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Green New Deal

Have you heard of that, THE GREEN NEW DEAL? Have you?

I hope you have and I hope you have taken the time to read about the Green New Deal. Because, if a Democrat is elected President of the United States in 2020, WE THE PEOPLE will live under the terms and conditions of this brutal and astonishing proposal, so help you Elizabeth Warren.

You would think that the Green New Deal would refer to the environment, mother nature, green grass and trees. But, in fact, it is anything BUT. The Green New Deal is an attempt to revive the old NEW DEAL of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and make it green for the times. But the bottom line of the Green New Deal is to take every greenback from your wallet. A progressive – socialistic democratic President and Congress could. And it will if they are elected.

The core of the Green New Deal calls for the end of capitalism. Capitalism is of course the economic system which drives our economy and structures our lives. The radical socialism of the Green New Deal would do away with capitalism altogether. And with it would go opportunity and an incredible amount of freedom. Choices about business, earnings, investment, risk taking and creativity would all be controlled by the government and you and I would have no freedom, no opportunity to do as we wish. That is, to pursue:


Gone with the wind, or rather with this new – old government controlled scheme. Thank you Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and of course the irrepressible Bernie Sanders.

The government, God forbid, would take over everything, every single aspect of our economy and govern the American life and lifestyle in every way possible. CHOICE would be gone. And taxes. You may think they are high now in some ways. But if there is a Green New Deal at work in America, Democrats would reinstate the old NEW DEAL tax rates which, if you can believe this, would go as high as 90%! Think about that my fellow Americans. You could under this proposal earn hypothetically one dollar and from that dollar, you would take home:


Surprisingly enough, this democratic bit of platform insanity, as one pundit called it, even alarmed the rabidly pro Clinton political strategist Mark Penn who called the plan:


That is, flat out COMMUNISM. Unbelievably, the Green New Deal would drive the strategies, thinking, philosophies and political demands of MARX AND LENIN deep into the lives and lifestyles of WE THE PEOPLE. No more democracy, but an aggressive and progressive socialistic governmental structure. No more Constitution and its freedoms but only what the state would dictate. No more rule of law except what this rule by the FIVE FOR FIVE would dictate. No more republic with its checks and balances but the beginning and the implementation of a dictator state.

And listen to this my fellow Americans. One section of this democratic platform proposal calls for only people from “front–line and vulnerable communities and workers will plan, run and administer all of these massive Green Deal programs!” Nothing is more communistic, more Stalin–like. You and I would no longer have any power of the vote but this democratic proposal would establish identity politics groups with the power to make political, cultural and economic decisions which affect all of our lives. That so in so many ways whether or not these workers and front–liners have any experience, expertise or knowledge of the matters. Unbelievably scary stuff, is it not?

By the way, Mao Zedung when in power slaughtered 60 million of his own people in China so that he could set up what he viewed as this kind of socialistic paradise. But, that can’t happen in America, you say. Well, can’t it?

Listen to more of this Green New Deal. It calls for the elimination of all air travel within 10 years. Can you believe that? Are you listening Boeing and all the tens of thousands of good and productive air travel workers? Such a proposal is so irrational, absurd that it is simply hard to believe. WHY? Fossil fuel pollution? Why in ten years when the earths population may approach 8 billion people would all be required never again to travel by air? Why, Warren, Booker, and Harris and the Democratic party’s leadership:


And more. Also within ten years, there would be a mandate, a legal requirement that all missions from manufacturing and transport would be eliminated. There would be none. And therefore, there would be no more manufacturing and transport as we know it. If you owned an automobile that used gasoline, travel by that vehicle would be banned. Read junkheap. Can you imagine the loss of jobs and the displacement of human beings all of which would by the tenets of the Green New Deal occur by the year 2030, ten short years from now? Insanity, Democrats, insanity.

And more. This radical, Marxists plan would require the rebuilding of every building in America to conform with all new standards determined of course by these new radical socialists. Cities would be rebuilt. Lifestyles would be radically changed. And government, these Marxist visionaries would control everything, EVERYTHING!

And this is stunning. The Green New Deal would provide a guaranteed income even for young, healthy and capable citizens who:


In other words, one could grow up and spend the rest of his or her life on the government dole without working a single day! You and I, the workers, the real producers in America would pay for all this my fellow Americans. Remember the call for taxation up to 90%?

And more. The Green New Deal would ban all fossil fuels, that is oil and gas within 10 years. If you have a home heated by oil or gas, NO MORE! Whether solar, perhaps nuclear or some other form of energy, you would be required to change over your entire home at an unbelievable expense or go cold in the winter. Where, I ask, did these people come from, where?

And these modern day Marxists would require all new jobs to be union jobs. No more choice. There would no longer be the right or opportunity of an individual to do as he or she wished but only through the priorities and standards of a union. That of course is simply another way to control and to make certain that there is the full and final end of CAPITALISM! Work where you are told and how you are told.

And this proposal is really scary. There would no longer be any BORDERS FOR AMERICA. Anyone who wants to walk into America from anywhere, no matter who they are, can do so and stay without expulsion. Our country would then live in legal chaos which would give the Marxists – Democrats an even greater opportunity for control.

How can any sensible person, any true American, any Democrat, any person who believes in economic freedom even contemplate the possibility of voting for these people, these Marxists, how? They and so much of their democratic party are just simply anti–American. They have little or no respect for WE THE PEOPLE. They want to control us and everything about us. They want to do away with traditional America and all that it stands for. And if, God forbid, they are elected as President, with control of the Senate and the House:


End of democracy my fellow Americans and back to the ECONOMIC STONE AGE. You should know, you must know what these Democrats propose. At the heart of this radical party is not just socialism, but communism. Marxism. The thinking, values and priorities of Marx, Lenin, Stalin and dictator – butchers like them. They will never rest until they control you and me and in the words of the most evil man on the face of the earth one George Soros:


Don’t let it happen in 2020 my fellow Americans. You must vote and you must vote right. Think about that even now for the campaigns for Americas future are well under way. We should turn our mottos from God Bless America to God Help America. The God of the Constitution will pay no attention to us unless we help ourselves. Unless we stand up, and resist, and fight, and take back control of our great country and:


It’s your country. It’s your family, children, grandchildren and friends. So, American citizen:


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