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Don Crawford

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Freedom Part 2

So, my fellow Americans and my fellow Christians and in fact all people of faith, you should know by heart, by memory the inalienable rights which the first amendment confers upon you and me as citizens. You should champion those words; you should discuss and educate with those words. For AGAIN, without them and the rights they convey, there is no FREEDOM. There is no DEMOCRACY!

You and yours should adopt the motto:

“I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”


No matter, censorship and cancel culture go about their evil, suppression ways. Radicals, anti-Americans never sleep. They are always at work abridging, determined to take power and control and do away with democracy. They apply George Soros’ tactics, destroy what they can, rewrite history, destroy monuments and legacy, and foster ILLIBERALISM wherever possible. They care nothing for the rights of the fourteenth amendment which guarantees all Americans:




These hateful radicals wish to do away or greatly restrict the privileges and immunities of the fourteenth amendment available to every American citizen. They are haters of America and what it stands for and they are determined to change, radically change, America, democratic and freedom-loving America any way they can.


Ironically, college and universities are the greatest suppressors of free speech in our culture. They should be bastions of free speech, the free exchange of ideas, any ideas, wrestling with speech of all kinds but so many are exactly the opposite. At the university of California, Berkeley, for example, antisemitism, the epitome of hate speech, exists in virulent form. So much so that UC Berkeley actually created what they termed:



They fore bad, these university officials did, any pro-Israel speaker at any event. And in fact, went to the extreme of championing a pro-Palestinian group, clear evidence of the hatred of the university of anything Jewish. They were against anything ZIONISM. So much for an environment which has been established, in terms of education, to welcome and discuss diverse points of view. Ironically, the dean of UC Berkeley, Erwin Chemerinsky is JEWISH! This new policy and bylaw will prevent the very dean of the school himself from speaking at any events! This odious, illegal and unconstitutional policy and action by this ultra-liberal university is typical of what is coming, and even now on the way with regard to the suppression of free speech. You and I, my fellow Americans must be ever so vigilant, on the watch for this suppression, for eventually, it will find its way into the churches and into Christian theology. You can count on that.


Christians are admonished to fight the fight of faith.


The weapons are different. They are not weapons of destruction, or war, but:



We are, as the apostle Paul so well said, not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, not ashamed to preach it, testify to our faith for in fact it is the power of God unto salvation. And it is available, said Paul, to THE JEW FIRST and then to the Gentile. Stand up, my fellow Christians, stand up not with weapons but words! THERE CAN BE NO FREEDOM OF RELIGION WITHOUT FREEDOM OF SPEECH! It would not be necessary to take away freedom of religion if somehow, there is no longer freedom of speech.


THE SON OF MAN fought constantly with the pharisees. They were, for him, spiritual enemies. He fought with the power of the gospel WITH WORDS, not actions. He confronted, challenged and convicted not with swords and spears, but the words of the power of the gospel, the truth of almighty God. He called them what they were, vipers, snakes, white as sepulchers, adorned on the outside with nothing on the inside. But words, always words, no harmful or hateful deeds and HE won, Triumph. For his words were the words of truth, ultimate truth and the truth of his words, his preaching and message live vibrantly and passionately today as then.


His words were revolutionary, radical for the time. Men and women were, he clearly stated, SINNERS, regarded as hateful at the time and now, today, perhaps even more so. So much so that those who hate religion, Christianity, and the message of the gospel regard HIM and his words as hateful, real hate speech for calling any person a sinner. You can count on more of that, much more of that, in so many ways.


Back to the first amendment. These modest collections of inalienable, unchangeable, fundamental words not only guarantee freedom of religion and freedom of speech but

also FREEDOM OF PRESS. Print what you want, publish anything you wish. Send it, distribute it, mail it and do it again, and again and over again without any censorship or suppression. NONE! Reprint the Bible, Christian books, pamphlets against abortion, championing the biblical view of all things UNNATURAL, and anything else, ANYTHING. Print it freely so says the constitution.


And more from that blessed first amendment:


Gather together peacefully, anywhere, anytime including and especially church, religious events, political rallies. Assemble anywhere you wish FOR ANY PURPOSE! Congress and no legislative body can prevent that! And finally:



Complain to the government, request, disagree with, make your thoughts and ideas known. Stand up, be heard, without fear of intimidation or retribution. PETITION-SPEAK OUT! It is your inalienable right.


Memorize, my fellow Americans and fellow Christians, this precious first amendment. Discuss it, think about those five freedoms. Think about the prohibitions to legislation, congressional action. Rejoice in those freedoms. Protect and defend them for:



Radicals, hateful anti-Americans count on the fact that WE THE PEOPLE, you and I are IGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED





SHOW THEM THEY ARE WRONG MY FELLOW AMERICANS, SHOW THEM. Stand up my fellow Christians, unashamed of the gospel, champions of the constitution and protect and defend the incredible freedoms of the first amendment to our constitution.

And in fact, the entire BILL OF RIGHTS and the constitution itself. It is both your duty and privilege. Show the freedom haters that you are not ignorant, that you know the constitution and your inalienable rights, that you are not afraid, that you are willing to put all on the altar, knowing that you are not alone, that there are millions upon millions like you and will stand up and fight the fight of faith with words with you. The loss of freedom is only one generation away. Let us, we the people of this generation, show all of our fellow citizens and the world at large that WE are the lovers, the protectors, the defenders of:





Freedom, any and all freedoms once lost is lost FOREVER!

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