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Don Crawford

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Gullible Americans


Maybe we are or maybe we have become gullible. At least former General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev so thought. And he had no problem telling us and the world that we were!

Khrushchev went on in his 1964 rant against America and Americans to say the following:

“No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism.”

Talk about an evil prophecy about to come true.

But in so many ways, so many Americans are in fact GULLIBLE. We do indeed swallow stuff politically, culturally and spiritually which so many other nations would not. So many of us are civically ignorant or indifferent. We really don’t know politics, we really don’t study the issues and so many of us fail to participate in the political process no matter an opportunity. We depend upon others and we delegate the critical things about our country to them. In a gullible and apathetic way, we elect our politicians, our leaders, and we give them all the authority of the elected position and all they can take in addition, so that we can go about our lives, live the good life and enjoy the astounding benefits which America offers. Small wonder General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev stated to us in the world:


And apathetic, and indifferent, and ignorant politically especially of our beloved Constitution and the freedoms it bestows. Khrushchev knew how fragile democracy was and unless it was fully protected by staunch patriots day and night, it could certainly be taken away by revolution but as easily by evolution, the evolving of gullibility and apathy.

Fifty-five years ago, Khrushchev knew then that we the Americans would not accept communism outright. Then as now, we surely would not. Communism is brutal dictatorship, with the potential to kill millions upon millions as it has already done. We the people would never accept communism, the absolute end of democracy for there is within each of us a certain sense of the value of freedoms, a DNA component of the rule of law, fairness and the rights of mankind, inalienable as a result of having been bestowed by our creator. We believe that, we live that, we expect that and in

times past, we were once willing to fight for the preservation of that. But Khrushchev, were he alive today would bet the survival of the old USSR that we Americans would never fight, or put our all on the alter in order to preserve and protect our cherished way of life and the freedoms we enjoy. Khrushchev knew that Americans, so many civically indifferent, could be fed SMALL DOSES of socialism day after day, year after year, indifferent to the ultimate consequences. Those who hated capitalism, constitutionalism and democracy could whittle away those cherished freedoms, our democratic, fully elected governments so that first, socialism would occur, and then the ultimate objective:


and with that the end of America, THE END! Then and only then, said Khrushchev would we the people wake up and realize what had happened. Then, it would be too late and communism would prevail. Socialism, said Khrushchev, even if fed to Americans in small doses was only the prelude to an aggressive, all out, controlling COMMUNISM!

How right he seems to be. There is already at work in America the beginning of socialism. The agents, open and avowed of this SMALL DOSAGE CHANGE is the Democratic Party. Listen carefully, most carefully my fellow Americans to what virtually every Democratic candidate for President says. The proposals and platforms for America from Sanders, Warren, Booker, Harris, and even the moderate Biden are riddled with socialist concepts and priorities. Any Democratic candidate elected President would greatly increase taxes in order to destroy the wealthy and redistribute their wealth. There would be Medicare and medical treatments of any and every kind for all, SINGLE PAYER at work everywhere at a cost so great no American could afford it. Wealth would be destroyed. Capitalism would be severely curtailed or even eliminated. The now American Dream would turn into a nightmare. There would be no real opportunity, control everywhere. The motivation to succeed and achieve would be weakened and work ethic, no matter how serious or committed, would be controlled by the state. The practice of religion would be monitored and controlled. The Constitution would be ignored and legislatures and judges would remake the law. It would eventually be as the writer George Orwell predicted in his great book 1984 the end of capitalism, constitutionalism and democracy. We the people would have, as Khrushchev so well predicted:


Some say we can prevent the socialistic Democratic Party from taking over with our vote 2020. But, our votes seem never to be really objective, based on facts, on the real issues, constitutional issues, protecting the freedoms we now enjoy and especially the freedom of religion, speech, assembly and press. For we are so influenced by a liberal, radical – progressive media, and by equally liberal Hollywood, and the now virtually fully corrupted academia, and unions, and big corporations and so many OTHERS which really sway the way we think and consequently vote. We so often vote personalities (I don’t like Trump). But we never really examine the accomplishments of the Trump Administration because the media and the political elites will not let us. We seem easily swayed, ready to believe what these politicians say (Harris: I am not a socialist), even though she is. Was she or any like her to come to office, especially the office of President, we would not only be fed “small doses of socialism,” but in four

years, very large doses as well. When we finally wake up and realize what has happened, not only would we have turned socialistic but we would be:


