech which they regard as hateful, violent and extreme and all such is banned with impunity. There have been constant calls for government intervention and even control of the medium but so far, nothing from Washington. It is just simply unbelievable and alarming at the scope of the censorship reach of Silicone Valley.

So now, my fellow Americans, we are directly overseen, monitored and controlled in ways we do not recognize by these Silicone Valley corporations, these high-tech behemoths. Facebook for one has been confronted, challenged and attacked for its monopolistic and censorship tendencies. Zuckerberg and company have put on a happy face but Facebook essentially ignores the criticism censoring as it pleases knowing there is little or no recourse for those who complain. They continue, as one Silicon Valley observer noted, to create innovations that allow for policy to bypass government rule. Facebook decision makers are sensitive to antitrust and the traditional concern of the American government for the negative effects of monopolies. Facebook seems to know how to deal with government, keep Washington DC on the sidelines and continue to do whatever it pleases. If any user incurs the ire of Facebook or fails to conform to its standards and values, whatever they are, that user will be blocked or eliminated. Zuckerberg and Facebook have that censorship power and it grows and it gets more frightening by the day.

These leaders of billion-dollar tech industries in Silicon Valley, themselves billionaires and incredibly rich now are gathering the power to not only control but shape societies the world over. Their content will become the new norm, their values will be foisted upon society and anything to the contrary, like Christian or conservative thought, will be blocked or eliminated. Most people don’t realize that Facebook could face competition in the form of another similar service but for one thing. It would be unbelievably expensive no matter how many wealthy people would back the project and because of the monopolistic position of Facebook, most people would not discontinue their relationship with the company. And so, the monopoly grows and the censorship increases.

Ironically, the largest censorship capability IN HUMAN HISTORY is not any fascist or totalitarian government, but rather a handful of TECH OVERLORDS not abiding by the dictates of 1st Amendment of the Constitution but by their own personal standards, politics and lost for profit. Progressive giants like Zuckerberg, Cook and Gates can do virtually anything they want, at any time, and without consequences. They are rich beyond belief and those billions of dollars at their disposal give them the power to do whatever they want. These Silicon Valley giants are not conservative or Christian. They care nothing about absolutes, traditional morality or the standards of right and wrong, and good and evil, especially the Judeo-Christian ethic which have been the guidelines for our great country. In fact, they want them removed, excised and a new morality put in place, THEIR morality.

Silicon Valley is a resource of ingenuity and creativity, some of the brightest minds in our country and the world over live and work there. They are in fact technologically changing the world but they are doing so on their own terms and like the Fascists of old, they are engaging in conceptual book-burning intent upon controlling thought and morality, even shaping societies in new and aggressive ways. Perhaps the prime example is the Bible, the source of morality Judeo-Christian for some 3,000 years. It and all within it are anathema and these Silicon Valley censors are intent upon eliminating this great book and radically changing our very own society. And they will succeed unless we the people rise up, demand freedom of speech from these monopolistic companies, confront and demand our constitutional rights from Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Google and any other such company – service which would censor our constitutional rights. Great defenders of freedom like MEDIA RESEARCH COUNCIL (MRC) AND ACCURACY IN MEDIA (AIM) are leading the way. We should support them. And WE THE PEOPLE should rise up individually and collectively and confront these high-tech giants. If we fail to so now, it will be too late to do so in just a few years. Zuckerberg and others formed and attended a summit in Paris labeled TECH FOR GOOD. But the good was his good, the Zuckerberg – Facebook good, the Apple good, governed by these new values, these new morals, these new standards for hate speech, ignoring the precious rights and freedoms including and especially freedom of speech and religion. More of that to come my fellow Americans, much more.

If you are a Facebook user, make certain that what you post is sent and seen and NOT censored. Demand freedom of speech and expression and get others involved. Remember the words of President Ronald Reagan:


Don’t let Silicon Valley and the giant censors like Zuckerberg take away those freedoms!

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