Don Crawford

Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast


I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.


So say those who believe in the absolute, unadulterated, unabridged rights of the first amendment to the blessed USA constitution. I agree with that wholeheartedly, do you?


Today, however, public universities, education in general and even much of America think differently. If I disagree with what you say, I will not only not defend your right to say it, but I will do whatever it takes to STOP YOU FROM SAYING IT! my speech, what I believe is right or nothing at all. END of the first amendment, END of free speech, END of the first amendment of the constitution:





Founding fathers wrote the constitution. They did so in 1776 as representatives of WE THE PEOPLE. There objective was to “form a more perfect union.” They authored this document to ESTABLISH JUSTICE, justice for all. The constitution of the United States was written for the purpose of:




It was a marvelous document, brilliantly written by founding fathers who were determined to articulate the concepts of LIBERTY AND FREEDOM and provide for the beginning of a nation never before seen in the history of humankind. The basic document was formed, agreed upon by the greatest minds of the day, but in some ways lacking and incomplete. Then came necessary additions to that constitution in the form of AMENDMENTS. There were ten, the first ten which are collectively known as the:




Absolute rights, inalienable rights, God – given rights, fundamental, basic never to be changed, modified or abridged and never, EVER to be eliminated. NEVER!


They were born, all ten of them, and ratified in the year 1791. They became part of, these ten amendments, and absolutely fundamental to the body of the constitution itself. The first and most important amendment, AMENDMENT 1 contained some of the finest, most basic and necessary words ever written by mankind. You should know those words, my fellow Americans, you should know the first amendment to the constitution of the United States of America BY MEMORY. They are absolutely critical to the TREE OF LIBERTY as Thomas Jefferson so well said. For, without the first amendment and its freedoms, THERE IS NO FREEDOM! There is no democracy. There are no individual rights which matter without the five inalienable rights absolutely and unconditionally guaranteed by the first amendment to the constitution of the United States. Those incredible words of freedom should be etched in the minds and hearts of every American citizen, every young person, taught, explained and discussed in all of education at all times. For without those inalienable first amendment rights:





They contained those words did, an absolute restriction, a direct and unequivocal prohibition on the Congress, House and Senate, of the United States. The clear and unequivocal words of the first amendment forbad Congress from making any law (CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW) respecting an establishment of religion of prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The rule of law, the prohibition of the first amendment made absolutely certain that there would never be a congressionally determined national religion. Congress was forbidden to establish, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, any type of religion or any part thereof. Religion of any kind was the province of the citizens of the then 13 states and now 50.


But more, Congress, even more when it comes to religion. You, Congress, said the clear words of the first amendment cannot prevent, you cannot PROHIBIT in any way the free exercise of religion. Real religion can be practiced in any way, no matter what it is by the citizens of the United States of America (13) and Congress can never, ever, EVER prohibit in any way:




No matter those clear, unequivocal words and admonitions, the federal government and the CDC (CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL) shut down the churches in violation of that first amendment when COVID came. It was, many thought, a direct illegal, unlawful and dictatorial violation of the constitution. Many Pastors and religious leaders passionately disagreed with such a governmental order. One such first amendment champion was Pastor John MacArthur in the Los Angeles area, Southern California who kept open his church for worship and as a result, engaged in litigation with the federal government. That Pastor not only obeyed the WORD OF GOD, but championed the unconditional, unabridged and unalienable guaranteed rights of the first amendment with regard to religion and the practice thereof, including the right of assembly. MacArthur was the champion, the leader, the model in the fight for freedom the country over. FREEDOM OF RELIGION WAS THE FIRST AND INALIENABLE RIGHT OF EVERY CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES, the first and most important! For without freedom of religion, THERE ARE NO FREEDOMS! Remember that, my fellow Americans, the next time you go to church. Remember that, and him, the Reverend John MacArthur.


And more, much more to this incredible first amendment, an amendment to unalienable freedoms.


Then came:




You, Congress and by extension the 13 states and those to join later, were absolutely, unconditionally for in any way, direct or indirect:




Every citizen can say what he or she wishes at any time, anywhere and with any content, and nothing Congress can do, no law can be passed which would in any way prevent or restrict that freedom of speech for Congress was absolutely forbidden from in any way:




Any speech is free, ANY. No matter how derisive, disagreeable, attacking, vulgar, confrontational, angry, critical of America and even this very blessed constitution, no matter the speech, nothing and no one including and especially Congress can stop it, abridge it, prevent the citizens of the United States from saying what they want, when they want, where they want. Any attempt to do so, much less law to that affect is absolutely forbidden and ABSOLUTELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!


No matter, somehow, the Congress of the United States and other legislatures have adopted what they term:




No matter the constitution, no matter the clear and unequivocal prohibition to do so, if speech is regarded as politically hateful, that can be stopped directly or perhaps more effectively, indirectly through litigation, lawsuits and financial penalties.


HATE SPEECH which abridges the freedom of speech and expression is absolutely unconstitutional! Surprisingly and sadly, Americans, right thinking, freedom loving Americans do not rise up, protest, and demand that any legislature anywhere not violate the first amendment, in no way ABRIDGE the fundamental freedom of speech for when any speech is abridged, that is the beginning of the end of FREE SPEECH GENERALLY, and in so many ways, my fellow Americans, the end of FREEDOM OF RELIGION. For, there can be no freedom of religion without freedom of speech.


The Holy Bible, the WORD OF GOD condemns intentional killing and consequently ABORTION, and all things unnaturally (biologically) sexually, and consequently gay marriage and gay sexuality – life style, even so-called mercy killing among others and even now, some think the bible a compilation of hate speech in various forms and whether gospels, torah, even quran, seek to label any such teachings as hateful, compilations of HATE SPEECH. As such, these hateful individuals now begin to do their best to band and condemn such teachings no matter the beliefs of others. Radicals, anti-Americans purpose to do away with all religions and anything religious including the bible with the objective of establishing a purely secular society, a religion – less society. It is happening now slowly but surely.

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