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Guns, the Police



Sounds like a trainer telling a boxer how to attack his opponent, does it not? Actually, it’s one woman giving instructions as to how to shoot a gun in self-defense, to another woman. It has come to just that, my fellow Americans, in our very own beloved country. Women by the tens of thousands are concerned with their safety, sexual abuse, harassment and domestic abuse as well. If, they say, the police will not protect them, they will have to find a way to protect themselves. Owning and being able to skillfully use a weapon in self-defense is for many the very best way to do just that.


Studies show that some 3.5 million women became gun owners from January 2019 through April of 2021. That is an all-time high number of women self-purchasing and in so doing, they make the statement that:




Much of this female angst can be attributed to fears driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and the racial protests, so often accompanied by violence. Since the killing of George Floyd, say many, our country has been divided and there is a divisive and dangerous atmosphere which exists in so many parts of America.


Among these new women gun owners, 21% were Black and 19% were Hispanic, themselves concerned for their safety and that of their families. Women sought training in the use of firearms and went to places like GIRL AND A GUN, a San Diego chapter of female training in the use of firearms founded by one Judi Wells. She was the altar of that memorable saying:




Chapters like this advise women as to how to prepare and file background check information, the type and gun most suitable for them to purchase, securing a carrying permit and then most importantly, training in the use of the weapon. It is physical and psychological protection for so many women. One woman, Kanisha Johnson, was shot by her husband and almost killed in the process. Ms. Johnson said the following:


“If any type of situation like that ever happens again, I just want to be better protected.”


Another woman sought training in firearm usage after she had watched protests against police brutality devolve into looting and burning cars in a neighboring San Diego suburb. She and others like her were greatly concerned that so many aggressive movements nationwide to DEFUND THE POLICE would lessen the ability of law enforcement to render efficient and timely protection when necessary. Said yet another new female gun owner:


“You drive into a riot, which we have seen on TV, at least you have a fighting chance.”


So many women are intimidated in the purchasing of a weapon for they are usually large and cumbersome for female usage. The gun industry has tried to address that problem by adopting a manufacturing strategy which they termed:




Producing smaller hand guns in brighter colors.


There is indeed anger in many parts of America against the police and law enforcement of all sorts. As a result, police officers resign with regularity and private security seems on the grow. Crime in some cities, like Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Chicago is on the rise. In Philadelphia for example there are now more than 415 murders in nine months and there are seemingly little that the police can do to prevent more. The problem of the actual crimes themselves is compounded by District Attorneys who are soft on crime, do not prosecute diligently, recommend lenient bail, and early release from prison. If say so many women everywhere, and especially those who are city-dwellers, the police will not protect us, we will protect ourselves. Gun purchases, sometimes more than one per person, are at an all-time high the country over.


There is also considerable concern on the part of many that there will be constant attacks on the second amendment of the Constitution which allows the right of any American citizen to purchase, own and use for self-defense, weapons virtually of any kind. The NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION (NRA) now more aggressively than ever defends that second amendment and has been an active participant in encouraging women to purchase guns and to learn how to use them for self-defense. That encouragement, hopefully followed by membership in NRA, has prompted literally millions of women to purchase weapons.


Scriptures tell us that, as Christians:




However, it does not say anything about killing in self-defense. There are men and now an ever-growing number of women who will adopt any means to protect their family, their spouses or children, their homes and possessions. One woman stated that if a criminal entered her home uninvited and intent on harm, she will not hesitate to kill in self-defense. The philosophy of such protection is the saying:




What is your thinking. Do you or any member of your family own a gun and are you trained in the usage there of? Would you use that weapon in self-defense which would result in the killing of another human-being, would you? Christians shun violence, but would you stand by and allow your young daughter to be abducted or molested, your spouse brutalized? Would you do nothing to defend or protect yourself if you were attacked knowing that you were about to experience serious and physical harm, would you? Most of us would wish to avoid such problems but if we were found in harm’s way, I would suspect most of us would stand up and defend with whatever means necessary especially with family, loved ones and friends, wouldn’t you?


I for one on the other hand, do not own a gun and never will. I do not like them, and in fact, I am afraid of them. I could never kill another human-being. And there are many like me. What is your thinking and belief? Would you own a weapon and kill a criminal intent on harm, would you? Even though I would never own a gun, I am a fierce proponent and defender of the second amendment. Owning weapons for self-protection is the very second constitutional right granted to all American citizens. That right should never be taken away, never. The world plummets towards lawlessness and the sanctity and safety of the family is critical.


You should think about your position carefully. As the police are defunded, as the military faces steep cuts, as judges and legislation go soft on crime and criminals, the world has changed and radically so. To lay down a life is the greatest sacrifice say the scriptures. But the new women gun owners of today, by the millions, say they may lay down their lives but:




Not without two to the body, one to the head.

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