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Don Crawford

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Illegal Immigrants, the Problem




That was America, and that is America, a country still with arms open. But the invitation to come extends only to those who come:




We welcome those who come with respect for our laws, our Constitution, our freedoms and our persons, all those who come to our shores and to our lands:






The heritage, the ancestry of every single American, YOU AND ME, comes from an immigrant who came to America from somewhere. Unless you are Native American, or of that heritage, you and I are the son or daughter of:




But, there are those, now by the tens of thousands who enter our country illegally. They have little or no respect for what America was, or is, and care only for themselves, somehow feeling entitled to come to our beloved country, their way regardless and disrespectful of our laws and WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ourselves. They are perhaps the biggest problem which our great country faces:




Nothing will hurt our country more, and nothing will do more to destroy our institutions, our law, our Constitution and in the long term, our very way of life. NOTHING!


Witness what is now happening in Los Angeles, California and Los Angeles County. There are absolutely shocking facts about illegal immigrants which have been thoroughly investigated and reported by no less than the Los Angeles Times. Listen to them carefully.


FORTY PERCENT OF ALL WORKERS IN L.A. COUNTY ARE WORKING FOR CASH AND NOT PAYING TAXES, NOT PAYING TAXES. That means that 10.2 million people, 10.2 MILLION PEOPLE working in L.A. County pay no taxes of any kind, none. The reason is simple. The vast majority are ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and they work without a green card. They are hired illegally, work illegally, and are paid illegally. Law abiding legal immigrants and green card holders are denied work as are full bore American citizens. Small wonder that L.A. County and the once great city of Los Angeles are in real decline.


NINTY FIVE PERCENT OF WARRANTS FOR MURDER IN LOS ANGELES ARE FOR THE ARREST OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. That means that almost every murder committed in L.A. County are committed by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. There is simply no way that any law enforcement agency, federal, state or local could ever begin to cope with those incredible criminal problems.


SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT OF PEOPLE ON THE MOST WANTED LIST IN LOS ANGELES ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS. Seventy five percent! Those individuals not American citizens commit these crimes with total disregard for our rule of law, TOTAL.


ALMOST 70% OF ALL BIRTHS IN L.A. COUNTY ARE TO ILLEGAL ALIENS. Most of them are Mexicans on MEDI–CAL. That of course means that the actual births of these children and all the cost thereof are paid for by CALIFORNIA TAX PAYERS. Shocking, is it not?


SOME 35% OF ALL INMATES IN CALIFORNIA DETENTION CENTERS ARE MEXICAN NATIONALS. Not American citizens. They have entered our country, committed crimes, many have been serious including murder, and California tax payers pay for the expense of incarcerating these wanted criminals by the thousands.


OVER 300,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS IN L.A. COUNTY ARE LIVING IN GARAGES. Living in GARAGES! That of course is illegal but of no concern to illegal immigrants. That itself breeds crime, drug use and sales and of course disease of all kinds. There is just simply no way that any legal authorities, health, criminal or social could ever begin to cope with the problems caused by 300,000 illegal immigrants who actually live in illegal, unsafe and unsanitary conditions in L.A. garages!


HALF OF ALL GANG MEMBERS IN L.A. COME FROM ILLEGAL ALIENS SOUTH OF THE BORDER – MEXICO! So reports the FBI. They entered the country illegally, become part of violent gangs and are ready and able to commit crime at any turn, including and especially the sale of drugs.


SOME 60% OF ALL OCCUPANTS OF HUD (HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT) ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS. That number of people is staggering, STAGGERING! Not to mention expensive, a tremendous burden on federal, state and local governments.


TWENTY–ONE RADIO STATIONS IN LOS ANGELES ARE SPANISH SPEAKING. Twenty one! That is simply unbelievable. There are more Spanish speaking radio stations in L.A. and L.A. County than there are in so many American cities! That is because so many listeners are Hispanic and of course communicate partly or altogether in the Spanish language. To be sure, those listeners are both legal and illegal, but the number also indicates the extent to which illegal immigrants, the vast majority of whom speak Spanish only have become so influential, even dominant in L.A. County.


IN L.A. COUNTY, 5.1 MILLION PEOPLE SPEAK ENGLISH AND 3.9 MILLION SPEAK SPANISH (SPANISH ONLY). So that, it is estimated that 40% of all people living in L.A. County, legally or illegally, speak Spanish only! Small wonder that L.A. County is in freefall in so many ways.


ALL OF THESE TEN FACTS WERE PUBLISHED BY THE L.A. TIMES, a newspaper liberal to the core. Perhaps even this publication has become aware and deeply concerned with the problem of:




And it is, it is not only a serious problem for California, and for L.A. County but for all America. It is, as Republicans and former President Donald Trump has warned America our most serious:




Crisis indeed. Small wonder that President Trump did his very best to build that wall, the wall which would separate America from Mexico on our Southern borders and prevent the vast majority of this illegal immigration. Democrats and President Biden have failed to recognize the extent of the problem, and have refused to call the circumstances on our Southern borders a crisis. No matter how blind the Democrats may be to this obvious crisis, Democrats in House, Senate and Presidency refuse to recognize it as such or much less deal with it as such. There seems to be a sense virtually everywhere in Mexico and Central America that America now welcomes anyone, including illegal aliens, with open arms, the so called Biden invitation. So they come, and more come, and more after that. And America is deluged with a problem which is absolutely insoluble:




They come expecting, exploiting, demanding. Governments federal and California seem to welcome and encourage them and that. The problem does not abate but only increases. Some come as farm workers, hoping for work on California farms and vineyards. But, says the L.A. Times, they only represent 2% of illegal immigrants. That also means, says the L.A. Times, that 29% are on:




You and I pay for them, all of their needs including in some cases discretionary income. Small wonder that the majority of Americans think that illegal immigrants and all associated and related problems and difficulties are the number one problem in America. This problem is shocking, almost to the point of being unbelievable. And, there seems no solution in sight.


I personally grieve for the once great state of California. And for these incredible problems which confront the states on our southern borders, including Arizona and Texas. A nation without borders is no nation, none at all. That of course is one of the aims, the political objectives of the radicals – anarchists, now championed by the Democrat party. Virtually open borders, little or no enforcement under law, defunding and doing away with ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) and a general disregard for the problems and difficulties caused to so much of our country and some of our great states. We find a way, my fellow Americans, to control and then ELIMINATE the problem of illegal aliens or in time, there will be no America, NO AMERICA! Rise up with demand now before it’s too late. That is, if you want an America, the land of the brave and the free to exist for your children and grandchildren. The republic of our Founding Fathers has never been more at risk. It appears that we have answered the question posed by Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. The problem of illegal immigration may well be the end of our great country. You were right Benjamin Franklin. IT SEEMS LIKE WE ONCE HAD A REPUBLIC, A DEMOCRACY, A LAND OF FREEDOM WHICH:



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