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Don Crawford

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I don’t like guns!


Guns are killing weapons, dangerous, expensive.  When I see somebody PACKING, it makes me nervous.  Would that there would be no need for guns.  Would there be peace on earth and goodwill among mankind.  Would that all men and women would turn the weapons into plowshares and make the world a better place.

Won’t happen.  At least not until the return of the PRINCE OF PEACE.  Many think that day may soon be coming.

That said, no one is a stronger proponent of the SECOND AMENDMENT than I.  It is and always has been the absolute and unconditional right of any American citizen to own guns.  Guns of any kind as any citizen chooses.  Hear the words of that Second Amendment:


Not just taken away says this Amendment but the right can’t be infringed in any way.  No preconditions, no state involvement much less the federal government.  If we wish, WE THE PEOPLE have the absolute right to keep and bear arms.  The way the world is, and the way our federal government is becoming and even some states, many independent and individual citizens think it will be absolutely necessary for individuals to be able to protect themselves not only against terrorists and criminals, but perhaps political forces as well.

And of course, the worst President in American history weighs in.  He stands before the media, tears rolling down as if on cue, wailing and moaning about guns in America, the need to infringe and restrict the rights of citizens to own guns because of the terrible things they do.  And, in typical Obama fashion, out come the presidential proclamations, the so-called EXECUTIVE ORDERS which will require further background checks and other delaying tactics (infringement) for those who wish to purchase guns as though that will solve the problem.  No President in American history has had such disdain and disregard for the precious United States Constitution, NONE.  Whatever Obama wants, he will find some way, any way to get it, running roughshod over Congress, the body for which he has no respect.  We have one year left of this man and I fear it will be one of the most disastrous political years in American history as Obama, in his words will:


That includes the evisceration of the Second Amendment, THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS as a primary objective.  Barack Hussein Obama will come back to that mission time and again in the next year, you can be sure.  Watch it happen.

And you can be sure the NRA, the National Rifle Association will be watching as well.  Head organization is as active as possible at the federal level and of course the states as well.  They watch for any legislative infringement, in actuality or potentiality with respect to the right of the people to keep and bear arms. The NRA knows that the main objective of “gun-hating politicians” is to legislate what they call “gun bans.”  And that includes ammo (ammunition) bans.  That also includes restrictions on federal gun-owner licensing including inordinate background checks and licensing delays.

The NRA urges we the people to watch the attempt of the United Nations to pass THE GUN BAN TREATY.  The NRA says that will give tyrants and terrorist nations the power to regulate and ban every rifle, pistol and shotgun owned by any individual.  The NRA points out the hypocrisy of anti-gun liberals and politicians, like Michael Bloomberg who hides behind armed bodyguards, working “day and night” to outlaw your right to self-defense.  That means, says the organization, that there must be a redoubling of efforts to protect RIGHT-TO-CARRY weapons as a means of defense.  If, says the NRA, you, whoever you are want to infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms, we will come after you with all of our might.

And then there is another Amendment, THE 10th AMENDMENT which further protects the rights of citizens including and perhaps especially the rights under the Second Amendment.  The 10th Amendment reads as follows:


Therefore, the Second Amendment to the Constitution is a power or law delegated directly to the people of the United States by the Constitution and it is therefore clearly illegal for any state or municipality for that matter to infringe upon this right and any law or municipal ordinance would clearly be prohibited and in violation of the 10th Amendment.  The states, all 50 of them, have no power to in any way make laws or infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms, including and especially so the federal government.

So that, when Barack Hussein Obama signs an Executive Order that would attempt in any way to infringe upon the Second Amendment, that, MR. PRESIDENT, would be an unconstitutional act.  Not that Obama would care but as a result, now comes massive litigation, the country over, and all the way up once again to the Supreme Court which I suppose may be the ultimate objective of this rogue President.  In fact, no President has issued more Executive Orders or added more rules than Barack Hussein Obama.  He does that in order to bypass Congress and do whatever he wants.  The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) Clyde Wayne Crews has stated as follows:

“This is the pen and phone era (Obama’s words) and the President has made clear he is going to go around Congress when he gets the chance.”

An understatement if there ever was one, especially when it comes to gun control.  By the way, in 2015, the Barack Hussein Obama Administration had added 81,611 pages to the Federal Register, the highest total on record and the third time Obama has crossed the 80,000 page level during his Presidency.  Can you believe that?  That of course means more government rules constraining businesses and private citizens’ decisions, including of course the Second Amendment rights, about which this worst of American Presidents could care less.  In fact, the situation is such a disaster that the House of Representatives will actually propose legislation requiring agencies to post short online summaries of complex rules so that there can be some understanding of these hundreds of thousands of pages of rules and regulations.  Perhaps good old Nancy Pelosi was right.  We are at the point where we need summaries to understand how this monstrosity of a federal government wants us to live.  It is a daily fight for the average American to protect and defend basic Constitutional freedoms.  The words of one pundit ring true:

“If you ever give up a right, it will become almost impossible to ever get it back.”

