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The WE are the Democrats. The HIM is:


That is a question that continues to plague the Democrats, at least the liberal and progressive kind who regard Trump as a DEPLORABLE (Hillary Clinton’s term), and in fact the leader of all of the rest of us common folk Americans, the millions of Deplorables who defeated Hillary Rodham Clinton in her lustful quest for the Presidency. DEPLORABLES ONE: PROGRESSIVES ZERO!

Now come the Democrats to America and the Deplorables announcing what they think of as a new and better program for America, for them a better way which includes the breaking up of Corporate trusts, whatever that really means, more public works funded by federal and state governments, and tax credits, and of course more of Sanders-ism, more socialism, radicalism and progressivism, as if any of that is new or better for America. The same old tired ideas from the same old tired Democratic hierarchy. Reminds me of what Barack Hussein Obama used to say whenever he or his Administration were caught red-handed:


And the loser of the Presidential race, Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to whine and moan about the fact that she got three million more votes than Trump. But, along the way to the Presidency, Clinton and her fellow Democrats forgot that little Constitutional concept called:


Where the electoral votes of each state matter, and matter more than majority votes. The Democrats ignored far too many states and especially those red states where the DEPLORABLES live and vote. That is the reason why you, the Democrats lost to:


But there are other reasons. The Democrats showed to America over and again that they were power hungry. They had enjoyed under Obama power politics and assumed that lofty status would continue. WRONG! And of course ego was at work for every politician has an overdose of ego, don’t you think? And then there is the root of all evil, Democrats and Republicans:


Like all of the illegally gained monies given to the Clinton Foundation as a result of political favors. Contributions everywhere, Democrats and Republicans, money at work for political gain:


Perhaps that seems more transparent to the American voters from the Democratic side rather than the Republican.

But remember again. The Democrats evidenced a DISRESPECT for the common American voter. Those voters were IGNORED in so many states. So many of the concerns of the average American were DISREGARDED. And the Democrats ASSUMED Presidential victory and never really COMMUNICATED in a caring respectful way to so many Americans in so many states. Those states voted for Trump!

But there are more reasons, Democrats, why you lost in 2016. Millions of Americans, millions of us so deeply resented the way you treated religious freedoms and especially Christianity. You tried desperately, Democrats, to turn freedom of religion, the free exercise thereof, into freedom of worship no matter the explicit instructions of the Constitution. That is, religious freedoms should be excised from the public square and exercised only within the four walls of a church. We disagreed and so did the Constitution, Democrats. We voted for Trump because he promised that precious Constitutional right would be fully protected. YOU DID NOT! We take Christianity and Judeo-Christian values seriously.

You did not!

YOU changed our CULTURE with impunity. You aggressively fostered and promoted the GAY agenda. You changed the sacred definition of marriage: always the union between one man and one woman so that there could be same-sex marriages, an affront to people of faith, Biblical admonitions and American traditions. YOU punished US THE DEPLORABLES by forcing far too many to go against conscience and bake cakes for same-sex weddings and flowers for the same and we resented that. We voted for Trump to change that.

YOU and your President gave us two of the most liberal Supreme Court justices in modern times. You gave us Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor and you attempted to radically change the nature and structure of the Supreme Court at the death of Justice Antonin Scalia with the yet the nomination of a third liberal justice who, fortunately for us the Deplorables never was appointed. WE voted for Trump so that he could appoint a man like Justice Gorsuch and retain the balance, fairness and respect for conservatism the court once had when Scalia, the brilliant Scalia sat on the bench. TRUMP gave us Gorsuch and that is why we voted for him, Democrats. And that is why you lost.

YOU the Democrats watered down and eroded the plain meanings of our beloved Constitution and Bill of Rights. YOU told us that precious document was a mere guide, organic, ever-changing and should be flexible as YOU would interpret that. We THE VOTERS disagreed. And that is yet another reason why we voted for Trump. YOU attacked capitalism, free enterprise and financial opportunity at every turn. You struck far too many blows at the AMERICAN DREAM. YOU showed us your desire, your real POLITICAL PLAN for America in the radical socialism of Bernie Sanders, much of which was adopted by Hillary Clinton. We wanted no part of Sanders’ socialism or Clinton’s political ME-TOO. That’s why, DEMOCRATS, we the Deplorables voted for HIM.

YOU wanted to control us. You wanted more regulations, more taxes, more penal legislation. Your federal agencies sought to control virtually every aspect of American life and we rebelled. We remember the words of Ronald Reagan:


And we did just that by electing HIM instead of HER. We believe and still do that Trump will get government off people’s backs, step-by-step. That is why we voted for HIM.

