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Don Crawford

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Hispanics and Latinos

I believe in diversity, do you?


That is, that all men and women are created equal in the sight of God and among themselves. All of us are different but none of us are better.


America was diverse from the very beginning. Our Forefathers came to America seeking freedom and especially freedom of religion. They fought wars to establish those freedoms and they introduced a form of democracy which the world had never seen before.


I recall the words of an old American hymn which told the world that WE THE PEOPLE would recognize and welcome to America the retched masses of the world yearning to be free. Year after year, they came, from everywhere, seeking freedom, opportunity, a better life, the life which America could promise:




We asked not who you were but what you were.


There was only one condition for one wishing to become an American citizen. We asked that you the immigrant wanting to be citizen pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, and to recognize that our goal was to be:




And this very important qualification:




So that we could offer liberty and justice for all.


That meant honoring and abiding by our beloved Constitution. And the rule of law. And the sanctity of life. And tolerance for all who were different. You came here to be an American first and everything else ethnically, politically and culturally second. It worked that way for decades. But it is not working that way today.


America welcomed Hispanics and Latinos. That is, legal Latinos who entered this country legally and sought to become American citizens through an orderly legal process. Through the years, Hispanics came from any number of countries, including and especially Mexico, and Puerto Rico and the nations of Central America. They came to be AMERICANS, pursuing the American Dream as all of us who came before, WE THE PEOPLE did and still do. The vast majority became good Americans, hardworking, patriotic abiding by the rule of law. These good citizens were DIVERSITY AT WORK. America was better as the absorption of Hispanics and Latinos occurred. Then came the massive rise of illegal immigrants, primarily from Mexico, and the good name and good will of legal Hispanics and Latinos became tarnished. That was so very regrettable for some decades ago, legal American Hispanics enjoyed a strong and qualitative reputation. America seemed to become obsessed with illegal immigrants, so much forgetting those who were legal, strong and good Americans. It was inevitable that, sooner or later, right thinking Hispanics and Latinos would rise up.


There came an organization known as THE HISPANIC REPUBLICAN FUND. This good organization was headed by one Alexandria Coronado, one good and strong woman. She and her good organization sought to represent and be spokespersons for what she described as “law–abiding Hispanic–American citizens.” They were losing voice and recognition. Ms. Coronado went on to state clearly that she was representing “law–abiding citizens,” and that Hispanic Republican Fund was not representing:


“illegal immigrants.”


In short, the mission of HRF was to educate and reach Hispanic Americans:




and to reach them, she said, because these HISPANIC–AMERICAN CITIZENS were:


“also one of the most conservative.”


These American citizens were hardworking. They were possessed of a strong work ethic. They knew that work, real work was the key to the realization of the American Dream and the pursuit of economic growth and opportunity. That, said Coronado, was republican not democrat. And then she went on to state the following:




In fact, she said, they were far more akin to, and living and working by republican principles. She justified that by saying the following:




And, in fact, they are. Coronado cited more facts to support the position:




They become perhaps instinctively entrepreneurs, business men and women. Business owners as opportunity arises. Legal and tax paying. Which of course means, says Coronado, that these law–abiding Hispanic entrepreneurs know the killing and chilling effect of high rates of taxation. If Democrats, not Republicans, are elected, and in power control, taxes will be the highest they have ever been in America, indeed a true economic stranglehold.


Hardworking Hispanics and Hispanic entrepreneurs know the effect of “burdensome regulations.” They are told, as we are, what they can and cannot do to the point of frustration. Democrats, says Coronado, would only increase those regulations along with the taxes to the significant detriment of Hispanic entrepreneurs and in fact all Americans.


Alexandria Coronado and her HISPANIC REPUBLICAN FUND organization then cites more facts to back up her claim that the majority of Hispanics are in fact conservative. Hispanic families, she says, are indeed conservative in the way they live and in what they believe. In the majority, they support traditional marriage. By implication, that means they do not support the radical agenda of LGBTQ. They believe that marriage is ordained by God and that it exists as a union between ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN. They wish their children to be educated that way and not by some new, radical, ANYTHING–GOES educational methodology.


