Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


Abortion is first degree murder.

This brutal killing act is done with malice aforethought. The act is intentional, willful, purposeful. The abortionist intends to kill, plans the execution, carries it out with lethal instruments of destruction without any moral restraint or regret. The act of abortion is a classic example of:


If a jury were to see this savage and barbaric killing, the jury could well determine that the guilty executioner should receive the death penalty. Even as the abortionist executed the baby, the state should render the very same punishment, death for life. The life of this precious God-given baby was not spared. Why spare the life of the executioner.
But somehow, as a result of one of the great moral lapses in the history of this country, the right to kill a baby less than 9 months old was found to be a constitutional right by five men. 40 years ago, the moral code of the United States of America was changed forever. Kill a baby one minute outside the womb, murder. Kill that very same baby minutes before inside the womb, A-Okay, no problem. No crime, no sin, no consequences. After all, said the Supreme Court more than 40 years ago, we are not talking about a baby. This is only an 8 month, 3 week old MASS OF TISSUE. But minutes later, voila! A brand new baby God created comes into this world. No rights whatsoever for the mass of tissue, but the full rights of a human being for the baby born and out of the mother’s womb, all in the name of choice, women’s rights, and in this case now the newfound constitutional:


To me it is shocking, sickening, the height of immorality and it makes me angry. Frankly, my fellow Americans, I will not let this pass. Abortion is murder whether the executioner is Planned Parenthood or any other. Of course Planned Parenthood should be defunded by the federal government and our taxpayer dollars should be taken away. OF COURSE! Of course the sale of the lungs, liver, heart, eyes or any other part of a dead baby is a brutal and barbaric crime and criminals should be tried, convicted and the keys to the jail thrown away. Of course! But the real issue is a killing one, the abortion itself:


Were I to have the pleasure of prosecuting the abortionist, I would seek the death penalty. Abortion is the most brutal, barbaric, savage, uncivilized, heinous, evil, demonic, sadistic act anyone could carry out. No matter the great moral codes of all time, including the Torah, the Christian scriptures, even the Koran and the civilized mandate from time and memorial:


Our all-wise Supreme Court eviscerated the highest divine commandment and authorized the killings of innocent babies in 1973. Thank you Ms. Roe and thank you five black-robed Supreme Court justices. What a black day, dark and demonic for America for people of faith, for people of conscience, for people with real moral standards. Murder in the first degree, the murder of innocent babies has been the law of the land for 42 years. Thank you, Ms. Roe.

It took four videos of Planned Parenthood personnel discussing abortion killings and the sale of human baby parts to bring abortion once again to the attention of the American people. By the way, have you seen any of those four videos? Or even worse, have you ever seen a video of an abortion, especially a late-term abortion? If you ever do, you better have a very strong stomach. VERY STRONG! Moral depravity at its worst. The abortion mills are a business, a lucrative one at that. Killing babies can produce big bucks. But again, the harvesting and selling of baby organs is a crime after-the-fact. The real crime is abortion itself, the killing, the first degree murder. It is the crushing of the skull, the larynx, or other vital parts of the baby’s body. That’s the crime, the real crime. Too gruesome for you? A description and depicting of very possibly the worst criminal act not appropriate for a Christian radio station, or perhaps any other station? Imagine, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians, just imagine how the slaughtered baby felt. And that baby does feel. Not to worry say the liberals, the radicals, the immoral, and of course our Supreme Court. Not to worry because it is only a big MASS OF TISSUE. That killer I do believe one day will stand before the Almighty and account. I’d rather not be in those shoes. Can you imagine hearing the sentence of the true Supreme Court, the Supreme Creator of all mankind pronouncing the abortionist guilty of first degree murder and divine punishment meted out?

A mother of four shared her abortion experience with me. She was vulnerable, pregnant and unmarried. Others advised her to have an abortion. It sounded so “right-on at the time,” so she said. She reminded me of the Planned Un-Parenthood slogan:


Do you really want this, do you really want to give birth and have a child?

The procedure began and the woman “screamed in pain, shocked pain.” She so vividly described the sound her baby made as she (a baby girl) hit the bottom of the vacuum which performed the abortion. Hear her words:

“That wasn’t tissue. That was a head. It was solid enough to make a thud, a hard thud like that of a head hitting the bottom hard.”

Unbelievable, simply unbelievable. This incredible woman, now the mother of four children has this advice for other pregnant women:

“Please don’t let yourself be talking into an abortion like I was. It ends the life of your child and you have to live with that fact for the rest of your life, no matter how educated and liberal you are.”

What a fantastic testimony and the very best of advice. Have the baby God put inside you, HAVE IT!