And the great President Ronald Reagan reminded us time and again that:

“The loss of freedom is only a generation away.”

And, it seems as though this generation cares so little about protecting and defending those essential Bill of Rights and related Constitutional guarantees, especially the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
But violence, criminal violence and of course terrorism, only grow in scope.  That prompts citizens to think more aggressively about self-defense and of course keeping and bearing arms.  Citizens by the tens of thousands are applying to licenses to CARRY.  Many in places of public visibility are also demanding the right to carry for self-protection.  In fact, there are strong movements in many states to allow University professors and employees to carry firearms even in the form of concealed weapons on campus.  You may well assume that Texas is a leader in that regard, and it is.  The massacre of innocent students in Connecticut has motivated such CARRY requests and the movement continues to grow.  It seems there is little that law enforcement whether federal, state or local can do to prevent mass killings.  A recent poll found that the shooting massacre at Umpqua Community College in Oregon weigh heavily on the minds of Americans in search of protection and safety to which they are entitled.  If law enforcement can’t or won’t do it, then WE THE PEOPLE will.

Even federal agencies are arming themselves.  Like the EPA for example.  Obama’s agencies are spending millions of dollars for protective weapons, body armor, SWAT team response capability, among others.  Talk about hypocrisy, while these same agencies blather about gun ownership on the part of the American people, the ordinary citizen.  These agencies know the dangers lurking with respect to criminals, terrorists and even a lone wolf bent on mass destruction.  We can do it but you can’t, say these hypocrites.  We are the ones who should have the guns but you should not be allowed to own one.  You should not be allowed to keep and bear arms no matter the Second Amendment!

But the President, himself like a lone wolf doing whatever he wants, now formally unveils a plan to beef up gun regulation.  That plans at its core expands the definition of a gun dealer, adding more to the ranks.  There will be more restriction on the private selling of guns and weapons.  And of course, Obama wants more bureaucracy, more money especially for the hire of 200 new agents to investigate and enforce.  Of course Obama, claiming to be a Constitutional law specialist (what a joke) actually has the audacity to state that his Executive Orders are consistent with the Second Amendment and that he, rogue President that he is, does not need the permission of Congress to do what he wishes.  Chris Cox, Executive Director of the National Rifle Association has called the Obama Executive Order actions:

“Legislating through intimidation. I think killing is an understatement.”

Funny thing is that every action by this President spurs the sales, more sales of firearms of all kinds.  It is most interesting to note that the average gun owner in the United States has already purchased and therefore is in the process of keeping and bearing arms owning a minimum of:


According to reliable sources.  Obama’s actions will only increase that number and the amount of weapons in the communities and on the streets.

Perhaps, the actions by the Obama Administration and the various agencies including the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) are consistent with actions, or inaction at the federal level.  Obama and his minions continue to cut or even gut military budgets.  Our armed services have critical needs unmet.  Our Navy for example is in desperate need of new equipment.  Naval authorities state that it is absolutely vital that the number of aircraft carriers now 11 be increased to 16.  The United States Navy now has 29 vessels known as supply ships and it needs a minimum of 60.  America now has some 70 submarines but it needs a minimum of 90, especially since the Chinese now have 78 submarines with nuclear capability.  The Navy has some 80 destroyers and cruisers which are used to protect aircraft carriers and it needs a minimum of 100 to do the critical job of these larges surface combatants.  And the Army and Airforce have similar needs, critical needs for current, state-of-the-art weaponry.  Won’t happen as long as Barack Hussein Obama sits in the White House.

The protection of the rights of the Second Amendment is critical, absolutely critical.  You may be like me, afraid of guns and wish there were none, and never own a weapon as I have never owned one.  But you should be like me when it comes to the Second Amendment.  You should preserve, protect and defend that Amendment and the right of the people to keep and bear arms without any infringement.  That right must be protected.  If the Second Amendment is eviscerated, then any Amendment can be INFRINGED or even somehow done away with.  To lessen or infringe the Second Amendment is to lessen or infringe THE ENTIRE CONSTITUTION.  It is our duty as Americans to make certain that the right of all Americans to keep and bear arms remains the law of the land.

We can’t let Barack Hussein Obama and his minions lessen or do away with that right.  Strange, is it not, that this man has sworn under oath to protect and defend the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights.  Obama has long since forgotten that oath, if he ever meant it.  Don’t let him do anymore harm, irreparable harm to our Constitution and perhaps especially our great Amendments and the Bill of Rights:




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