YOU the Democrats attacked virtually everything CONSERVATIVE. YOU called us every name you could think of including homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, sexist, racist, jingoistic among many others and YOU still do. WE THE CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE resented that and YOU with it. Tens of millions of us are none of that and you assumed that we would not fight back when you called us that. And, we fought back, Sanders-Clinton Democrats in the best way possible. We elected:


YOU never really communicated with us. Your platform was nothing more than generalities. Less was better for it seems as though you really didn’t want conservative and independent America to know in what you believed and how you would exercise Presidential power for America. But, WE THE DEPLORABLES saw through that. We watched and listened to the spin, the lies, the FAKE NEWS you gave us through your liberal networks and media generally and we deeply resented that. WE THE CONSERVATIVE VOTERS were determined that the authors FAKE NEWS, the fakers would not be elected. The reasons pile up, do they not Democrats, as to in answer to the question:



YOU doubled our national debt. We the people now owe $20 trillion after eight Obama-Democrat years. That is a staggering and suffocating sum, Democrats. That is debt which will undoubtedly never be paid but will continue to suck the life out of the American Dream and the opportunity for future and growth for our young people. We hold you responsible for that.

YOU gave us ObamaCare. It is a disaster, financially and medically. It has to be changed and it will be. Medical America can not live under Obama’s legacy. Our economy will implode and medical coverage and quality will depreciate year by year. We voted for HIM to change all of that.

YOU Democrats raged against Republicans, conservatives and of course Trump. You used the power of your media to disrespect anything and anyone conservative. And you did it time and again, and again and we resented that. The vote for Trump was a vote against the radical liberal media which turned into nothing more than a Democratic public relations entity. We resented that and got the facts from other sources. We voted for HIM because you did nothing more than slander him.

WE voted for Trump because you the Democrats presented us with a flawed candidate, one so very familiar with the lie, and spin, and in so many ways considering herself above the law and unaccountable. Whether Benghazi, email scandals, or non-profit organization deceit, among others, so many of us never wanted her to be President. So, we voted for HIM.

YOU radically changed and even eviscerated much of our military. It became in so many ways more concerned about a social agenda, a cultural agenda, a transgender agenda rather than an efficient military machine. You put the safety and security of our country at risk and we resented that. The budget for our military protection was lessened, vital defenses were ignored, critical weapons were provided the world over, much of that endangering America so that WE THE PEOPLE had to put a stop to that. We elected a President who would strengthen the military and make the defense of our great country a new priority. We wanted change back. So, we voted for:


YOU and your President allowed so many ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to enter our country. You failed to protect our borders. You allowed them benefits and opportunity some of which was even more so than your very own citizens. We resented that and we voted for HIM.

YOU turned so many of our supposedly independent agencies into political agencies, protected by your controlled liberal media. You destroyed the objectivity of our JUSTICE DEPARTMENT and you gave us Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, Attorneys General who did the bidding of your party and your President. We resented that and voted for HIM so that JUSTICE would once again prevail.

YOU and your President showed us the power of:


You gave us Executive Orders which controlled our lives in ways that our elected officials, the Congress never intended. We deeply resented that and we voted for a President who would reverse so many of those Executive Orders and change America back. So, Democrats, progressives, liberals and radicals, we voted for:


Those are indeed some of the reasons why we voted for HIM, Democrats. You went after him with a vengeance which caused us to support him even more. You attempted at every turn to show us how unlikeable he was, how unfit, unqualified and undesirable. But your attacks created sympathy and it allowed us the DEPLORABLES to look beneath personality in an attempt to find a HIM who would champion the values we hold dear rather than the values of HER. And that is why we voted for Trump.

But perhaps the main reason is that you the Democrats, so many of you, and especially the Bernie Sanders kind, utterly ignored and even spat in the face of the real:


For us, the God-Creator of the Universe and our earth. For us, the HIM of all things Judeo-Christian. And for so many of us, the HIM, the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. You see, Democrats, tens of millions of us take the First Amendment, religious freedom, Judeo-Christian values and HIM most seriously, knowing that you do not. You showed us clearly that your party would do everything possible to get HIM, the real him out of American life. We said no way and that is why we voted for:


As President.

Interesting that the ultimate political question is stated as:


Well, you forgot Democrats to include HIM-GOD’S NAME in your platform, your thinking and most importantly, your heart. This divine HIM continues to live in our hearts, we honor and respect HIM and we voted for a HUMAN HIM who respected HIM and our beliefs in HIM, no matter his very own and personal beliefs.

And that is why, Democrats, we DEPLORABLES voted for:


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