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Don Crawford

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He Gets Us

In the end times, says Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of glory, false teachers with their false doctrine will abound.


None will be more eloquent than the so-called Anti-Christ, but there will be many, far too many with the eloquence of Satan who, were it not for the influence and protection of the Holy Spirit, would be able to persuade the very elect themselves.


Many Christian scholars believe the end times are upon us. They have their beginning, and the time is short. The great prophetic events are near including the rapture, the advent of the Anti-Christ, Armageddon, and the second return of Jesus Christ, among others. Be ready, says the scriptures, be watchmen and women on the walls and joyfully await the return of the Lord on high. I trust you are a believer, a full believer in those biblical promises and you are:




Are you?


In this turncoat day and age, there are those who believe that the gospel, the saving grace of Jesus Christ has lost its power, its ability to persuade and convince, and even its ability to bring the salvation message to a lost mankind. They are about the mission, these newly woke Christians, to change that, and backed by millions and millions of dollars, they are about the business of:




The Lord of all, in their view, has become the Lord of just some. Some others have been marginalized, excluded so these new Christian woke-rs say by far too fundamental conservative evangelicals that Jesus Christ needs to be rebranded, remarketed, and made available to especially the LGBTQ community, certain races and ethnicities. They change the dynamic of relationship, reverse the priorities of the gospel, and announce an all-inclusive, less demanding approach to inclusion, even to salvation and announce to all the world a newly prioritized gospel, a newly discovered message of Jesus Christ that:




The gospel message is reversed. The Lord of glory, they say, is ready to embrace anyone, as they are, to love and accept them as they are, and consequently on THEIR terms rather than HIS. The real gospel, however, indicates that the real message is:




That message for the re-branders is too strong, too exclusive, hurtful, and unwelcoming. So, in their infinite wisdom, they change it, reverse it, and announce to all the world, especially the LGBTQ community, that HE GETS YOU and He will accept you as you are, no matter whether how you live, believe, or interpret scripture conflicts with Him and His teachings (the Holy Bible).


One Christian scholar rightly called such an approach BLASPHEMY. Another called it HERESY. Those who believe in the inspired Word of God know this nice-nice approach, an easy-going Jesus, not the demanding yet loving Savior of the scriptures, is WRONG, DEAD WRONG. Blasphemy indeed. A sad distortion of scripture, the moral message of our Lord’s words (rebranding) constructed by the Evil One himself. The sad thing is these REBRANDERS have tens of millions of dollars behind them. In fact, they intend to spend as much as ONE BILLION DOLLARS in a three-year period to rewrite scripture, rebrand Jesus of Nazareth and the Christ of glory and spread this blasphemy worldwide. Many biblical scholars see this heresy as a very tangible sign of the END TIMES. HE GETS US is the fruit of false teachers, subtle, sound-good, soft and loving (all-inclusive) but:




The Christ message is clear. All have sinned and come short. All need to recognize that, request forgiveness and reconciliation to a Holy God and the salvation offered by the crucifixion of the Son of the Living God. He does in fact get us, knowing our sinful nature (hate speech today), offering himself as the sacrifice for us, for our transgressions and the way, THE ONLY WAY to the FATHER. Anything which changes, eliminates, or waters down that truism corrupts the essential teaching of scripture itself, is inspired by Satan and is just plain:




You can indeed come as you are to HIM. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of glory, will welcome you with open arms but only if you seek his forgiveness, his loving forgiveness and recognize your need and the emphatic statement of our Lord:




That saving grace can and must change ways, habits, lifestyles, and former beliefs. His blood on the cross was a brutal price to pay, but the way to salvation and the only way to the Kingdom and the Father. Anything which REBRANDS this direct, unequivocal, absolutely true message is in fact blasphemy, heresy and:




These rebranders with this message are indeed false teachers spreading a false gospel and with a billion-dollar campaign, will mislead so many. Signs of the end times my friends. I pray you defend against this heresy, this blasphemy, this reversal of the salvation message and stand tall for the biblical version, the only true version of the person and message of the Savior of the world:




He needs no rebranding. He only needs to be accepted and embraced AS HE IS!

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