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Don Crawford

President of Crawford Broadcasting and the voice of the STAND Podcast

Gave Them Over

WE THE PEOPLE, citizens of America privileged to be so, have been a free people in a free country for 244 years.

Our freedom journey began in the great year 1776. Our Four Fathers fought for that freedom and so many died in the attempt. In the process, there came about incredible documents, the one our very precious DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. The other, our beloved one–of–a–kind CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Our freedoms embodied in those documents and amendments were given to us divinely so, inalienable rights from our CREATOR, and essential and fundamental rights of all mankind. The creators of those documents and those who verbalized our original and initial freedoms fought for the right to live free. Now it seems in America 2020, 244 years later, that we who believe in those freedoms must fight again to retain them. They are under attack from so many sources and in so many ways, and we now face head on the answer to the question and challenge of Founder Benjamin Franklin who with so many others was so proud of the freedoms we had, and challenged us to:


That challenge has never been greater. Our freedoms have never been more in danger. Socialism looms, or more. Rule of law is broken with impunity. Constitutional rights are trampled upon. Healthy and respectful diversity is replaced with an angry, aggressive even militanttribalism. Irreparable division replaces true diversity and violence, physical and verbal is among us at every turn. First of all, freedom of speech, that most important inalienable right in the First Amendment of our Constitution is not only attacked, but curtailed, restricted, ABRIDGED no matter the constitutional prohibition and free speech is no longer tolerated if someone deems it to be hate speech. And without free speech, all other freedoms die, ALL! And that so surely includes:


The Romans, rulers of the world in the time of Jesus and Paul had turned completely corrupt morally, politically and culturally. Roman lifestyles were lascivious, depraved and decadent so much so that the Apostle Paul in his letter to the Romans stated that:


to that incredibly lascivious and sinful way of life and in essence, withdrew from them. And what they did, how they lived only got worse. It seems they delighted in any form of perversion and the more and the worst the better. They denied the existence of God, even to the point of making CAESAR God. Those early Romans hated the name of Jesus and anything Christian. They were softened, spoiled no longer the robust, aggressive and feared roman empire. They were no longer, like America, the shining light set on a hill, an example for all to see. Rome, the once eternal empire, eroded and eventually disappeared. Many think that is the path of America today, the journey which will end America as we now know it.

It seems to many today that God has at least begun the process of:


We the Americans to the perverse and lascivious way of life we seem to have adopted. We have like the Romans of old become a permissive society:


The cultural structure of old, morality as it was defined, and social assumptions change by the day. Godless, even those who hate the notion of God carry the dialogue and form the new morality (immorality). Our era is characterized by lawlessness, a complete disrespect for law enforcement, for constitutional restrictions and freedoms and a total disregard for the rule of law of any kind. It seems as though men and women of goodwill have abandoned the marketplace of ideas and freedoms to those who would destroy them. The good have abandoned the political arena, or lost control and influence, and the Godless, the immoral have taken over. And this, tragically enough, may only be the beginning. It seems clearly so that the worst is yet to come.

Recently, Dr. James Dobson, he formally of Focus on the Family and now the leader, director and speaker of FAMILY TALK issued an open letter in July to fellow believers everywhere. Jim Dobson is an outstanding Christian, scholar and psychologist, having spent 14 years as an Associate Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, and the author of some 30 books. No one questions his credentials. The Crawford Broadcasting Company played a large role in the founding, broadcasting and spreading of Focus on the Family and we have been proud to do so with Dr. Dobson the same for Family Talk. One good man, a real and true servant of our Lord is Dr. James Dobson.

He reminds us in that July open letter of examples in history where peoples and societies became so wicked, so irredeemably evil at the core that GOD GAVE THEM OVER. They were like the early Romans, which the Apostle Paul identified in Rome in his time in his letter to the Romans Chapter 1:18-32. The Hearts of the Romans had become so hardened God actually left them to their own devices. He gave them over and HE was gone. They were given over to a depraved mind. Their hearts and minds were filled with every kind of wickedness. They became evil to the core. They were full of deceit and malice, so said Paul. They became arrogant, slanderous and they became:


They were infected with severe pride. And, says Paul, they even began to invent new ways of doing evil in their totally corrupt minds. The old evil was not enough.

