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Don Crawford

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Free Speech – The First Amendment


Are you listening CONGRESS, House and Senate?  And all you congressional agencies including and especially the IRS, the EPA, HUD, and especially the Department of Education?  Do you hear and understand those words in plain English?  Do you?

Congress, that would be you House and Senate and your agencies, all of you shall, no discretion or interpretation, make, that is legislate by law or by rule or regulation, NO, that is none, zero, nada, laws, or rules or regulations which in any way ABRIDGE, that is infringe or impinge upon much less take away the RIGHT, the inalienable, God-given, Constitutional freedom, the RIGHT of:


Speech is free, Congress, unabridged, not in any way curtailed, quarantined, sanitized, made politically correct, even if you choose to call it hate speech. Speech is free, inalienable and leave it alone Congress.


So say the Founding Fathers and so says our beloved Constitution.

Any politician who disagrees with the Constitution and especially the Right of Free Speech tries somehow, some way with some loophole to curtail that right, to redefine that right with new interpretation, new discretion, current with the times and not merely the product of an old fuzzy, stuffy group of ancient white men, the so-called Founding Fathers to formulate absolutes which govern our lives today, 2.5 centuries later.  Perhaps this current Constitutional manipulation and interpretation can be summed up in the words of now Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan:


Kagan, organic Constitutionalist like Obama where for them and those like them there are no absolutes, would, according to her statement not only curtail the rights of free speech, but actually take it away, no matter the Constitutional mandate of the First Amendment.  What a world, an ever-growing socialistic, progressive, radical, ultra-liberal world in politics, and the judicial which would seek to silence critical voices.  As Dr. David Jeremiah has so well said:


In many real ways, the ever-growing Constitutional problem of free speech curtailment, ABRIDGEMENT is the product of the judiciary.  Former President Barack Hussein Obama made 331 judicial appointments, 331!  Obama’s nominees alone now represent approximately one-third of all federal judges!  If you are an advocate of unfettered free speech as the Founding Fathers were, that is one scary number, is it not?  One-third of all federal judges.
As a result, according to the Brookings Institution, there are now approximately 92 liberal appellate judges and 75 conservative.  In addition to those numbers, there are now at or about 129 VACANCIES on the federal bench, 129!  Those vacancies can and should be filled by President Trump.  If Obama can appoint 331 judicial nominees, now it is time for Trump to fill those 129 vacancies with conservative justices even as Obama filled 331 judicial positions with liberal appointees.  Time to redress the imbalance, says the Wall Street Journal and the publication, with hope and full support announce the judicial CHANGE BACK with the headline:


And I for one say bring them on, don’t you?  If you believe in free speech, unfettered, unabridged, absolutely FREE speech, the Trump judges, all 129 of them should be conservative and should, like former Justice Antonin Scalia return to the originalism of the Founding Fathers, the actual textualism of the Constitution itself, without interpretation, and restore this precious inalienable, God-given right in full to the American people.  Otherwise, Congress and the courts will continue to make laws, or rules and regulations, or the courts liberally driven will with judicial activism make their own laws through decision making which will in fact water down, ABRIDGE, or even takeaway for some the right of free speech.

The Supreme Court dealt with the issue of free speech in a major way in its ruling in the case:


In that landmark decision, the court overturned any law which in any way restricted the free speech, the participation of any individual or entity in the political process and in fact, “opened the floodgates” for non-profits and corporations to speak freely and to participate aggressively in the public arena.  The decision was made even though these entities would bring considerable monies and influence to the political process.  No matter, said the course, it is a guaranteed Constitutional right for anyone or even anything-entity to speak freely and aggressively.  That allowed the left, the liberal to unleash the power of unions, and that allowed the right, the so-called conservative to unleash the political power and speech of the corporations profit and non-profit.  Money, large sums of it began to flow into the political process as never before.  But, according to the Constitution, free speech for all returned fully and without ABRIDGEMENT to the political process as the Constitution would have it.  Any individual or entity could now participate fully and freely in the political process from and after the year 2010.