But it seems we continue in our gullibility to stay out of politics, failing to participate, run for office or otherwise serve where decisions are made in order to protect our basic freedoms. We think we are not qualified (gullibility), others more so and those others determined to get power and so many radical, progressive socialists at heart then make critical and fundamentally–changing decisions for our lives (The Equality Act). And, one freedom after another is tarnished, reduced, controlled or even eliminated while we are POLITICALLY SOUND ASLEEP. We will, as Khrushchev so well predicted, wake up too late.

And when we do wake up, we the people, we will find that Khrushchev was right and that:

“We already have communism!”

Not just socialism, bad enough, but communism, the absolute end of our beloved America. And the police state will come (Orwell: 1984) and we will spend the rest of our lives LOOKING OVER OUR SHOULDER. Big brother will be there watching every minute after we finally WAKE UP.

Gullible Americans really seem to hate to hear such a message. So many of us would rather slumber on, indifferent to the so-called scare tactics, assumptive about our freedoms, ignoring any opportunity, any little opportunity to serve America and do something, anything for its growth and preservation. We seem not to have the courage to stand up and fight back. Our attitude seems to be that this just simply can’t happen in America. No matter the fact that it can and it actually is! Khrushchev was right when he said:


And they won’t. The successor Russia to the old USSR, now Putin rather than Khrushchev, will not have to send their nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles to destroy America for all that we are will have been eaten away by the carnivorous socialism turned communism. NO MILITARY ACTION WILL BE REQUIRED! And here then the conclusion of Khrushchev to his prophetic utterance:


So, we now say impossible. The Trumpian economy is the longest and best economy America has ever enjoyed, EVER! True indeed. But if any, ANY of the Democratic Party candidates running for President are elected in 2020, that special economy could virtually end overnight as socialism embeds itself into every aspect of American life. Our economy can become so weakened that America can become impotent on the world scene and even internally. Government, whether socialistic or potentially communistic, will control everything and like OVERRIPE FRUIT, America will fall into

the hands of the committed socialistic and communistic countries like Russia. IT CAN AND IT WILL HAPPEN UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE:


Wake up and stand up before socialism takes over. WAKE UP before the dire predictions of Khrushchev come true. Wake up from our apathy. From our GULLIBILITY! Put an end, my fellow Americans to this so called:


where the lie prevails, where anything goes! Where the rule of law is tarnished every day. Where constitutional rights erode. WAKE UP!

The fight is on, on big time. This radical – progressive Democratic Party is taking that fight to us, we the people, traditional Americans, constitutional Americans who are the majority but never act like it. We let them, the radical – progressive minority take over in so many ways. We have lost the courage, strength and commitment of the patriots of old, the patriots of 1776. And unless we get that courage back, there will be no future for our children or grandchildren, NONE! It is time now, to stand up, NOW. To be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE. For once those freedoms are lost (Reagan), they are gone forever. Socialism is a philosophy and political concept for losers. Communism is an evil philosophy for dictators. Now comes the choice, NOW. Will WE THE PEOPLE continue gullible, apathetic, indifferent and civically ignorant or will we stand up, WAKE UP and FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH AND FREEDOM, and take our citizen and civic duties and responsibilities more seriously than ever. It is up to you. That is a decision you must make.

WHAT WILL YOU DO? It is your America and with it the future of your children and grandchildren. WHAT WILL YOU DO?






Then I will hear and I will heal their land.

There is the promise of the God of all creation. Ready for this healing, standing by our side. But, in humility, and with much prayer, and searching for divine wisdom and guidance and most importantly turning from our “wicked ways” in order to experience that divine power. First, then, we need to turn from our wicked ways, from this era of post truth, from the evils of communism and the erosions of socialism, creating a rebirth of morality and values, the old American way, the most aggressive REVIVAL possible as we stand for:


Will you? I do hope and pray that you will.

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