They became ruthless and faithless these Romans of Paul’s time. These Romans were on a sure course to destruction and, sure enough, that happened. Such a wicked, Godless way of life, immorality run rampant can never survive. Like Paul, Dr. James Dobson poses the hypothetical that America seems to be on the very same Roman path to destruction. He says so poignantly:

“How can we miss the similarity between then and now?”

Dr. Dobson goes on to say:


And it surely is for our own degeneracy seems to do nothing but increase.

In the day of Noah, so says the Old Testament, mankind died in a flood that covered the earth, that is, all but one, Noah and his family. All the rest, gone.

And then there was Sodom and Gomorrah. Again, one survivor, Lot and his daughters.

And Jerusalem, utterly destroyed by the Babylonians which marked the beginning of Babylonian captivity for 70 years, no matter the warnings of the WEEPING PROPHET JEREMIAH. America may be next. God seems well on the way to GIVING US OVER to this NEW NORMAL MORALITY where:


Dr. James Dobson, like the Apostle Paul of old, bewails American PERVERSIONS. Pornography exists everywhere, so that America has become the “pornography capital of the world.”

And there is the growth of pedophilia, now even sanctioned to some extent by Godless psychologists.

And there is of course rampant infidelity, immorality and new sexual freedoms at every turn.

There continues to be the importation of young girls and women who then become sex slaves. What an abomination.

And illegal drugs, more addictive and more powerful than ever, are everywhere, readily available and corrupting the bodies of old and young with impunity. And there is lawlessness and a disregard of the law growing by the day. And of course greed, financial greed but also the lust for power and control, substantial enemies to democracy. And violence and more of it at every turn. Old notions of safety in America no longer exist.

Our educational systems and institutions rewrite history and the rules of learning with impunity. The history of old is done away with and of course deeply disrespected.

And, Paul identifies and bewails what was then and as it is now the UNNATURAL. Paul, like Dr. James Dobson, refers to this sexual conduct as sexual impurity, impurity that degrades their bodies. Says Paul, women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. And men, also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men, says Paul, committed indecent acts with other men so much so that:


And that UNNATURALNESS continues and grows aggressively, even protected by newly found constitutional rights.

And then there is abortion, baby killing. That is also constitutional as it has been for almost one half century in the now infamous Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade. Dr. James Dobson reminds us that there have been 60 million babies “whom the creator was knitting together in their mother’s wombs,” slaughtered by the abortionist’s knife. James Dobson so eloquently states the end result:

“Their blood calls out to the creator from the ground in which they lie.”

All of this sounds like America has no hope. That, as a free society, morally based, founded on Judeo – Christian principles, constitutional and rule of law abiding, that day and age is over and in the words of the most evil man on the face of the earth George Soros:


Destroyed. The wrath of God at work.

But, my fellow Americans, there is hope. God can and will bless America once again but there are conditions, firm and strict. If we are the people of the great God Jehovah and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ, then WE THE PEOPLE can only request and receive the blessing of God if we do the following:


Think about those conditions. We are a most arrogant, prideful nation and people and it is so difficult for us to humble. Perhaps we pray, but will we, the way we are and the way we live, be heard. And seek the face, the love and wisdom of God Almighty. Do we do that with all of our hearts, and minds, and strength as we are required?

But the real condition is turn from our wicked ways. Turn. That is up to us. That is our choice to do so or not. So far, we have not! We can continue to commit evil, and we all do or we can be guilty as CONSPIRATORS in the commission of evil by not doing anything, DOING NOTHING to stop it. We cannot expect the blessings of God on us and America unless we proactively and aggressively turn from evil, first ourselves and then our country. We do so little in that regard.

But if all four conditions are met, humble, pray, seek and turn, THEN AND ONLY THEN WILL WE BE HEARD IN OUR PRAYERS AND SUPPLICATIONS. Only then will we be forgiven and only then, hear these words carefully will:


Then and only then. If we do not heed these warnings and 2 Chronicles 7:14, then surely, God will give us up, GIVE US OVER to our wicked ways and abandon us. So, it is up to US. There is an enormous amount of work to be done, morally, culturally, politically and spiritually if WE THE PEOPLE with the help of Almighty God can expect to turn or rather return America to the shining light on the hill it once was. I for one pray so sincerely that we do that although I know how difficult it will be. We the people of faith seem to be softened, unwilling to FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH. But we must. We have no choice. I pray that you will put on the armor of faith, run the race and fight the fight so that, once again we can expect that in fact:


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