When it comes to free speech, it is saddening to think in terms of what is happening in so many of our colleges and universities.  These liberal, even radical institutions, so many of them public institutions of education, construct what they term:


That is, you can only say what you want to say UNABRIDGED in certain zones setup for that speech but you, the student or anyone else is absolutely forbidden to speak freely, much less critically in the open, anywhere you wish.  Free speech is quarantined, limited and hold your tongue, students, especially if you may be critical of abortion, the gay agenda, euthanasia and the like.  That was happening in many cases in the great State of Colorado.  On April 4 of this year, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill that will prevent Colorado’s public colleges and universities from quarantining students expressive activities into tiny, misleadingly labeled FREE SPEECH ZONES.  Students at these oppressive universities had lost their First Amendment rights and lawsuits, at the expense of the taxpayer, abounded.  Said one proponent of the new law in Colorado:

“This new law will finally allow students of diverse backgrounds here in Colorado the ability to truly engage in the free flow of ideas.”

The liberal-radical universities may well experience the full Constitutional guarantee of the First Amendment once again.

I find it incredible that these universities can be so controlled by radical anti-First Amendment professors, administrators and officials.  How did these radicals gain such control and power?  It almost seems as though they have the unfettered right to introduce these speech codes and restrictions as they see fit.  Said one critic:

“While many speech codes are absurd, fighting them, even at colleges bound by the First Amendment, has required more than 60 LAWSUITS since 1989!”

60 lawsuits at taxpayer expense.  Unbelievable.  And more to come, all the time because somehow, some way the intellectual and educational power in this country of ours has shifted radically to the RADICALS who now make speech rules and establish speech codes.  Such conduct and the codes themselves foster bias and disrespect for others, virtually extinguish diversity of opinion, control and curtail (abridge) thought processes and the formulation of ideas and both obstruct and destroy what colleges and universities have been founded for, namely the cultivation of the mind and the intellect and the ability of young adults to:


A university education should teach a student how to deal with diversity, and criticism, and argumentation and dialogue, and rejection for if none of that occurs in the college setting, that student could never be prepared for THE REAL WORLD where argumentation, criticism and rejection are basic facts of life, real life in the real world.

So, the drumbeat from the left goes on, not only unabated but actually heating up, often fiercely so.  Intimidation rules.  Thought and the expression thereof seems guarded.  Our generation, especially the young, the millennials so they say, are conditioned to be careful, overly sensitive, far more concerned with not offending others rather than truly and freely expressing themselves.  Many are intimidated from even engaging in dialogue, the discussion of sensitive issues from all sides for fear of offending or for themselves rejection. That kind of intimidation academically driven is itself unconstitutional, an unlawful restriction and ABRIDGEMENT sometimes subtle and indirect of the right of free speech.  Our society, our so-called Democratic society and our blessed Republic can not survive as the Constitutional intends unless we have as our first and fundamental right and freedom:


There continue abridgements in the church.  Pastors are intimidated even forbidden by the so-called Johnson Amendment-Act from political discourse and position-taking in the church and especially from the pulpit under potential penalty of loss of tax-exemption.  The speech of millions is therefore abridged and Constitutionally so.  President Trump has issued an Executive Order expanding the right of religious speech and political speech from religionists.  Perhaps the pressure is off but the threat remains.  Whether corporation, profit or non-profit, or union, or any other entity or perhaps in our Judeo-Christian country the very religious institution or church itself, there should be absolutely no infringement, no abridgement of the right to our Constitutional First Amendment guarantee of:


After all, that right, that freedom is inalienable.  That is, eternal, forever and GOD-GIVEN.  Perhaps the right is given first to the church and those who believe in that God and then to all mankind.

I urge you, my fellow Americans, to know that First Amendment, to memorize it, hold it indelibly in your heart and head, defend it with all of your might and most importantly:


Healthy, controversial, constructive dialogue is now missing in America.  That right can only be BORN AGAIN if we the people stand up and make it happen.

Protect it, use it or lose it.  Never forget that:


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