And more. The majority of Latinos and Hispanics have strong:




In short, they are against ABORTION. They know the value of human life and the sacred characteristics of embryos. The Democratic party is rabidly pro–abortion. Latinos and Hispanics, says Coronado, do not belong there! They are republican in character and belief.


And, the majority of Hispanics are strongly religious. They engage, she says in:


“high church attendance.”


Whether Catholic or Protestant, and many are strongly evangelical, the church, God the Father and of course the precious Son Jesus Christ are staples, fixtures, vitally important parts of the lives of the majority of Hispanics. None of those values are embraced by democrats. All of them are fully embraced by republicans where, Coronado says, right thinking Hispanics rightfully belong.


Coronado goes on to state that, as a Hispanic herself:


“They (Hispanics) are more conservative than liberal!” She avers that 50% more Hispanics are conservative than liberal.


Many are reluctant to speak out or acknowledge those beliefs, but they are there nonetheless.


She goes on to state that:




These law–abiding, legal American Hispanic citizens, do not want others whether Hispanic or not to take advantage of America illegally and especially by crossing borders without permission. Democrats would have that happen but not Republicans. In short, the majority embrace the policies of President Trump who wishes to end illegal immigration and to build “a real border fence” between Mexico and the United States. Coronado, a strong republican then states the following:




She and her good entity know the incredible bias and prejudice of the “liberal media.” She states that CNN, NPR, MSNBC, The New York Times, The LA Times and so many more outlets “beat the war drums for the Democrats.” And of course, they fully ignore the fact of how “remarkably conservative most Hispanics are.” All the more necessary, she says for her mission and that of her good organization HISPANIC REPUBLICAN FUND. And we agree.


In 2004, President George W. Bush defied expectations of the liberal media and got:




A record 3 million Hispanic Americans voted for President Bush and, says Coronado they were his margin of victory. Many, I included, believe she is right.


And so, she says, just like in 2004 we the Hispanics and the Hispanic Republican Fund are going to:


“Aggressively identify, educate and motivate Hispanic Republicans to go to the polls.”


And, as Republicans, vote Republican. She knows that she and others like her will need to bypass the liberal media and use “innovative media” to take the republican message straight to Hispanic Americans. That is especially so in tight elections in battleground states such as:


  1. Florida
  2. Arizona
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Michigan
  5. Wisconsin
  6. Texas


Latino and Hispanic voters will indeed make the difference between victory and defeat for the Republicans in those states especially.


And so, Coronado says, if the democrats retain control of the House, take control of the Senate and elect a democratic President, “you can say goodbye to”:


  1. Low Taxes
  2. Smaller Government
  3. Education Reform
  4. Family Values


And every other Republican goal for limited government.


One good lady, right thinking, hardworking, believing in the real and traditional America this Alexandria Coronado is, don’t you think? We think that she and her organization Hispanic Republican Fund are worthy of your consideration and support. We do.


And there are excellent, intelligent, well educated and fully qualified Latino and Hispanic candidates, FULLY CONSERVATIVE AND REPUBLICAN, running for office virtually everywhere. They are determined to make a difference. They will not sit idly by and watch America turn democrat, and socialistic, and change the moral codes and fiber of America itself. Watch for them, for they are everywhere. Support them as you can and as you understand who they are what their political positions are. Some estimate that there are as many as 13 million Hispanics in America, more or less. That is an absolutely significant number, and growing, and influential in American politics and culture and for us, the more conservative the better. Support them as you can.


There are 13 months remaining before the most critical elections America has ever faced. The future of our country, literally so, will be determined federal, state and local. WE THE PEOPLE CANNOT SIT IDLY BY! We essentially conservative and Christian must stand up, become active, support the right candidates with time, effort, expertise and money as we can for you and I, the legal and concerned American citizens can not ever again DO NOTHING. In fact, we should emulate Alexandria Coronado and do what we can for what many call the ultimate objectives:




If we don’t, America will be a GODLESS country should the democrats prevail and a country become socialistic rather than democratic. For the sake of your children and grandchildren, and the future of America:




NOW! Like Alexandria Coronado, and millions of right–thinking Hispanics and do your duty as an American citizen. If you don’t, you may well say goodbye to so many of the freedoms you now take for granted. And those freedoms:



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