And then there was twice abortive mother Abby Johnson, another listener to the Stand reminded me. Abby Johnson was a former Planned Un-Parenthood Director who encouraged abortion and had the procedure twice. Abby Johnson, said this listener, started the organization AND THEN THERE WERE NONE (ATTWN). The organization was formed to encourage people to leave the abortion mill industry and especially Planned Parenthood. If there were, Johnson believes, no abortion workers, doctors, nurses, techs, or even front desk ladies willing to work at Planned Un-Parenthood and other abortion mills, there would be no abortions! This good listener reminds us that over 180 workers have left the abortion industry since the conception of ATTWN. Fantastic. The organization is a resource for men and women who leave the abortion industry, giving them and their children safe harbor while they find another job. Even more fantastic, don’t you think? Doing something, anything, anything you can to stop this act of first degree murder called abortion. The act of abortion, the sound of the killing is there, always there “for the rest of your life.” Don’t let it happen. For if the baby born is unwanted, allow this precious, innocent God-given human being to be adopted and loved by another. Don’t kill it. Let it live in the loving arms of others.

But do something, anything! Do something. Another listener to the Crawford Stand said the following:

“I am doing something!”

He goes on to say:

“There is no large outcry from the Christian community.”

And is that ever so painfully true. We seem to passively accept, turn away and do nothing. Why, why do we let this happen? Where are the pastors, the Christian leaders, passionate Christians in the fight, constantly in the fight against abortion. Where are they? An occasional sermon against this demonic practice is simply not enough. Action, and aggressive action is required.

And yet another listener said as follows:


Prayer without action like faith without works is dead. I wonder if any such prayers without action are actually heard. For the command of Scripture is to:


Stand up and do something. At least says this listener:


Amen and amen. But even more. DO SOMETHING! Talk is everywhere but action, real action is so often missing. And again, this good listener said that she comes from a church with 2,000 members. They were encouraged to participate in a march against abortion. But sadly, she said:


Not one, only she. Sadly, she said:


Sadly, we are, so many of us. Do something, anything. When you do something, really do something, said one listener:


It does indeed, morally and spiritually feel good.

And yet another listener wrote his state Senator regarding Planned Un-Parenthood which he called BABY BUTCHERS. He asked his Senator to vote to defund Planned Parenthood, to take away federal monies, our tax dollars. The Senator, typical politician, liberal and pro Planned Parenthood sent back a form letter, in essence praising Planned Parenthood for all of the good they do and never once, not once in that letter was the issue of harvesting baby parts mentioned. The letter completely ignored the issue and of course the complaint of the writer. The form letter emphasized the following:


Nothing about the baby, nothing at all. Nothing about the brutal act of abortion, nothing at all. Nothing about the harvesting and selling of baby parts, nothing at all. What a Senator, one of 100, representing that great state and all Americans. What a disgrace that man is. In my view, this United States Senator is a:


And as guilty as any of the butchers at Planned Un-Parenthood who kill in the name of abortion. I do hope this listener who wrote this federal Senator will do everything possible to make sure that man is never reelected. Why would anyone vote for a man or woman who believes in and encourages the killing of innocent babies? By the way, where do your two United States Senators stand on this issue? Do you know? Find out and go after them if they champion Planned Parenthood and abortion. GO AFTER THEM!

And perhaps you could join the good efforts of Abby Johnson and the organization AND THEN THERE WERE NONE (ATTWN). More than 180 abortion workers have stopped killing. Maybe you could persuade others to get out and get on with LIFE. And by the way, where are the pastors? Where is their aggressive moral voice and more importantly their very own action? Where is the outrage when one of the most vital and prioritized of the 10 Commandments is violated, even encouraged. Where is the moral outrage? Perhaps you should ask your pastor and ask for action. Legalized abortion is just a nail in the moral coffin of the LATE GREAT AMERICA.

We are known as a civilization by how we treat the old and elderly on the one hand and the young and innocent on the other. We now have laws (ObamaCare) which will make it ever more difficult for the elderly to get the care they need. We now have legalized abortion which strips any kind of protection for the innocent unborn. What kind of society are we becoming? We are, as one woman well said, a society where:


Anything. Freedoms have turned into license, and in the case of abortion:


We are a country with a President who claims to be a Christian (do you believe that?) who champions, aggressively champions abortion. This President, this Christian President champions the gay agenda, the rights of LGBT at any cost. This Christian President promotes euthanasia, the so-called mercy killing. This Christian President does nothing to stop the slaughter of Christians worldwide, especially at the hands of radical Islam nor do he and his administration do anything about the incredible problem of human trafficking just to name some. This so-called Christian President champions abortion, abortifacients and so much else generally and in his legacy legislation ObamaCare. Do you really think that President Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian?

We were given by our forefathers in 1776 and 1787 a Republic, built upon a democratic foundation. It was, said one Ben Franklin, a Constitutional government with checks and balances, a Republic, said Franklin:


It was built upon a solid moral foundation which now erodes by the day. Do you really think we can keep our Republic, our way of life without firm and abiding moral standards? Can we do that when we grant a pregnant woman:


In the name of free choice, prochoice? Defunding Planned Parenthood is a given as an objective for people of faith. Stop the fall of our tax dollars. Stopping and criminally prosecuting those who harvest baby parts and sell them is a given. But the real crime, the worst of all is abortion itself, the killing, the committing of:


If we can not stop the practice legally, and we must find any and every other way to stop it. We must march, picket, educate, persuade, offer resources, help with birthing, provide financial, emotional and spiritual support, promote caring adoption centers and otherwise do anything, ANYTHING to stop this barbaric practice.

So, my fellow Americans, do something:


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