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He Gets Us – 2

David Green is the founder of the Christian craft chain HOBBY LOBBY.


David Green is a devout Christian, so he says. David Green is worth as much as:




so says the financial magazine Forbes. David Green and his family give millions of dollars to conservative Christian causes, a good thing. The Green Family is also a major funder of the brand-new campaign to REBRAND Jesus and Christianity under the slogan of:




Green and other conservative donors intend to invest as much as:




in behalf of this rebranding campaign with the ultimate objective of:




Interestingly, this new and rebranding movement is comprised of so-called conservative Christians, EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS. This movement waters down, reinterprets and reprioritizes the fundamental principles of Christianity and seeks to rewrite and reinterpret the life, ministry and humanity of:




Much of this new movement is little more than blasphemy, so said one Christian writer. Another called it flat out heresy, following the example and influence of the secular, Godless, woke-progressive movement of cancel-culture (and Christianity) of today. The apostle Paul called it false teaching from false teachers, a corruption of the real gospel, a strong sign of the END TIMES, the end of all things including real Christianity.


David Green and his fellow woke conservatives spent the sum of:



on ads and promotions in Superbowl LVII, February 12, 2023. 20 MILLION DOLLARS!


That incredible amount of money could have been so much better invested in

Christian causes, Christian humanitarian efforts, or the spreading of the real gospel in all the world, also a sign of the end times. But that money was used to take the sting out of the gospel, the hurt, the pain, the exclusion which this investment group feels has come to characterize the beliefs and actions of current Christians. Christianity needs humanizing, they say. But in so many ways the real Christianity has never really been tried, never practiced on a large scale. There is nothing wrong with Christianity, my friends and especially my Christian friends, not one thing wrong. The problem is that we the disciples, the believers, the Christians of today really haven’t lived out the Christianity we profess to believe. We try, but constantly stumble. The ideals are high, discipleship demanding. So often, we give up, neglect, or fail. That led the old Philosopher, Edmund Burke, to state in essence that Christianity had not been tried and found wanting (David Green), but real Christianity had never really been tried! Real Christianity had never been lived by individuals much less an entire society. If it had, the world would be a different place, extremely and entirely different. There is no need to rebrand, remarket, readvertise Christianity, none at all. But there is a desperate need to understand it and most importantly:




So now, this group of so-called conservate evangelicals (not) reverse Christian priorities and now we are told this new Jesus has a different message:




All are welcome, come as you are and stay as you are, the way you are, for you, your lifestyle, your beliefs are understood by this new Jesus and the difficult discipleship of real Christianity is made easy, no real radical changes required. If you are marginalized (LGBTQ), excluded because of race or ethnicity, or you are liberal-radicalprogressive politically and culturally, you are nonetheless welcome by this new Jesus no matter what you believe. That is, as Christian scholars well state, both blasphemy and heresy, big time.


Jesus of Nazareth was the SON OF GOD, the CHRIST OF GLORY, not some newly minted human figure. The real nature and person of Jesus of Nazareth is what should be marketed, what needs to be believed, what the world needs now and not some rebranded, woke, progressive definition of this precious SON OF GOD. The gospel with all of its rewards and demands must be understood, believed and trusted, and followed faithfully in the real world, in real life, all of it.


We come to him as sinners. We come to Him knowing that HE gets us as we are, in need of salvation, cleansing, changing, in need of being:




We cannot be accepted as we are for the BLOOD of the cross must be our portion. For without that, there is no remission of sin. We must recognize and confess and willingly enter the straight and narrow path with all its demands. We must take up the cross and follow Him. The change required is radical, aggressive, and permanent. It is not negotiable, nor can it be compromised by continuing any form of any pre-salvation lifestyle. That is the message that needs this kind of commitment, investment, and passionate urging by these wealthy evangelicals, not the tokenism of a superficial rebranding. No matter the scripture speaks of sin, hell, the unnatural man, the ten commandments, and so much more, this new world of REBRANDING regards all of that as HATE SPEECH. You can be sure you will hear nothing about Hell in this new marketing campaign or anything like it.


Two things are fundamental and cannot be changed in any way. Jesus said:


I am the way, the truth, and the life. No person comes to the     father (in any way) except by ME!


HE says to us, you, sinner, must be born again, you must!


In short, you and I need radical change, not rebranding.


HE GETS US, that is for certain. He knows us, he knows our nature, our need and what is required for us to be reconciled to God the Father. And his message stands clearer than ever. We, HE says are sinners, flat out sinners before a Holy God and we need, we must have the radical change of Salvation. David Green and his cohorts intend to invest as much as:




In the course of three years to rebrand Jesus, to humanize him and Christianity. May God convict them along the way so this incredible potential investment can be used to promote the real gospel, the real message of salvation and not this heretical rebranding of our Lord and His real gospel message.

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